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12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    CD's    2SQZ4D   

12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.

Three Came Home is a 1950 American post-war film directed by Jean Negulesco, based on the memoirs of the same name by writer Agnes Newton Keith. It depicts Keith's life in North Borneo in the period immediately before the Japanese invasion in 1942, and her subsequent internment and suffering, separated from her husband Harry, and with a young son to care for. Keith was initially interned at Berhala Island near Sandakan, North Borneo (today's Sabah) but spent most of her captivity at Batu Lintang camp at Kuching, Sarawak. The camp was liberated in September 1945.
Adapted and produced by Nunnally Johnson, the film starred Claudette Colbert in the lead role. It is now in the public domain and so is available to watch in its entirety online at no charge.
Claudette Colbert as Agnes Newton Keith
Patric Knowles as Harry Keith
Florence Desmond as Betty Sommers
Sessue Hayakawa as Colonel Suga
Sylvia Andrew as Henrietta
Mark Keuning as George Keith
Phyllis Morris as Sister Rose
Howard Chuman as Lieutenant Nekata
Patricia O'Neal as English Woman (uncredited)
Jerry Fujikawa as Japanese Soldier (uncredited)
The women prisoners were portrayed by Drue Mallory, Carol Savage, Virginia Kelley, Mimi Heyworth and Helen Westcott.
The Proud and Damned, also known as The Proud and the Damned, Proud and Damned, and Proud, Damned and Dead, is a 1972 American-Colombian co-production western film directed by Ferde Grofé Jr.. Some sources quote the title as "The Proud and the Damned", which is not the original name. The actual title, "The Proud and Damned", is clearly displayed in the title text of the original film version in the opening of the movie. Some images erroneously use the title "The Proud and the Damned".
Chuck Connors as Will Hansen
Aron Kincaid as Ike
Cesar Romero as San Carlos' Mayor
José Greco as Ramon (the gypsy)
Smokey Roberds as Jeb
Henry Capps as Hank
Peter Ford as Billy
Andres Marquis as Gen. Alehandro Martinez
Conrad Parham as Capt. Juan Hernandez (the mayor's nephew)
Maria Grimm as Maria Vargas
Nana Lorca as Carmela (the dancer)
Anita Quinn as Mila (Hansen's gypsy girlfriend)
Álvaro Ruiz as Chico
Pacheco as Lieutenant
Ignacio Gómez as Padre
Ernesto Uribe as Aide
Rey Vásquez as Innkeeper
Bernardo Herrera as Rollo
The Story of R.J. Mitchell, British aircraft designer, and his development of the Spitfire plane.
1942 B&W 89 Minutes
David Niven
Leslie Howard
Rosamund John
Submarine Alert (1943) is an American film directed by Frank McDonald, produced by Pine-Thomas Productions and released by Paramount Pictures. The film was the last in a series of three Pine-Thomas adventure films that included Forced Landing (1941) and Flying Blind (1941). The film stars Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie, Nils Asther, Roger Pryor, Marc Lawrence and Ralph Sanford.
Richard Arlen as Lewis J. "Lew" Deerhold
Wendy Barrie as FBI Agent Ann Patterson
Nils Asther as Dr. Arthur Huneker
Roger Pryor as G.B. Fleming
Abner Biberman as Commander Toyo
Marc Lawrence as Vincent Bela
John Miljan as Mr. Bambridge / Capt. Haigas
Patsy Nash as Tina Deerhold
Ralph Sanford as FBI Agent Freddie Grayson
War Devils, also known in Spain as I Diavoli Della Guerra, is a 1969 war / action film starring Guy Madison, Venantino Venantini, and Anthony Steel.
During the campaigns in Africa in World War II, a Nazi officer and his American counterpart find they must help each other in order to make it across the desert to safety. After completing their trip, the German officer releases his American prisoner but pledges to kill him if they ever meet again. One year later, the two officers find themselves facing each other again but this time in occupied France.
Go for Broke! is a 1951 war film directed by Robert Pirosh,[2] produced by Dore Schary and featured Van Johnson in the starring role, as well as several veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Henry Nakamura, Warner Anderson, and Don Haggerty amongst its large cast.
The film dramatizes the real-life story of the 442nd, which was composed of Nisei (second-generation Americans born of Japanese parents) soldiers.
Fighting in the European theater during World War II, this unit became the most heavily decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of the United States Army, as well as one of the units with the highest casualty rates.[4] This film is a Hollywood rarity for its era in that it features Asian Americans in a positive light, highlighting the wartime efforts of Japanese Americans on behalf of their country even while that same country interned their families in camps.
As with his earlier film script Battleground, in which Van Johnson also starred, writer-director Robert Pirosh[2] focuses on the average squad member, mixing humor with pathos, while accurately detailing equipment and tactics used by American infantry in World War II.[5] The contrast of reality versus public relations, the hardships of field life on the line, and the reality of high casualty rates are accurately portrayed with a minimum of heroics.
Van Johnson as Lt. Michael Grayson
Lane Nakano‡ as Sam
George Miki as Chick
Akira Fukunaga as Frank
Ken K. Okamoto‡ as Kaz
Henry Oyasato‡ as Takashi Ohhara
Harry Hamada as Masami
Henry Nakamura as Tommy Kamakura
Warner Anderson as Col. Charles W. Pence
Don Haggerty as Sgt. Wilson I. Culley
Gianna Maria Canale as Rosina
Dan Riss as Capt. Solari
John Banner as a German soldier
(These actors were actual veterans of the 442nd._
There is archive footage of Gen. Mark Clark, and Pres. Truman presenting the unit citation.
Gung Ho! (full title: Gung Ho!: The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders) is a 1943 American war film directed by Ray Enright and starring Randolph Scott. The story is based on the real-life World War II Makin Island raid led by Lieutenant Colonel Evans Carlson's 2nd Marine Raider Battalion.
Randolph Scott as Col. Thorwald
Alan Curtis as Pvt. John Harbison
Noah Beery Jr. as Cpl. Kurt Richter
J. Carrol Naish as Lt. C.J. Cristoforos
Sam Levene as Plt Sgt. Victor 'Transport' Magakian
David Bruce as Larry O'Ryan
Richard Lane as Capt. Dunphy
Walter Sande as Gunner McBride
Louis Jean Heydt as Lt. Roland Browning
Robert Mitchum as Pvt. 'Pig-Iron' Matthews
Rod Cameron as Pvt. Rube Tedrow
Grace McDonald as Kathleen Corrigan
Milburn Stone as Cmdr. Blake
Peter Coe as Pvt. Kozzarowski
Harold Landon as Pvt. Frankie Montana
Hearts in Bondage is a 1936 American war film directed by Lew Ayres. It was the only film that Ayres directed.
This 1936 film is in black and white and is a drama based on events in the American Civil War and starts with citizens choosing loyalty to the Confederate States of America or to the Union in the first days of the crisis. Early scenes show the burning of the USS Merrimack by its Union crew to prevent it from falling into Confederate hands. However, the Merrimack, which had been burnt down to the waterline, was later rebuilt by the Confederacy, as an ironclad, and was renamed the CSS Virginia.
The film shows that, during the war, the Union built its own ironclad, the USS Monitor. When the Virginia emerged on its sortie in the Battle of Hampton Roads it inflicted major damage on the Union fleet in the harbor. Subsequent scenes show the arrival of the Monitor and its battle with the Virginia.
Scenes of the battle are dramatic and were done with models fabricated under the direction of Bud Thackery.
James Dunn as Lieutenant Kenneth Reynolds
Mae Clarke as Constance Jordan
David Manners as Raymond Jordan
Charlotte Henry as Julie Buchanan
Henry B. Walthall as Captain Buchanan
Fritz Leiber, Sr. as Captain John Ericsson
George Irving as Commodore Jordan
Irving Pichel as Secretary of War Sumner Gideon Welles
J.M. Kerrigan as Paddy Callahan
Frank McGlynn Sr. as Abraham Lincoln
Ben Alexander as Eggleston
Oscar Apfel as Captain Gilman
Clay Clement as Lieutenant Worden
Edward Gargan as 'Mac' McPherson
Russell Hicks as Senator Pillsbury
George "Gabby" Hayes as Ezra
Douglas Wood as Commodore David G. Farragut
Bodil Rosing as Mrs. Adams
Erville Alderson as Jefferson Davis
John Hyams as Bushnell
Etta McDaniel as Mammy
Warner Richmond as Bucko
Lloyd Ingraham as Timekeeper
Hooper Atchley, Maurice Brierre, Sonny Bupp, Smiley Burnette, Bob Card, Allan Cavan, Lane Chandler, Marc Cramer, Earl Eby, Jack Evans, Pat Flaherty, Herman Hack, Jack Ingram, Eugene Jackson, Charles King, Ethan Laidlaw, Frankie Marvin, Robert Paige, Henry Roquemore, Clinton Rosemond, Helen Seamon, Harry Strang, Arthur Wanzer, Cecil Watson and Wally West appear uncredited.
The Last Chance (German: Die letzte Chance) is a 1945 Swiss war film directed by Leopold Lindtberg. It was entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prize of the Festival (the Golden Palm). The film was selected for screening as part of the Cannes Classics section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Ewart G. Morrison as Major Telford
John Hoy as Lieutenant John Halliday
Ray Reagan as Sergeant Jim Braddock
Luisa Rossi as Tonina
Odeardo Mosini as An Innkeeper
Giuseppe Galeati as A Carrier
Romano Calò as Priest
Leopold Biberti as A Swiss lieutenant
Therese Giehse as Frau Wittels
Robert Schwarz as Bernard, her son
Tino Erler as Muzio
Sigfrit Steiner as Military Doctor
Emil Gerber as Frontier Guard
Germaine Tournier as Mme. Monnier
M. Sakhnowsky as Hillel Sokolowski
Berthe Sakhnowsky as Chanele
Rudolf Kamft as Professor
Jean Martin as Dutchman
Gertrudten Cate as Dutchwoman
Carlo Romatko as Yugoslav Worker
Drums in the Deep South is an American Civil War war film designed and directed by William Cameron Menzies who was production designer of David O. Selznick's Gone With the Wind (1939) and also designed the cave sequences in Selznick's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938). Based on a story by Civil War author Hollister Noble, the film was produced by an independent company King Brothers Productions, filmed in SuperCineColor and released by RKO Pictures in September 1951. B. Reeves Eason directed the second unit.
James Craig as Maj. Clay Clayburn
Barbara Payton as Kathy Summers
Guy Madison as Maj. Will Denning
Barton MacLane as Sgt. Mac McCardle
Robert Osterloh as Sgt. Harper
Tom Fadden as Purdy
Robert Easton as Jerry
Louis Jean Heydt as Col. House
Craig Stevens as Col. Braxton Summers
Taylor Holmes as Albert Monroe
Lewis Martin as Gen. Johnston
Peter Brocco as Union corporal
Dan White as Corp. Jennings
Robert Clarke: Union officer
Kenne Duncan: Union Officer
Roy Gordon: Lt. Col. Fitzgerald
James Griffith: Union officer who reports to Maj. Denning
Myron Healey: Union lieutenant
Todd Karns: Union captain
Norman Leavitt: Confederate soldier
Frank Marlowe: Confederate soldier
Tom Monroe: Confederate soldier
Billy Nelson: Union sergeant
Steve Pendleton: Capt. Travis
Denver Pyle: Union soldier who breaks the window
Mickey Simpson: Jim Burns, Confederate soldier
Ray Walker: Union officer
Guy Wilkerson: Confederate sentry
Hell in Normandy (Italian title: Testa di sbarco per otto implacabili, French title: Tête de pont pour huit implacables) is a 1968 French/Italian international co-production World War II film directed by Alfonso Brescia.
Guy Madison: Captain Jack Murphy
Peter Lee Lawrence: Lt. Strobel
Erika Blanc: Denise
Philippe Hersent: Professor Aubernet
Massimo Carocci: Captain Ryan
George F. Salvage (as G.F. Savage)
Pierre Richard: Sergeant Doss
Antonio Monselesan (as Tony Norton)
Max Turilli: Feldwebel Siedler
Giuseppe Castellano (as G. Castellano)
Renato Pinciroli: Denise's father (as R. Pinciroli)
Luciano Lorcas
Paolo Magalotti
Guido Di Salvo
Gianni Pulone
Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia: Navy officer (as Ivan Scratuglia)
Giuseppe Terranova
Sergio Testori
R. Mantovani
John Bartha: Ted Bancroft - American General (uncredited)
William Conroy: German Soldier (uncredited)
Tom Felleghy: Colonel Voller (uncredited)
Renato Pugluai: (uncredited)
Michele Titov: (uncredited)
Bill Vanders: David - American Officer (uncredited)
Mutiny is a 1952 American Technicolor adventure film directed by Edward Dmytryk. It was produced by the King Brothers Productions and based on a story by Hollister Noble; the two parties also collaborating on Drums in the Deep South.
Mark Stevens as Capt. James Marshall
Angela Lansbury as Leslie
Patric Knowles as Capt. Ben Waldridge
Gene Evans as Hook
Rhys Williams as Redlegs
Robert Osterloh as Feversham, gunner
Peter Brocco as Sykes, gunner
Emerson Treacy as Council Speaker
Morris Ankrum as Capt. Radford
Todd Karns as Andrews

12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.
12 Combat Classics Movies on DVD Set 4-6-7 (.84 cents each) 98 Photos & Bio.

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