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Manly P. Hall Digitally Restored Audio Lectures Collection    Items for Sale    Books & Magazines    Audiobooks    2TB9GD   

Manly P. Hall Digitally Restored Audio Lectures Collection
There are 43 completes lecture sets. You may purchase the ENTIRE COLLECTION for just $55.00 !!!! SPECIAL HALF PRICE SALE GOOD UNTIL September 5th 2019 ONLY!!!

Over 2000 hours of tedious, repetitive labor has been put into Digitally Restoring each of the 500+ lectures included in this collection!!!! These lectures are ACTUALLY RESTORED, as compared to every other set out there which CLAIMS to be Digitally Remastered and is still terrible audio quality.

I have spent many years tracking down these shows from MANY difference sources (Cassette, Digital etc) and enhancing shows that are of lower audio
quality so as to try to remove muffling, overblown sharp highs, enhance vocals, tighten bass, clean audio, remove hiss, pops, fix speed/pitch/tone etc.

This is the BEST Quality set of Manly Palmer Hall's lectures currently available ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! It is NOT the most complete. If you want every single lecture, even in very poor quality, then there are others freely available.

However, this set contains what I consider to be the VERY BEST of Manly P. Hall and each lecture is far, far better quality than any other version available anywhere.

On every lecture I also normalized the audio levels of speech throughout the lecture to make it much more audible. Quality will vary somewhat from lecture to lecture given the rarity of many of these. I have been working on restoring these episodes since 2014.

Please be aware that not all lectures are of perfect flawless quality, as source materials which would allow such restoration are extremely rare. However, about 3/5ths of the set or more are close to very good quality and the rest are of good listenable quality. It is hard to know for sure, but most of these lectures were given over 30 years between sometime in the 1950s-1970s, therefore his voice does change as he ages from his late 40s to late 70s but i did my best to fix the audio speed/tempo/pitch to match his actual voice of the time.

I have done my very best to find ALL available good quality source material but it has been very difficult and arduous, as it seems that I am the only one worldwide undertaking such an endeavor.

Once payment has been received, I will send you the link to download your set. The link will be valid for 24 hours but if you need more time just let me know. You will receive the link to download the collection usually within the hour, but if i am away it may take longer.

ALL mp3 files are properly tagged and titled. MP3 metadata is also complete with artist, genre, album, album art etc so they will ALL properly show on ANY mp3 player or ipod.

These ARE NOT the same audio files available from Youtube or torrents sites. I have heard their sets and the audio is really not very good and has many quality issues.

Here are the 1st audio files from EVERY Lecture Series for you to sample and compare the audio quality with any others freely available on the internet. About 40 HOURS of Audio FREE for you to get a good feel of the overall quality.!sg4EUa5T!TAy3ESGqnhzLRYqQ4lrPHw


Alchemy (lowest quality set but now is actually listenable):

1 Adepts of the Alchemical Tradition.mp3
2 Hermetic Symbols of the Great Work
3 Human Regeneration by Alchemy
4 Chinese and Tibetan Alchemy

Alchemy of Attitudes:

1 Alchemy As a Key to Social Regeneration
2 Esoteric Alchemy - Transformation of Attitudes
3 Transformation Mystery

Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies:

1 Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity
2 Golden Verses of Pythagoras
3 Initiation of the Pyramid
4 Secret Societies in the Modern World
5 Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Art and Aesthetics:

1 Creative Self-Expression; The Lost Art
2 Each Art and Science Has a Moral Structure of Its Own
3 Music of Comte de St. Germain
4 Music of Comte de St. Germain
5 Pythagoras on the Therapeutic Value of Music
6 Therapeutic Value of the Great Art

Astrotheology & Astrology:

1 Zodiac and The Great Platonic Year
2 Astrology & The Universal Cosmology
3 Planets and the Ancient Gods
4 Great Solar Symbol of the Messiah
5 Journey of the Human Soul through Astrological Cycles
6 The Solar Christmas
7 Winter Solstice
8 How Astrology Has Influenced the Religions of Mankind
9 Value of Astrology in Self Analysis

Atlantean Hypothesis:

1 Atlantean Records in Greece and Egypt
2 Atlantean Records in India and China
3 Atlantean Records in Africa and Polynesia
4 Atlantean Records in Europe
5 Atlantean Records in Ancient America
6 Atlantis
7 Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity
8 New Atlantis

Atom in Religion and Philosophy:

1 Greek Philosopher - Atomists
2 Atomic Research in India & China
3 Atomism in Early European Philosophy
4 How Modern Philosophy Can Cope with the Atom
5 The Spiritual Challenge of the Atomic Age

Bible, Christianity & Religion:

01 Armageddon - War Ends in Peace
02 Christ in the Realms of the Dead
03 Christian Gospels Not in the Bible
04 Christmas, the Day When Divine Love Was Made Flesh
05 Earth Is the Lord's and the Fullness Thereof
06 Face of Christ and Master of the Blue Cape
07 Hidden Church of the Holy Grail
08 Milton's View of Paradise Lost and Regained
09 New Commandment - Love Thine Enemies
10 Personal Experience of the Christian Mystery
11 Reflections on Esoteric Christianity
12 Resurrection Mystery
13 St. Paul at the Altar of the Unknown God
14 St. Paul the Initiate Apostle
15 Femenine Factor in the World Religions
16 Warriors Path - Western Approach to the Mysteries


1 Buddha and the Bomb
2 Budha on the Cause and End of Suffering
3 Mahamaya, Mother of the Buddha
4 Spirit of Zen
5 Western Paradise on Earth - Buddhist Doctrine of the Pure Land
6 Zen and Nuclear Fission
7 Zen and the Mental Computer
8 Zen and the Stock Exchange

Classical Philosophy:

1 The God's Fought above Troy and Are Still Fighting
2 The Golden Chain of Homer That Binds Heaven and Earth
3 Lord Bacon's Interpretation of Classical Myths
4 The Wisdom of the Greeks Can Help Solve Problems of Modern Society

Cycle of the Phoenix; A New Approach to the Philosophy of History:

1 600 B.C. to Era of the Ancient Teachers
2 1 A.D. to Christian Era
3 600 A.D. to Moslem Era
4 1200 A.D. to Era of Intellectual Restoration
5 1800 A.D. to Era of Social Liberation

Doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus:

1 Orientation of the Hermetic Philosophy
2 Hermetism, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism
3 Great Body of the Hermetic Literature
4 Influence of Hermetic Tradition
5 The Principle of Text, Divine Pymander

Doctrines of Neoplatonism:

1 Proclus on the Theology of Plato
2 Iambichus on the Mysteries
3 Plotinus the Beautiful
4 Porphyry on the Wanderings of Ulysses
5 Julian on the Mother of the Gods

Esoteric Anthropology:

1 The Beginning of Human Life
2 The Rise of Mankind in Nature
3 The Origin of Race and Languages
4 Ensouling of Humanity
5 The Future of the Human Race

Esoteric, Metaphysical:

01 Jacobs Ladder that Leads to the Stars
02 Adept Tradition in Modern Living
03 Animal's Place in the Universal Plan
04 Dante's La Vita Nuova
05 Emotional Body and the Beginning of Social Consciousness
06 Fascination of the Supernatural - Ghost Lore
07 How Hierarchy Communicates with Humans
08 Learning to Know the Dwelller in the Flesh
09 Lost in the Psychic Wonderland
10 Magic- White, Gray and Black
11 Migrations of the Human Spirit
12 Mysteries of the Astral Light
13 Mystical Life, Way of the American Indians
14 Mystical Meaning of Playing Cards
15 Mystical Symbolism of the Rubaiyat
16 Obeying Universal Laws Can Be a Pleasant Experience
17 Opening the Doors to the Invisible
18 Pandoras Box - the Mystery of Memory
19 Precious Stones in Lore and Legend
20 Quest for Spiritual Teachers
21 Sacred Images
22 Secret Language of Persian Poets
23 Sevenfold Mystery of Love
24 Some Reflections on the Subject of Earthquakes
25 Soul, the Garment of Glory
26 Strange World of Psychic Phenomena
27 Symbolism of Sleep in Human Life
28 This Enchanted Isle We Call the World
29 Training the Faculty of Intuition

Exploring Dimensions of Consciousness:

1 Universal and Personal Consciousness
2 Approach to the Preconscious
3 Subconscious States in Nature and Man
4 Consciousness and Mind
5 Superconscious Cognition

First Principles of Philosophy:

1 The Four Aspects of Metaphysics
2 Logic and Ethics
3 Psychology and Epistemology
4 Esthetics and Theurgy
5 The Symbolism of the Ten Bulls
6 Eastern Philosophy; Ahimsa, a Sect Devoted to Harmlessness
7 Eastern Philosophy; Confucius and the Computer

Five Paths of Yoga:

1 Kama Yoga - the Yoga of Action
2 Hatha Yoga - the Yoga of the Body
3 Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Devotion
4 Inana Yoga - the Yoga of Wisdom
5 Raja Yoga - the Royal Path

Five-Fold Nature of the Self:

1 The Self That Senses
2 The Self That Thinks
3 The Self That Wills
4 The Self That Grows
5 The Real Self

Great Polarities:

1 Heaven and Earth
2 God and Man
3 Truth and Error
4 Good and Evil
5 Heart and Mind

Greek and Roman Deities as Personifications of Divine Principles:

1 Divine Dynasty - Uranus, Cronus and Zeus
2 Circle of the Twelve Olympian Deities
3 Children of Zeus - Secondary Order of the Gods and Mortals
4 Heroes - Offspring of the Gods and Mortals
5 Neoplatonic Key to the Grand Cycle of Myths

Health and Healing:

01 Studies in Stress
02 Physical Stress
03 Emotional Stress
04 Mental Stress
05 Mental Attitudes Affect Physical Helath
06 Health and the Zodiac
07 Diversification of Activities as a Secret of Mental Health
08 Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together
09 Healing through Communication
10 Healing Power of Nature

Inspirational and Mystical:

01 Guardian of the Light
02 Integration of the Ageless, Timeless Spiritual Laws
03 Is There a Guardian Angel
04 Love - the Most Mysterious of Human Emotions
05 Mystery of Love, Divine and Human
06 Priceless Gift of Faith
07 Search for the Essential Meaning of Life
08 Second Coming of the Santa Claus Spirit
09 Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving
10 Those Who Attain Integrity Must Pass on the Lamp
11 To Pass on the Lamp
12 Tragedy of the Broken Doll
13 Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance
14 Vigil As a Mystical Discipline

Invisible Bodies of Men in Hindu Philosophy:

1 The Sthula Sharira - Physical Body and Its Attributes
2 The Living Shariri - the Etheric and Vital Bodies
3 The Kamaru Pa - the Emotional Nature and Its Activities
4 The Rupa and Arupa Manas - Vehicles of the Concrete and Abstract Mind
5 The Buddhic Sheath - the Seat of the Intuitive People

Landmarks of Esoteric Literature:

1 Francis Bacon; The New Atlantis
2 Knorr Von Rosenroth; The Kabbala Unveiled
3 Arthur Edward Waite; The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross
4 Mary Ann Atwood; A Suggestive Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mystery
5 Blavatsky; The Secret Doctrine

Love Series:

1 Human Love
2 Love of Beauty
3 Love of God
4 Love of Nature
5 Love of Truth
6 The Redemptive Power of Love

Man; Grand Symbol of the Mysteries:

1 Embryology and the Story of the Cell
2 Brain and Release of the Soul
3 Heart, the Seat of Life
4 Spinal Column and the Kundalini
5 Pineal Gland and the Endocrine System

Mysteries of the Cabala:

1 Ancient of Days; Nature of the Godhead
2 Mother of the Mysteries; Processes of Creation
3 - Angel of the Presence; Administration of Universal Law LQ
4 Chariot of Righteousness; Mystical Disciplines of Cabalism and Yoga
5 Everlasting House; Restoration of Heaven & Earth

Occult Anatomy:

1 Physical Body as a Universal Symbol
2 Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions
3 Sacred Mysteries of the Human Body

Paracelsian Philosophy:

1 On Natural & Unnatural Religion and Science
2 Invisible Creatures of the Five Elements
3 Universal Energy and Metaphysical Medicine
4 Doctrine of Sympathetic Forces in Nature
5 Man As a Constellation

Philosophy & Religion:

01 Are We Ready for the Great Leap into a Peaceful World
02 Back to Basics in Religion, Philosophy and Science
03 Civilization Begins with Us
04 Cycle of the Phoenix in World History
05 Emperor Julian's Oration on the Mother of the Gods
06 Faith; The Internal Belief in Eternal Good
07 Fate and the Philosophy of Destiny
08 How to Choose a Religion or Philosophy Most Appropriate to Your Own Needs
09 I Beg to Differ with the Darwinian Theory
10 Idealistic Humanism
11 Is Religion a Dedication or a Commitment
12 Materiality Is the Glamorizing of Beauty
13 Meaning vs Usage
14 My Philosophy of Life
15 Organizing and Conserving Personal Energy Resources
16 Philosophical Reflections on the Use and Abuse of Money
17 Prophets of Antiquity Versus Profits of Today
18 Rivers of Life
19 Science of Ethics and the Ethics of Science
20 Science of Religion and Religion of Science
21 Should Religious Organizations Be Involved in Partisan Politics
22 What Is Righteousness
23 What Is the Unforgivable Sin
24 When the Universal and Natural Laws Are in Conflict
25 World Soul Under Stress

Psychology & Self-Improvement:

01 An Invitation to Insight
02 Cinderella Story in Psychological Folklore
03 Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts
04 In Bondage to Freedom
05 Inside the Cup
06 Living in the Past, Present and Future
07 The Mills of God Grind Slowly
08 Mind and the Book
09 Never Let the Past Ruin the Future
10 Stand Aside and Watch Yourself Go By
11 Time Is Not for Wasting
12 Unlocking the Mysteries
13 Your Own Life Is Your Personal Mandala

Reincarnation, Karma & Life After Death:

1 Second Look at the Law of Karma
2 Can Astrology Help Us Understand Reincarnation and Karma
3 Cocaine and Karma
4 Do We Bring Our Troubles with Us into This World
5 Do We Chose Our Lives Before We Are Born
6 Update on Reincarnation
7 Why I Believe in Rebirth
8 World's Beyond the Grave


1 The Seven Creative Powers of the Godhead
2 The Seven Great Ages of the Earth
3 The Seven Races of Mankind
4 The Seven Laws Governing Human Life
5 The Seven Schools of Mystery Religions

Studies in Comparative Mythology:

1 Babylonian Creation Myths
2 Greek Philosophical Mythology
3 Teutonic Hero Myths
4 Buddhist Regeneration Myths
5 Egyptian Myths of the Afterlife

Studies in Dream Symbolism:

1 An Alphabet of Dream Symbols
2 Self-Instruction Through Dreams
3 Warnings and Premonitions - The Dangerous Dream
4 The Dream as a Mystical Experience
5 The Twilight Hour - Dreams Between Sleeping and Waking

Studies in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike:

1 Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God
2 Sacred Tradition and the Aryas
3 Secret Language of Symbolism
4 Wisdom Religion in Persia
5 Restoration of Ritualistic Instruction

Symbolism of the Great Operas:

1 Builders of World Peace; The Ring of the Niebelugs - the Karmic Cycle That Cannot Be Broken
2 Parsival and Lohengrin - Esoteric Schools in the Christian World
3 Faust - The Fall and Resurrection of the Human Soul
4 The Magic Flute - The Return of Masonic Initiation to the Modern World
5 The Meistersingers of Nuremburg

The Universe According to Esoteric Philosophy:

1 Of Creation and the Gods
2 The Universe and its Laws
3 Of the Sun and its Planets
4 Of Nature and its Kingdoms
5 Man; His Origin and Destiny

Unseen Forces That Affect Our Lives:

1 The Living Universe Beyond Our Sensory Perceptions
2 Demonism in the 20th Century
3 Obsession and Spirit Possession
4 Thought Forces and Psychic Ghosts
5 Secret Powers and Why We Should Not Use Them

Wisdom Series:

1 The Challenge of Forever Becoming
2 The Wonder World of Words
3 From Knowledge to Wisdom
4 From Wisdom to Understanding
5 Faiths That Lead to Certainties
6 Now, a Moment in Eternity

Worlds in Transition:

1 Religion Beyond Dogma
2 Science Beyond Materialism
3 Philosophy Beyond Doctrine
4 History Beyond Tradition
5 Education Beyond Authority

Zen Concept of Intensity Without Tension:

1 The Pressure Mechanism and How It Operates
2 Pressures Arising from Personality Conflicts
3 Pressures Arising from Family Relationships
4 Pressure Associated with Maturity and Advancing Years
5 Pressures Arising from Environment and World Conditions

Manly P. Hall Digitally Restored Audio Lectures Collection


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