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Hello...You might keep in mind that whether or not this site goes out of business we can always be reached via email at TVCOLLECTOR101 AT GMAIL.COM...Thanks! Robert



13 East-10 eps/3 dvds
A Fine Romance-2 eps/1 dvd
All is Forgiven-8 eps/1 dvd
Alright Already(Carol Leifer)-10 eps/3 dvds
American Dreamer(Robert Urich)-4 eps/2 dvds
Andy Barker-6 eps/2 dvds
Annie McGuire-3 eps/2 dvds
Ann Jillian Show-6 eps/2 dvd
Anything but Love(Richard Lewis)-4 eps/1 dvd
Arrested Behavior-2 eps/1 dvd
Ask Harriet-3 eps/1 dvd
At Ease-complete/3 dvds
AUSA-6 eps/2 dvds
Automan-10 eps/5 dvds
Babes-7 eps/1 dvd
Baby Bob-6 eps/2 dvds
Baby I'm Back(Demond Wilson)-14 eps/4 dvds
Baby Boom pilot-1 dvd
Bachelor Father-100 eps/25 dvds
Bad Girl's Guide(Jenny McCarthy)-1 dvd
Bagdad Cafe(Whoopi G)-3 eps/1 dvd
Bakersfield PD-20 eps/5 dvds
Battery Park-2 eps/1 dvd
Belzer Connection(Richard Belzer)-2 eps/1 dvd
Best of Spike Jones Vol 1-2-3 on 2 dvds
Big Day-12 eps/3 dvds
Big John, Little John-3 eps/1 dvd
Bill Dana Show-12 eps/3 dvds
Blossom-5 eps/2 dvds
Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice-5 eps/1 dvd
Bob Patterson-7 eps/3 dvds
Bold Venture-3 eps/1 dvd
Boys(1993)-4 eps/1 dvd
Boys Are Back(Hal Linden)-7 eps/2 dvds
Boys of Twilight-3 eps/2 dvds
Boys Will Be Boys(Matthew Perry)-2 eps/1 dvd
Brand New Life-4 eps/1 dvd
Brian Benben Show-3 eps/1 dvd
Brotherhood of Poland-4 eps/2 dvds
Brothers(1984)syn.comm-125 eps/24 dvds
Brothers Brannigan-8 eps/2 dvds
Brutally Normal-3 eps/1 dvd
Buick Berle Show-2 eps/1 dvd
Bustin' Loose(Jimmy Walker)-4 eps/1 dvd
C-16-4 eps/2 dvds
Camp Runamuck-16 eps/4 dvds
Capt. Nice-8 eps/2 dvds
Captain Midnight-3 eps/1 dvd
Captain of Detectives(Robert Taylor)(16mm)-8 eps/2 dvd
Carter Country-1 ep/1 dvd
Cavanaughs-4 eps/1 dvd
Center of the Universe(John Goodman)-12 eps/3 dvds
Champs-2 eps/1 dvd
Charlie and Co.-15 eps/4 dvds
Charlie Hoover-4 eps/1 dvd
Circle(Rory Calhoun ep)-1 dvd
City(Valerie Harper)-10 eps/3 dvds
Cleghorne-2 eps/1 dvd
Closer(Tom Selleck)-6 eps/2 dvds
Code Red-14 eps/7 dvds
Colin Quinn Show(NBC)-4 eps/1 dvd
Come to Papa-4 eps/1 dvd
Coming of Age(Paul Dooley)-10 eps/2 dvds
Committed-4 eps/1 dvd
Conrad Bloom-5 eps/2 dvds
Cop Rock-complete/5 dvds
Cupid-2 eps/1 dvd
Cutters(Robert Hays)-4 eps/1 dvd
Daddy-O(Michael Chiklis)-9 eps/3 dvds
Dads(Barry Bostwick)-9 eps/3 dvds
Daniel Boone(Disney)-4 eps/2 dvds
Danny Kaye Show(Western guest stars-Ebsen/Clint/Fess)-1 dvd
Danny Kaye Show-38 eps/14 dvds
Delaventura(Danny Aiello)-6 eps/3 dvds
Dick Powell Theater-2 eps/1 dvd
Dinner for Five(Jon Favreau)-45 eps/14 dvds
Domestic Life(Martin Mull)-10 eps/2 dvds
Double Dare(1985-Ken Wahl)-complete on 4 dvds
Down Home-2 eps/1 dvd
Dr. Fad-6 eps/2 dvds
Duke-4 eps/2 dvds
Dynaman-1 dvd
E/R(Elliott Gould)-23 eps/6 dvds
Easy Street(Loni Anderson)-24 eps/6 dvds
Eddie Capra Mysteries-6 eps/3 dvds
Edge(Anniston)-3 eps/1 dvd
Eichied(Joe Don Baker)-complete/9 dvds
Enos(30 min of 1 hr pilot)-1 dvd
Fall Guy(both Roy Rogers eps)-2 eps/1 dvd
Fall Guy(guests Mannix/Elvire)-2 eps/1 dvd
Family Dog-3 eps/1 dvd
Family for Joe(Robert Mitchum)-4 eps/2 dvds
Family Law(Tony Danza/K. Quinlan)-58 eps/29 dvds
Family Man(Gregory Harrison)-9 eps/3 dvds
Famous Teddy Z-13 eps/4 dvds
Fanelli Boys-7 eps/2 dvds
Fantastic Journey-pilot+3 eps/2 dvds
Fastlane(2002)-4 eps/2 dvds
Firehouse-2 eps/1 dvd
First Time Out-3 eps/1 dvd
FM(Robert Hays)-10 eps/3 dvds
Foot in the Door-2 eps/1 dvd
Four Corners-2 eps/1 dvd
Four Seasons series-7 eps/2 dvds
Free Spirit-14 eps/4 dvds
Future Cop-4 eps/2 dvds
Geena(Davis)-5 eps/2 dvds
Gideon Oliver movies-3/3 dvds
Girl's Club(Fox)-2 eps/1 dvd
Go Fish-3 eps/1 dvd
Going Places(Heather Locklear)-4 eps/1 dvd
Good Company(Lauren Graham)-2 eps/1 dvd
Good Morning World-4 eps/1 dvd
Great Defender(Michael Rispoli)-4 eps/2 dvds
Gregory Hines Show-3 eps/1 dvds
Gung-Ho series(Scott Bakula)-9 eps/2 dvds
H.E.L.P.-4 eps/2 dvds
Half Nelson(Joe Pesci)-6 eps/3 dvds
Hardball-comp/8 dvds
Harry(Alan Arkin)-4 eps/1 dvd
Harry's Girls(1960)-2 pilots/1 dvd
Have Faith(Joel Higgins)-6 eps/2 dvds
Hawk(Burt Reynolds)-4 eps/2 dvds
Head Cases(Chris O'Donnell)-2 eps/1 dvd
Head Over Heels(1997)-3 eps/1 dvd
Hearts Afire(John Ritter)-3 eps/1 dvd
Herbie the Love Bug-2 eps/1 dvd
Hidden Hills-13 eps/4 dvds
High Sierra Search and Rescue(Robert Conrad)-complete/3 dvds
High Society-2 eps/1 dvd
Hi Honey I'm Dead pilot(Paul Rodriguez)-1 dvd
Hiller and Diller(Richard Lewis)-9 eps/2 dvds
His and Hers(Martin Mull)-9 eps/3 dvds
Hitz(Dice Clay)-3 eps/1 dvd
Holding the Baby-6 eps/2 dvds
Home Court-14 eps/4 dvds
Home Free(Matthew Perry)-7 eps/2 dvds
Homeroom(D. Sivad)-8 eps/2 dvds
Hot Tickets(DFW local comedy show-Russ Martin-syn shock jock)-34 eps/8 dvds
House Rules(1998)-2 eps/1 dvd
Houston(Sam Elliott mini-series-2 dvds
Huntress(1999)-pilot+2 eps/3 dvds
Imagine That-2 eps/1 dvd
Incurable Collector(John Larroquette)-2 eps/1 dvd
It's a Living-3 eps.1 dvd
It's Your Move(Jason Bateman)-15 eps/4 dvds
Jack Benny Rarities-GE Theatre and Sunday with Jack-1 dvd
Jackie Thomas Show(Tom Arnold)-3 eps/1 dvd
James Dean TV Show Collection-8 eps/7 dvds
Jennifer Slept Here(Ann Jillian)-13 eps/3 dvds
Jenny(1997)(Jenny McCarthy)-3 eps/1 dvd
Jericho(16mm)-6 eps/3 dvds
Jigsaw John-14 eps/8 dvds
Jim Henson Hour-8 eps/4 dvds
Johnny Bago-7 eps/4 dvds
Kate Brasher-5 eps/3 dvds
Katie Joplin-2 eps/1 dvd
Knight and Daye-4 eps/1 dvd
Kristin-3 eps/1 dvd
L.A. Doctors pilot ep/1 dvd
L.A. Firefighters-5 eps/3 dvds
Last Frontier(1996)-5 eps/2 dvds
Law and Harry McGraw-16 eps/8 dvds
Lawman(w/o/c)-4 eps/1 dvd
League of Their Own series-2 eps/1 dvd
Leaving L.A.(Christopher Meloni)-6 eps/3 dvds
Lenny(Lenny Clarke)-15 eps/4 dvds
Leo and Liz(Harvey Korman)-2 eps/1 dvd
Letterman's 10th Anniversary-1 dvd
Letterman's 5th Anniversary-1 dvd
Letterman's NBC Specials-2 eps/1 dvd
Life with Roger-4 eps/1 dvd
Life's Work(1996-Larry Miller)-16 eps/5 dvds
Line of Fire(2003)-9 eps/5 dvds
List(talk show-Becker/Just Shoot Me/Spinal Tap)-1 dvd
Live-In-10 eps/3 dvds
Living Dolls(Leah Remini)-8 eps/2 dvds
Living in Captivity-6 eps/2 dvd
Local Heroes-3 eps/1 dvd
Love and War(Susan Dey)-7 eps/2 dvds
Love That Bob!(Bob Cummings Show)-complete/44 dvds
Lush Life-3 eps/1 dvd
Making the Grade(1982)-4 eps/1 dvd
Mancuso FBI(Robert Loggia)-16 eps/9 dvds
Married People(Jay Thomas)-10 eps/3 dvds
Mattie's Sunday Funnies(2 hours)-1 dvd
Maximum Bob-7 eps/1 dvd
Max Monroe-6 eps/3 dvds
Maybe This Time-2 eps/1 dvd
McClain's Law pilot(w/o/c)-1 dvd
Medic(Richard Boone)(16mm)-4 eps/1 dvd
Mike O'Malley Show-3 eps/1 dvd
Mississippi(Ralph Waite)-11 eps/6 dvds
Molloy-pilot/1 dvd
Moloney(Peter Strauss)-20 eps/10 dvds
Morton and Hayes pilot-1 dvd
Movie Stars(Harry Hamlin)-7 eps/2 dvds
Mr. Merlin-14 eps/4 dvds
My Guide to Being a Rock Star(Oliver Hudson)-3 eps/1 dvd
My Hero(Bob Cummings-1952)-12 eps/3 dvds
N.Y. News-2 eps/1 dvd
Nearly Departed/Knight and Daye-3-1/1 dvd
New Adventures of Beans Baxter-10 eps/2 dvds
New Attitude(1990-Morris Day)-5 eps/2 dvds
New Odd Couple(Demond Wilson)-16 eps/4 dvds
Next Step Beyond-4 eps/1 dvd
Nick Danger-1/1 dvd
Normal Life(Dweezil Zappa)-12 eps/3 dvds
Now and Again-5 eps/3 dvds
Nutt House(Harvey Korman-w/o/c)-3 eps/1 dvd
Office(Valerie Harper)-4 eps/1 dvd
One of the Boys-6 eps/2 dvd
One Step Beyond-28 eps/7 dvds
On the Rocks(Tom Poston)-4 eps/1 dvd
Open All Night(USA)(w/o/c)-4 eps/1 dvd
Open House(Ellen D)-8 eps/2 dvds
Opposite Sex(1990 -Chris Evans)-2 eps/1 dvd
Otherworld-8 eps/4 dvds
Outtakes(various from TV/movies)-6 dvds
Ozzie and Harriet(some with Ricky singing)-74 eps/11 dvds
Parenthood(Ed Begley)-3 eps/1 dvd
Partners(Don Adams)-12 eps/3 dvds
Party Girl-3 eps/1 dvd
Pearl(Rhea Perlman)-3 eps/1 dvd
People Next Door-4 eps/2 dvd
Phoenix-4 eps/2 dvds
Pig Sty-3 eps/1 dvd
Pitts-3 eps/1 dvd
Platypus Man-11 eps/3 dvds
Powers of Matthew Star(w/o/c)-2 eps/1 dvd
Practice(1976-Danny Thomas)-24 eps/8 dvds
Preview Shows(1964,65,67,71,89,2001)-7 dvds
Primetime Glick(M. Short)-15 eps/4 dvds
Pros and Cons(Richard Crenna)/Gabriel's Fire-5 eps and 1ep/3 dvds
Pursuit of Happiness(Brian Keith)-4 eps/1 dvd
Queens Supreme-2 eps/1 dvd
Quest(1982)-2 eps/2 dvds
R & B(NBC)-5 eps/2 dvds
Rachel Gunn RN-4 eps/1 dvd
Ray Alexander-1 ep/1 dvd
Red Skelton Show-8 eps/2 dvds
Report to Murphy(1982-w/o/c-Michael Keaton)-4 eps/1 dvd
Riker(1981)-5 eps/3 dvds
Robert Guillaume Show-10 eps/3 dvds
Roll Out(Stu Gilliam)-12 eps/3 dvds
Room 222-Season 3-5 dvds
Room 222-Season 4-6 dvds
Room 222-Season 5-4 dvds
Rousters(Chad Everett)-10 eps/5 dvds
Ryan Caulfield-2 eps/1 dvd
Seaquest-2 eps/1 dvd
Shaky Ground(Matt Frewer)-15 eps/4 dvds
She's the Sheriff(Suzanne Somers)-24 eps/6 dvds
Show(1996)-7 eps/2 dvds
Simon(Jason Bateman)-15 eps/4 dvds
Singer and Sons-2 eps/1 dvd
Sirens(ABC)-9 eps/6 dvds
Sister Kate-12 eps/4 dvds
SKAG(Karl Malden)-pilot+4 eps/3 dvds
Skin-2 eps/1 dvd
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo-2 eps/1 dvd
Small and Frye(Darren McGavin)-3 eps/1 dvd
Small Shots(TNN)-3 eps/1 dvd
Smothers Bros. Comedy Hour-3 eps/2 dvds
Snoops(1989)-11 eps/6 dvds
Soul Man-21 eps/6 dvds
South Beach-4 eps/2 dvds
Starting From Scratch(Connie Stevens)-13 eps/3 dvds
STAT-4 eps/1 dvd
Story of the Lone Ranger(C. Moore)-3 eps on 1 dvd
Streethawk-4 eps/2 dvds
Sugar and Spice-4 eps/2 dvds
Sunset Beat(George Clooney)-2 eps/2 dvds
Supertrain-8 eps/4 dvds
Sweet Spot(Bill Murray)-3 eps/1 dvd
Take 5(George Segal)-2 eps/1 dvd
Tattinger's(1988)-7 eps/3 dvds
Temperature's Rising(orig)-1 ep/1 dvd
Temperature's Rising(Paul Lynde)-24 eps/6 dvds
Texas Wheelers(Mark Hamill)-10 eps/3 dvds
These Friends of Mine(aka Ellen)-2 eps/1 dvd
Thunder Alley(Ed Asner)-7 eps/2 dvds
Tim Conway Skits(Carol Burnett Show)-6 hours/3 dvds
Tim Conway's Funny America-6 eps/2 dvds
Today's FBI(Mike Connors)-3 eps/2 dvds
Together We Stand(Elliott Gould)-11 eps/3 dvds
Toma-2 eps/1 dvd
Tom Show(Tom Arnold)-7 eps/2 dvds
Tom Snyder-Late Late Show-4 eps/3 dvds
Top of the Hill(1989-William Katt)-pilot+7 eps/5 dvds
Total Security(Jim Belushi)-6 eps/3 dvds
Trauma Center-11 eps/6 dvds
Trial and Error(Paul Rodriguez)-3 eps/1 dvd
Trials of Rosie O'Neill(Sharon Gless)-1 ep/1 dvd
True Colors-3 eps/1 dvd
Tucker-3 eps/1 dvd
TV Bloopers(Dick Clark)-2 eps/1 dvd
Uncle Buck series(1989)-14 eps/4 dvds
Union Square-13 eps/4 dvds
Van Dyke Show-4 eps/2 dvds
Wackiest Ship in the Army-8 eps/4 dvds
Waterfront-1 ep/1 dvd
Walter and Emily(Brian Keith)2 eps/1 dvd
What About Joan(Cusack)-3 eps/1 dvd
What a Country(Yakov Smirnoff)-complete on 10 dvds
What a Dummy!-3 eps/1 dvd
Wish You Were Here-pilot/1 dvd
Wolf(1989-Jack Scalia)-10 eps/5 dvds
Working Girl-6 eps/2 dvds
Working It Out(1990)-6 eps/2 dvds
Working Stiffs(Belushi/Keaton)-6 eps/2 dvds
Wright Verdicts(Tom Conti)-4 eps/3 dvds
You Again!(Jack Klugman)-22 eps/5 dvds
You Can't Hurry Love-3 eps/1 dvd
You Take the Kids-8 eps/3 dvds


18 Wheels of Justice(2000)-complete/15 dvds
77 Sunset Strip-remastered-180 eps/40 dvds
Absentia Season 3 on 2 dvds
Ash vs Evil Dead-complete/6 dvds
Bagdad Cafe-8 eps/2 dvds
Bluestone 42(2013)UK WAR series complete/3 dvds
Booker(1989)Richard Grieco series-complete/4 dvds
Boston Med(2010) on 4 dvds
Brimstone(1998)Peter Horton series-complete/5 dvds
Chi,The(2018) S1-2-3 on 15 dvds
CONDOR Season 2 on 3 dvds
Dark Justice(1991) Season 1 on 6 dvds
Dead to Me(2019)Christina Applegate Season 2 on 2 dvds
Disney's Chips the War Dog(1990) on 1 dvd
Dixon of Dock Green(1955)UK police drama-25 eps/5 dvds
Dog and Cat(1977)Kim Basinger-2 eps/1 dvd
Dog Bites Man(2006)Zach Galifianakis-complete/1 dvd
Dukes of Hazzard(1979)-complete/31 dvds
Feather & Father Gang(1976)Harold Gould-complete/3 dvds
Feds(1997)Blair Brown-complete/1 dvd
Flying Doctor(1959)Richard Denning-3 eps/1 dvd
Fortune Hunter(1994)-complete/3 dvds
Gambler,The(1980)Kenny Rogers western series-complete/9 dvds
George Washinton II (1984)Barry Bostwick on 2 dvds
Getting By(1993)Telma Hopkins on 2 dvds
Henry Rollins Show(2006)-complete/5 dvds
Henry's(Rollins)Film Corner(2004)-complete/2 dvds
Hollywood Treasure(2010) S1-2 on 6 dvds
Hopkins(2008) on 3 dvds
Hung!(2008)Anne Heche-complete/15 dvds
Librarians,The(2014)-complete on 13 dvds
Living with Ed(Begley,Jr)(2007) Season 2 on 3 dvds
Makin' It(1979)-1 ep/1 dvd
Malibu Shores(1996)-complete/3 dvds
My Life in Film(2004)UK sitcom-complete/1 dvd
Nurses(2020)CANADA series Season 1 on 2 dvds
Paper Chase-complete/24 dvds
Paper Moon TV series(1974)Jodie Foster-8 eps/2 dvds
Partners in Crime(1984)Loni Anderson-complete/7 dvds
Pensacola:Wings of Gold(1997)James Brolin on 4 dvds
Perfect Couples(2011)sitcom-9 episodes/3 dvds
Perry Mason(2020)HBO Matthew Rhys S1 on 4 dvds
Police Story(1973)-79 eps/20 dvds
Protectors, the(1964)UK police drama-complete/4 dvds
Punisher,The(2017) Seasons 1-2 on 10 dvds
Rod Cameron Collection-37 films/12 dvds
Scales of Justice,The(1962)-complete/2 dvds
Shatner's Raw Nerve(2008) S1-2-3 on 9 dvds
SHIELD,THE(2002)police drama-complete/20 dvds
Showtime(7-2-1968)host-Frank Fontaine on 1 dvd
Sleepy Hollow(2013) S1-2-3 on 14 dvds
Smoke, The(2014)UK firefighters-complet/2 dvds
Smother Brothers Show(1965)-8 eps/1 dvd
Snoops(1989)-complete/7 dvds
Snoops(1999)-complete/2 dvds
Toma(1973)-2 eps/1 dvd
Two Coreys(2007)S1-2 on 4 dvds
Undercover Boss S1-2-3 on 6 dvds
United We Fall(2020)sitcom-complete/2 dvds
US Border Patrol(1959)-9 eps/1 dvd
Yellowstone(2018)Kevin Costner S1-2-3 on15 dvds
Zoo Gang(1974)Brian Keith-complete/2 dvds


100,The Sci-Fi series Season 6 on 4 dvds
68 Whiskey(2020) war series on 5 dvds
9.1.1. Lonestar S1 on 4 dvds
Absentia Sci-Fi series S2 on 4 dvds
All Rise(2019) series Season 1 on 8 dvds
Almost Paradise(2020) christopher Kane action series on 4 dvds
Alone:The Beast(2020)reality series-2 episodes on one dvd
Altered Carbon(2019) Sci-Fi series S1 on 4 dvds
Another Life(2019) Sci-Fi series Katee Sackhoff S1 on 3 dvds
Banacek(1972) George Peppard crime drama-c/9 dvds
Barbara Stanwyck Show-4 eps on one dvd
Barkskins(2020)Colonial drama S1 on 4 dvds
Beachcomber(1962) Cameron Mitchell series-3 eps on one dvd
Beast(2009) Patrick Swayze crime series-complete on 3 dvds
Billions S5 on 4 dvds
Birdland(1994) Brian Dennehy series-4 eps on 2 dvds
Blacklist Season 7 on 8 dvds
Bless This Mess S2 on 6 dvds
Blue Bloods Season 9 on 7 dvds
Bluff City Law(2019) Jimmy Smits series on 5 dvds
Bob Hearts Abishola S1 on 6 dvds
Bosch police drama Season 6 on 4 dvds
Boys,The(2019) Sci-Fi action series-Karl Urban S1 on 3 dvds
Brenner(1959)crime series-13 episodes on 4 dvds
Briarpatch(2020)Rosario Dawson crime series S1 on 5 dvds
Broke(2020)-sitcom on 4 dvds
Bull S4 on 7 dvds
Burden of Truth S3 on 3 dvds
Call Me Fitz(2010) Jason Priestley sitcom S1-2-3-4 on 15 dvds
Call the Midwife 2019 Christmas Special on one dvd
Call the Midwife S9 on 3 dvds
Carol's Second Act(2019)Patricia Heaton sitcom S1 on 4 dvds
Carter(2018) Jerry O'Connell series S2 on 3 dvds
Cedar Cove((2013) S1-2-3 on 13 dvds
Chicago Fire S7 on 7 dvds
Chicago Med S5 on 8 dvds
Chicago PD S7 on 6 dvds
Christine Cromwell(1989)Jaclyn Smith series-complete on 4 dvds
City of Angels(2000) Blair Underwood series on 8 dvds
Counsel of Dads(2020) S1 on 4
Counterstrike(1990) Christopher Plummer crime series-complete on 12 dvds
Courthouse(1995) Brad Johnson series on 4 dvds
Crowded(2016) sitcom-3 episodes on one dvd
Crusoe(2008)Sean Bean series-complete on 4 dvds
Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry Davis sitcom S10 on 5 dvds
Dark Justice(1991) crime drama-16 episodes on 5 dvds
Daybreak(2019) comedy series S1 on 4 dvds
Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove(2013) S1-2-3 on 13 dvds
Deputy(2020) Stephen Dorf police series-complete on 7 dvds
Dick Clark's Good Old Days(1977)-4 eps onone dvd
Disney's A Tiger Walks(1964) Brian Keith movie
Disney's Miracle of the White Stallions(1963) Robert Taylor movie
Emergence(2019) Sci-Fi series S1 on 5 dvds
Espionage(1963)UK spy anthology-complete on 6 dvds
F.B.I.(2018) Season 2 on 7 dvds
FBI:Most Wanted S1 on 6 dvds
Fighting Fitzgeralds(2001)Brian Dennehy sitcom-complete on 2 dvds
For Life S1 on 4 dvds
Get Shorty(2017)Ray Romano series S1-2-3 on 15 dvds
Gideon's Crossing(2000) Andre Braugher series -3 eps on 2 dvds
God Friended Me(2018) series S1/2 on 15 dvds
Goliath(2016)Billy Bob Thornton series S1-2-3 on 9 dvds
Good Doctor S3-complete on 7 dvds
Good Fight Season 4 on 4 dvds
Good Witch 2019 Halloween movie on one dvd
Good witch Season 6 on 4 dvds
Hanna(2019)action series S1 on 3 dvds
Hardball(1989) action series-complete on 8 dvds
Hardy Boys(50s) Ghost Farm on one dvd
Hightown(2020)crime series S1 on 3 dvds
Iceman Cometh(1960) Jason Robards TV Movie on one dvd
I-Land(2019) Sci-Fi Natalie Martinez series-S1 on 2 dvds
Jack Reed Mysteries(1993) Brian Dennehy police drama series c/5 dvds
Jack Ryan series Season 2 on 3 dvds
Jane Wyman's Fireside Theater-27 eps on 7 dvds
Job,The(2001) Denis Leary comedy series-complete on 4 dvds
Joe Dancer(1981) Robert Blake crime series -c/3 dvds
Johnny Staccato(1959) John Cassavetes series-complete on 3 dvds
Kaz(1978) pilot episode on 1 dvd
Kung Fu:Legend Continues(1992)-complete on 25 dvds
Legends(2014) Sean Bean CIA series S1/2 on 4 dvds
Lincoln Rhyme S1 on 4 dvds
Lost At Home(2003) Gregory Himes sitcom-2 eps on one dvd
MacGruder and Loud(1985)crime series-5 eps on one dvd
Mad Dogs and Englishmen(1971)Joe Cocker concert tour on one dvd
Making the Cut(2020)Heidi Klum fashion series on 3 dvds
Man Against Crime(1956) Frank Lovejoy series-5 eps on one dvd
Mandalorian(2019) Star Wars series S1 on 2 dvds
Manhattan AZ(2000)-Chad Everett comedy series-complete on 2 dvds
Manifest(2018) Sci-Fi series S2 on 5 dvds
Man With a Plan-Matt LeBlanc sitcom S4 on 4 dvds
Maximum Bob(1998) Beau Bridges series now complete
Mayans MC Season 2 on 5 dvds
MDs(2002) medical drama on 4 dvds
Men at Work(2012) sitcom S1-2-3 on 9 dvds
Method Man and Red(2004) sitcom-8 eps on 2 dvds
Mind of J G Reeder(1969) UK mystery series-16 episodes on 4 dvds
Misery Loves Company(1995)Chrisopher Meloni sitcom c/one dvd
Mixed-ish sitcom S1 on 6 dvds
Modern Men(2006)George Wendt sitcom on one dvd
Monty Python(1996)-complete on 14 dvds
Moody's(2019) Denis Leary sitcom on 2 dvds
Moonstrike(1963) UK anthology series-2 eps on one dvd
Most Wanted(1976)Tom Selleck crime pilot movie on one dvd
Movie Stars(1999) sitcom-4 more eps on one dvd
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington(1962) FESS PARKER series-3 eps on one dvd
My Adventures in Television(2002)Ed Begley Jr sitcom on one dvd
My Guys(1996)Michael Rispoli series on one dvd
Nearly Departed(1989)Eric Idle sitcom-complete on one dvd
Neighborhood(2018) Cedric sitcom S2 on 6 dvds
New Amsterdam(2018) S2 on 5 dvds
New Gong Show with Dave Atell-2 episodes on one dvd
New Normal(2012)Ellen Barkin sitcom on 4 dvds
Off Centre(2001)sitcom-24 episodes on 3 dvds
Outmatched(2019) Jason Biggs sitcom S1 on 3 dvds
Out of Order(2003) Felicity Huffman series on 3 dvds
Out of the Box-Making of Andy Richter Conquers and The Shield
Partners(2012)sitcom-6 episodes on 2 dvds
Penny Dreadful:City of Angels S3 on 5 dvds
Power S6 on 8 dvds
Preston Episodes(1995) David Alan Grier sitcom on 2 dvds
Pride and Joy(1995) Jeremy Piven sitcom on 2 dvds
Princes of Malibu(2005)Jenner/Kardashian reality sitcom on one dvd
Princesses(1991) Fran Drescher sitcom on 2 dvds
Prodigal Son(2019) series S1 on 7 dvds
Purge Season 2 on 5 dvds
Ranch Season 4 part 1 on 2 dvds
Rat Catchers(1966)UK spy series-1 ep/ Object Z(1965)UK UFO series-1 ep
Ray Donovan S7 on 5 dvds
Reality Bites Back(2008)Michael Ian Black comedy series-2 eps on one dvd
Redcap(1964) UK police drama-23 episodes on 7 dvds
Related(2005) Lizzy Caplan sitcom-complete on 3 dvds
Rerun Show(2002)recreating favorite sitcoms-complete on one dvd
Resident(2017) S3 on 7 dvds
Return of Jezebel James(2008)Parker Posey sitcom onone dvd
Rich Man, Poor Man(1976)Nick Nolte S1 on 6 dvds
Rookie(2018) Nathan Fillion police series S2 on 8 dvds
Run(2020) HBO comedy series on 4 dvds
Sandylands(UK sitcom)-complete on 1 dvd
Savages(2001) UK sitcom-complete on one dvd
Seal Team S3 on 7 dvds
Shameless Season 10 on 6 dvds
Sidekicks(1974)WESTERN pilot movie-Larry Hagman/ Lou Gossett on one dvd
Silent Force(1970)crime drama pilot movie on one dvd
Smith Family(1971) Henry Fonda comedy series-now 8 eps on one dvd
Sneaky Pete(2015) Crime series-Giovanni Ribisi S1-2-3 on 12 dvds
Snowpiercer(series) S1 on 5 dvds
Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour(1971) -30 episodes on 5 dvds
Spencer's Pilots(1976) series-all 14 eps on 2 dvds
Steambath(1973) Bill Bixby on one dvd
Strike Back UK action series S8 on 5 dvds
Stumptown(2019) Cobie Smulders series S1 on 6 dvds
SWAT(2017) Season 3 on 8 dvds
Thanks(1997)-Cloris Leachman sitcom-complete on one dvd
Three Sisters(2001) Dyan Cannon sitcom on 8 dvds
Tiger King-Murder,Mayhem and Madness(2020)reality series-complete on 3 dvds
Toast of London(Matt Berry-UK sitcom)-complete on 3 dvds
Tommy(Edie Falco) S1 on 5 dvds
Trackers(2020)South African spy drama S1 on 3 dvds
Treadstone(2019) action series S1on 5 dvds
Under the Rainbow(1981)Chevy Chase comedy film on one dvd
Unicorn(2019) sitcom S1 on 5 dvds
Vida(2018) series S3 on 3 dvds
Walking Dead Season 10 on 7 dvds
War of the Worlds(2019) Sci-Fi Rafe Spall mini-series-complete on one dvd
War of the Worlds(2019) Sci-Fi series Gabriel Bryne on 4 dvds
Westworld Season 3 on 5 dvds
Wild West Chronicles(2020)-3 episodes on one dvd
Witcher(2019)Sci-Fi action series S1 on 3 dvds
Wolf(1989)Jack scalia series-2 more eps on one dvd
Young Sheldon Season 3 on 5 dvds
Zomboat(2019) Sci-Fi series S1 on one dvd


2019 New Twilight Zone Season 1 comp/3 dvds
Action Family(1986)pilot movie-Chris Elliott
Adam-12(1968)-complete series (22 discs)
Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle(2016) on 1 dvd
Americans,the(1961)WESTERN SERIES-2 more episodes on 1 dvd
Animal Kingdom-Ellen Barkin Season 4 on 6 dvds
Ballad of Buster Scruggs(2018) WESTERN movie
Ballad of Lefty Brown(2018)WESTERN movie
Betty Hutton Show(1959)-4 episodes (1 disc)
Big Jake(1961)pilot starring Andy Devine as police detective
Bonanza(1959)WESTERN-complete series on 121 dvds
Bosch Season 5-comp/3 dvds
Bowling for Dollars(1972)-4 eps ( 1 dvd)
Bringing Up Buddy(1960)Frank Aletter sitcom-8 eps (2 discs)
Broken Arrow pilot(1956)(R. Montalban as Cochise)
Burden of Truth Season 2-comp/3 dvds
Cara Williams Show(1964)-7 eps (2 dvds)
Celebrity Golf-Johnny Weissmuller ( 1 disc)
Charlie Wild:Private Detective(1950)Howard Duff-comp series (1 dvd)
Chicago Teddy Bears(1971)-Dean Jones-2 eps (1 dvd)
Chi Season 2-comp/5 dvds
City of Angels(1976)Wayne Rogers-comp(7 discs)
City on a Hill(2019)-Jill Hennessey/Kevin Bacon Season 1 on 5 dvds
Cobra Kai(2018)TV series sequel to Karate Kid-Ralph Macchio-Seasons 1-2 on 4 dvds
Counterpoint pilot-Lee Marvin
Deep State(2018)-Walton Goggins Seasons -comp/ 8 dvds
Designated Survivor-Kiefer Sutherland Season 3-comp/3 dvds
Disappearance(2019)-Peter Coyote-comp/2 dvds
Disney-Fun and Fancy Free
Disney-Happiest Millionaire
Disney-Love Bug
Disney-Misadventures of Merlin Jones
Disney-Savage Sam WESTERN movie sequel to Old Yeller
Disney-Snowball Express
Dr. Kate pilot(1960)Jane Wyman
Elementary Season 7-comp/6 dvds
Elvira Show pilot(1993)
Eve Arden Show(1957)-4 eps (1 dvd)
Fear the Walking Dead Season 5-comp/5 dvds
Flamingo Road(1980)Mark Harmon-comp on 7 dvds
Garry Moore show-Christmas (WOC) Allen and Rossi(1 disc)
Gavilan-Robert Urich-3 more eps on 1 dvd
Get Shorty(2017)TV SERIES-Ray Romano/Chris O'Dowd Seasons 1-2-3 on 14 dvds
Gone(2019)-Chris Noth...10 episodes/4 dvds
Good Witch(Catherine Bell)-Season 5 on 4 dvds
Greatest Show on Earth-more eps on 1 dvd
Grindl-Imogene Coca-3 more episodes on 1 dvd
Happy(1960)Ronnie Burns sitcom-3 eps ( 1 dvd)
Harrow, the (2018)-Seasons 1-2 on 8 dvds
Instinct(2018)Alan Cumming Seasons 1-2 on 8 dvds
Janet Dean RN(1954)Darren McGavin series-4 eps on 1 dvd
Jefferson Drum WESTERN-2 more episodes/1 dvd
Jeffersons-All in the Family spinoff-comp /40 dvds
Jett(2019)-Carla Gugino-comp/5 dvds
Karen(1964)Tammy Watson/Richard Denning sitcom-4 eps (1 disc)
Killing Eve Season 2-comp/3 dvds
Last Cowboy(2019) WESTERN-Season 1-comp/2 dvds
Life in Pieces Season 4-comp/3 dvds
Love that Jill(1958)Ann Jeffreys/Robert Sterling sitcom-4 eps ( 1 dvd)
Luther Season 5-comp/2 dvds
Make Me Laugh 3A 1 disc
Man of the People(1991)James Garner series-comp/3 dvds
Many Happy Returns(1964)Elinor Donahue sitcom-3 eps ( 1 dvd)
Mark Saber(1951)-4 episodes on 1 dvd
Mayans(2018)spinoff of Sons of Anarchy-Season 2 on 5 dvds
MUSIC-Around the Beatles/What's Happening USA (1 dvd)
MUSIC-Big Night Out Channel 9-Beatles 9/24/65 (1 disc)
MUSIC-Coke Time 6-27-60-Pat Boone,Annette,Bobby Darin+more( 1 disc)
MUSIC-DC5 at TJs(1965)Phil Spector host(1 dvd)
MUSIC-Dick Clark 11-30-63 over 20 guests (1 disc)
MUSIC-Hollywood a GoGo(1966)lesley Gore,Gene Chandler+more-2 eps (1 disc)
MUSIC-Mike Smith(DC5) Rock Engine(2003)Lead singer with Dave Clark 5's new band here are the last 2 shows before he fell and broke his neck to end his career-1d
MUSIC-Patrice Munsel Show(1956)Buddy Hackett-2 eps ( 1 disc)
Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom-1 episode
My Friend Irma(1952)Marie Wilson sitcom-1 episode
N.O.P.D.(1955)-1 episode (1 disc)
National Velvet(1960)TV series Set 2-13 more eps/3 dvds
Neighbors pilot(1974)Don Rickles
On Becoming a God in Central FLA(2019)Kirsten Dunst Season 1 on 5 dvds
One Happy Family(1961)Dick Sargent sitcom-4 eps( 1 disc)
Pearson(2019)-sequel to Suits-complete on 4 dvds
Pennyworth(2019)Prequel to Batman-Season 1-comp/5 dvds
Perpetual Grace(2019)-Ben Kingsley Season 1-comp/5 dvds
Power-Omari Hardwick Season 6 Part 1 on 5 dvds
Private Eyes-Jason Priestley Season 3-comp/4 dvds
Professional Father(1955)Barbara Billingsley sitcom-4 eps( 1 disc)
Queen of the South(Alice Braga) Season 4-comp/5 dvds
Quentin Durgens MP ( 1 disc)
Ransom Season 3-comp/4 dvds
Reef Break(2019)Poppy Montgomery-comp/5 dvds
Righteous Gemstones(2019) Season 1-John Goodman/Danny McBride-comp/5 dvds
Robert Q. Lewis Show-1 episode
Rook(2019)Luke Roberts Season 1-comp/4 dvds
Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Variety Show 10-20-62 Dale Robertson(1 disc)
Sanford and Son-Redd Foxx sitcom-comp/15 dvds
Sean Saves the World(2013)Sean Hayes-comp/4 dvds
Sheriff of Cochise/US Marshal(1958)WESTERN-18 more episodes on 6 dvds
Show Wagon WESTERN pilot(1960)
Son,the WESTERN Season 2-comp/4 dvds
Stanley(1953)Buddy Hackett sitcom-comp(5 discs)
Stump the Stars-8 eps (2 discs)
Succession-Brian Cox Season 3-comp/5 dvds
Suits Season 9 -comp/4 dvds
Sunnyside(2019)-4 eps on 1 dvd
Susie aka Private Secretary(1953)Ann Sothern sitcom-10 eps (3 dvds)
Sweetbitter(2018) Season 2 on 3 dvds
Tales of the Texas Rangers(1955)WESTERN-12 more episodes/2 dvds
Tammy(1965)-comp/4 dvds
Tammy Grimes Show(1966)Dick Sargent sitcom-2 eps (1 disc)
Terror,the(2019) Season 2 comp/5 dvds
Transporter:the Series(2014)Season 2 on 3 dvds
Trauma Center(1983)-4 more episodes on 3 dvds
Trials of O'Brien-3 more eps(1 dvd)
Trip,the(2010)Steve Coogan on 1 dvd
Trip to Spain(2017)Steve Coogan on 1 dvd
Trophy Wife(2013)-Malin Acker-18 eps on 6 dvds
Trouble with Father aka Stu Erwin Show(1950)-20 eps (5 dvds)
Vida Season 2-comp/4 dvds
Wackiest Ship in the Army-9 more episodes(5 dvds)
Web,the(1950)-12 episodes (3 discs)
Wolf Larsen pilot-Chuck Connors(1 disc)
World of Giants(1959)pilot
Yellowstone-Kevin Costner WESTERN Season 2-comp/5 dvds
Young Lawyers-13 more episodes(7 dvds)now complete series


7 Brides for 7 Brothers-complete on 7 dvds
77th Bengal Lancers-76 episodes on one dvd
26 Men-64 eps on 18 dvds
2 Faces West-11 eps on 3 dvds
5 Mile Creek-complete on 16 dvds
Adventures of Brisco County-complete
Adventures of Champion-complete
Adventures of Kit Carson-46 eps on 14 dvds
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin-135 eps on 35 dvds
Alaskans-5 eps on 3 dvds
Alias Smith & Jones-complete on 11 dvds
Americans,the(1960)-2 eps on one dvd
American West-2 dvds
An Klondike(aka Dominion)S1 on 2 dvds
Annie Oakley-complete on 18 dvds
Barbary Coast-complete on 4 dvds
Bat Masterson-complete on 10 dvds
Bearcats-complete on 4 dvds
Best of the West-complete on 4 dvds
Big Valley-complete on 32 dvds
Black Saddle-complete on 9 dvds
Bonanza TV movies-2 dvds
Boots & Saddles-8 eps on 4 dvds
Bordertown-complete on 12 dvds
Branded-complete remastered on 6 dvds
Brave Eagle-11 eps on 4 dvds
Bret Maverick-complete remastered on 9 dvds
Broken Arrow-73 eps on 7 dvds
Bronco-complete remastered on 17 dvds
Buckskin-17 eps on 5 dvds
Buffalo Bill Jr-complete on 14 dvds
Buster Crabbe Show-3 eps on one dvd
Cade's County (PAL)-complete on 8 dvds
Cade's County-16 eps on 8 dvds
Call of the Wild TV series-complete on 3 dvds
Californians-complete remastered on 8 dvds
Casey Jones-complete on 4 dvds
Cheyenne-complete remastered on 36 dvds
Chisholms series-complete on 3 dvds
Cimarron City-complete remastered on 4 dvds
Cimarron Strip-complete on 8 dvds
Circus Boy-complete on 10 dvds
Civil War(Ken Burns)-complete on 6 dvds
Colt 45-48 eps on 12 dvds
Comanche Moon mini-series-complete
Copper-complete on 6 dvds
Corky and White Shadow(Harry Carey Jr)-complete on 2 dvds
Cowboy G-Men-complete on 12 dvds
Cowboy in Africa(Chuck Connors)-20 eps +pilot on 5 dvds
Custer-complete on 6 dvds
Dakotas-complete remastered on 5 dvds
Davy Crockett(Fess Parker)-complete on 2 dvds
Davy Crockett(Tim Dunigan)
Dead Man's Gun-complete on 14 dvds
Deadwood(HBO)-complete on 14 dvds
Death Valley Days(Color eps)-154 eps on 36 dvds
Death Valley Days(B/W)-various eps on 14 dvds
Deputy(Henry Fonda)-complete remastered on 8 dvds
Desperado films-complete on 5 dvds
Destry(TV Series)-complete remastered on 6 dvds
Dr Syn(Disney)-complete on 2 dvds
Dundee & The Culhane-complete on 10 dvds
Dusty's Trail-complete on 4 dvds
Elfego Baca-complete on 5 dvds
Empire-complete on 13 dvds
Father Murphy-complete on 10 dvds
Four Feather Falls-complete on 4 dvds
Frontier(1950s)-6 eps on 3 dvds
Frontier(2016) S1-3 on 7 dvds
Frontier Circus-complete remastered on 5 dvds
Frontier Doctor-complete on 9 dvds
F Troop-complete on 10 dvds
Fury-58 eps on 16 dvds
Gabby Hayes Show-complete on 10 dvds
Godless(2017)-complete on 4 dvds
Gray Ghost-11 eps on 4 dvds
Grizzly Adams-complete on 10 dvds
Gunslinger(Tony Young)-5 eps on 3 dvds
Gunsmoke Movies-complete on 5 dvds
Guns Of Paradise-complete on 28 dvds
Guns Of Will Sonnett-complete remastered on 6 dvds
Harts of the West(Lloyd Bridges)-complete on 3 dvds
Hatfields & McCoys (2012)-complete on 2 dvds
Have Gun Will Travel-complete on 25 dvds
Hawkeye - (Lee Horsley)-complete on 8 dvds
Hawkeye And Last of the Mohicans-complete on 8 dvds
Hec Ramsey(Richard Boone)-complete on 5 dvds
Here Come the Brides-complete on 8 dvds
Hell On Wheels(AMC)-complete on 12 dvds
Here Come the Brides-complete on 8 dvds
Hero,the(Richard Mulligan)-2 eps on one dvd
High Chaparral-complete on 25 dvds
Hondo-complete on 9 dvds
Hopalong Cassidy Movies-complete on 13 dvds
Hopalong Cassidy TV series-complete on 12 dvds
Hotel de Paree-12 eps on 5 dvds
How The West Was Won TV series-complete on 14 dvds
Hudson's Bay-complete on 4 dvds
Into the West - (mini-series)-complete
Iron Horse-complete on 15 dvds
Jack of All Trades-complete
Jefferson Drum-3 eps on one dvd
Jim Bowie-complete on 10 dvds
Johnny Mack Brown Film Collection-complete on 20 dvds
Johnny Ringo-complete on 10 dvds
Judge Roy Bean-complete on 10 dvds
Kit Carson-46 eps on 14 dvds
Klondike-16 eps on 4 dvds
Kodiak(Clint Walker)-1 ep on one dvd
Kung Fu - Original-complete on 22 dvds
Lancer-complete on 13 dvds
Laramie-complete on 24 dvds
Laredo-complete on 12 dvds
Lash of the West(Lash LaRue)-7 eps on one dvd
Lawman-complete remastered on 42 dvds
Law Of The Plainsman-complete on 8 dvds
Lazarus Man-complete on 11 dvds
Legend-complete on 5 dvds
Legend of


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