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Classic WHO Collection
Welcome to Shibby Digital Archive Vault or as we call it The Vault. We at the Vault are a Entertainment Consultent that, Specialise in Old, Rare, Vintage Classic Collectible Films / Series / Programs / eComics / eBooks sold on a collector to collector basis only.

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Thats Right!
In this Set your getting The Complete Classic Doctor Who All Episodes (1963-1996) Details on Series & Episodes are Below please note do to the massive amount of episodes in this collection, also to make it as easy as we can to go thru and see what your getting everthing has been broken down to each doctor.

Doctor Who depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor", an extraterrestrial being, to all appearances human, from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor who travels through time and space in a dimensionally transcendental "bigger on the inside" time machine: the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space) which takes the exterior form of a 1963 police telephone call box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Accompanied by a number of companions, the Doctor combats a variety of foes while working to save civilisations and help people in need.


William Hartnell 1963-1966

Doddering. Hmmn. Hmmn. Hmmn. Yes. Go forward in all your beliefs. Enigmatic alien. Radioactive cinder. Grandfather. Irascible. Chesterton. Lapels. Ormulu clock. Querulous. Fast return switch.

Included in this Collection:

All William Hartnell Episodes including Recons

Season One - 1963-64
The Pilot Episode
An Unearthly Child
The Daleks
The Edge of Destruction
Marco Polo
The Keys of Marinus
The Aztecs
The Sensorites
The Reign of Terror

Season Two - 1964-65
Planet of Giants
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
The Rescue
The Romans
The Web Planet
The Crusade
The Space Museum
The Chase
The Time Meddler

Season Three - 1965-66
Galaxy 4
Mission to the Unknown
The Myth Makers
The Daleks' Master Plan
The Massacre
The Ark
The Celestial Toymaker
The Gunfighters
The Savages
The War Machines

Season Four - 1966
The Smugglers
The Tenth Planet


Patrick Troughton 1966-1969

Cosmic hobo. Baggy trousers. When I say run. Recorder. Stovepipe hat. Twinkling eyes. Butterfingers. Jamie, Jamie, hold on!

Included in this Collection:

All Patrick Troughton Episodes including Recons

Season Four - 1966-67
The Power of the Daleks
The Highlanders
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase
The Macra Terror
The Faceless Ones
The Evil of the Daleks

Season Five - 1967-68
The Tomb of the Cybermen
The Abominable Snowmen
The Ice Warriors
The Enemy of the World
The Web of Fear
Fury from the Deep
The Wheel In Space

Season Six - 1968-69
The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Invasion
The Krotons
The Seeds of Death
The Space Pirates
The War Games


Jon Pertwee 1970-1974

Dandy. Yellow car. Purple velvet. UNIT Family. Worzel Gummidge. Venusian karate. Klokeda partha menin klatch. Whomobile. Action by HAVOC. All wearing eyepatches.

Included in this Collection:

All Jon Pertwee Episodes

Season Seven - 1970
Spearhead from Space
Spearhead from Space - Rifftrax Version
Doctor Who and the Silurians
The Ambassadors of Death

Season Eight - 1971
Terror of the Autons
The Mind of Evil
The Claws of Axos
Colony In Space
The Daemons

Season Nine - 1972
Day of the Daleks
The Curse of Peladon
The Sea Devils
The Mutants
The Time Monster

Season Ten - 1972-1973
The Three Doctors
Carnival of Monsters
Frontier In Space
Planet of the Daleks
The Green Death

Season Eleven - 1973 - 1974
The Time Warrior
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon
Planet of the Spiders


Tom Baker 1974 - 1981

Teeth and curls. Jelly babies. Lovable robot dog. Ahhhhh-har. Scarf. Have I the right? Ooh, my everything! It's the end...

Included in this Collection:

All Tom Baker Episodes & Shada Recon Episodes

Season Twelve - 1974-75
The Ark in Space
The Sontaran Experiment
Genesis of the Daleks
Revenge of the Cybermen

Season Thirteen - 1975-76
Terror of the Zygons
Planet of Evil
Pyramids of Mars
The Android Invasion
The Brain of Morbius
The Seeds of Doom

Season Fourteen - 1976-77
The Masque of Mandragora
The Hand of Fear
The Deadly Assassin
The Face of Evil
The Robots of Death
The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Season Fifteen - 1977-78
Horror of Fang Rock
The Invisible Enemy
Image of the Fendahl
The Sun Makers
The Invasion of Time

Season Sixteen - 1978-79
The Ribos Operation
The Pirate Planet
The Stones of Blood
The Androids of Tara
The Power of Kroll
The Armageddon Factor

Season Seventeen - 1979-80
Destiny of the Daleks
City of Death
The Creature from the Pit
Nightmare of Eden
The Horns of Nimon

Season Eighteen - 1980-81
The Leisure Hive

The E-Space Trilogy
Full Circle
State of Decay
Warriors' Gate
The Keeper of Traken


Peter Davison 1982-1984

Cricketer. Brave heart, Tegan. Pleasant, open face. Wet vet. Kamelion. Celery. Master's cunning disguises

Included in this Collection:

All Peter Davison Episodes & Rifftrax Version

Season Nineteen - 1982
Four To Doomsday
The Visitation
Black Orchid

Season Twenty - 1983
Arc of Infinity
The Guardian Trilogy:
Mawdryn Undead
The King's Demons

20th Anniversary Special
The Five Doctors

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (Rifftrax Version)

Season Twenty-One - 1984
Warriors of the Deep
The Awakening
Resurrection of the Daleks
Planet of Fire
The Caves of Androzani


Colin Baker 1984-1986

Brash. Cat badge. Video nasty. Cancelled. Hiatus. Doctor in distress. Valeyard. Carrot juice. Carrot juice. Carrot juice

Included in this Collection:

All Colin Baker Episodes

Season Twenty-One - 1984
The Twin Dilemma

Season Twenty-Two - 1985
Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance On Varos
The Mark of the Rani
The Two Doctors
Revelation of the Daleks

Season Twenty-Three- 1986
The Trial of a Timelord:
The Mysterious Planet
Terror of the Vervoids
The Ultimate Foe


Sylvester McCoy 1987-1989

Spoons. Braces. Cartmel masterplan. Panama hat. Umbrella. Ace! Rrrrrolling rrrrrrs. Professor! Wicked! Cliffhanger. Pullover. Dark and mysterious. Burnt toast.

Included in this Collection:

All Sylvester McCoy Episodes

Season Twenty-Four - 1987
Time And the Rani
Paradise Towers
Delta And the Bannermen

Season Twenty-Five - 1988
Remembrance of the Daleks
The Happiness Patrol
Silver Nemesis
The Greatest Show In the Galaxy

Season Twenty-Six - 1989
Ghost Light
The Curse of Fenric


Paul McGann (1996)

a passionate, enthusiastic, and eccentric character.

Included in this Collection:

Doctor Who: The Movie (1996) - US Version
Doctor Who: The Movie (1996) - UK Version
Doctor Who: The Movie (1996) - Rifftrax Version
Doctor Who: The Seven Year Hitch
Doctor's Strange Love .. How I Learned to stop worring and learn to love the TV Movie
Doctor Who the Wilderness Years
Who Peter - Blue Peter Look at the 8th Doctor
Stripped for Action - Doctor who comic strips
BBCI: Doctor Who: Shada (animation)
Photo Gallery


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