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Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3. (Letter A) Choose One From Below List:
(MP3 playable per Computer or MP3 Player)

A Bittersweet Decade 15 Min. Episde about the 1950's
A Case For Dr Morelle 13 Episode Detective Series
A Christmas Carol with Ralph Richardson as Scrooge
A Date with Judy 13 Family Comedy Episodes
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day 48 Comedy and Music Episodes
A Life In Your Hands-3 Episodes-Jonathan kegg starring in this murder drama, 1949-1952
A Life Of Bliss-34 Episodes. A 1953 BBC Sitcom. starring George Cole as David Bliss.
A Man Called X-8 Mystery/Adventure Episodes. Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston (Mr. X)
A Man Named Jordan-2 great Detective Episodes.
Abbott & Costello 96 Comedy Episodes.
Abbotts, The-18 Mystery Episodes
Abe Burrows Show-3 Shows
Abie's Irish Rose-03 Episodes. Irish-Catholic girl meets & marries a Jewish boy and the evolving culture clashes that result.
Abroad with the Lockharts 09 Comedy Episodes. Chicago couple vacation on a European trip.
Academy Award Theater-39 Classic Shows with Original Actors.
Academy Awards Ceremonies-17th. Ceremony and a 5 Part 22nd. Ceremony. (Over 3 hours)
Adolf Hitler 8 Statements-German.
Adventures Of Marco Polo--6 Episodes
Adventure Ahead-11 Episodes-1944- Adventure novels from America's greatest fiction writers.
Adventures by Morse--52 Episodes.-San Francisco Private Investigator.
Adventures In Research-82 Episodes-A brief history of early 20th century.
Adventures of Ace Williams--2 Episodes--1930's Adventure Radio.
Adventures Of Admiral Byrd--1 Episode--CBS Network in the 1930s. Recorded material short waved from Antarctica to Beunos Aires and then to New York.
Adventures of Babe Ruth--8 Episodes--1934 sports adventure. True excerpts from Babe's life.
Adventures of Captain Courage--3 Episodes
Adventures of Danny Marsdon--1 Episode--Canadian ewspaper writer.
Adventures of Detectives Black and Blue--5 Episodes--1933-1935--Comedy-Detective Program
Adventures of Dick Cole--18 Episodes
Adventures of Frank Merriwell--39 Episodes--Starred Donald Briggs.
Adventures of Frank Race--43 Episodes.
Adventures of Horatio Hornblower--46 Episodes
Adventures of Maisie--68 Episodes
Adventures of Philip Marlowe--105 Episodes--Crime fighter with technology;
Adventures of Sonny and Buddy--46 Episodes
Adventures of the Sea Hound--11 Episodes
Adventures of Topper 03 Episodes--Comedy regarding an old couple who is haunted by the ghost of a young woman & her ghostly husband George.
Adventures Of Zorro--5 Episodes
Afloat with Henry Morgan--52 Episodes--Australian series from 1933.
AFRS Armed Forces Radio Service--25 Music Episodes--Transcriptions are from the USS Bostwick DE-103 WWII.
AFRS-2--28 Songs-- Duke Ellington, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, Betty Hutton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, etc.
AFRS-3--24 Episodes-- Kim Hunter, Eddie Canter, Charlie Barnet, Kay Starr, Bing Crosby, Jhonny Mercer, GI Journal, Harlem Hospitality Club, etc.
AFRS-4--26 Episodes--Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jubilee, Ginger Rogers, Jills All Time Juke Box, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Mail Call, etc.
AFRS-5--30 Episodes-- Globe Theater, Mystery Playhouse, Mail Call, One Night Stand, Personal Album, G I Jill, Harry James, Glenn Miller, Orson Wells, etc.
AFRS-6--26 Episodes--Dinah Shore, Vaughn Monroe, Gracie Fields, Fred Allen, Mail Call, GI Journal, Bing Crosby, Spotlight Bands, One Night Stand, Frankie Carle, Clyde Lucas, Freddy Martin, Supper Club, Hilegarde, etc.
AFRS-7--30 Episodes-- Fanny Brice, Fred bWaring, Pearl Bailey, Music Hall, Bing Crosbey, Suspense, Mystery Playhouse, Henry Morgan, etc.
AFRS-08--26 Music Episodes--Stars recorded during the War years, back to 1942.
AFRS-9--29 Episodes-- Count Bassie, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Johnny Mercer, Helen Forrest, Dick Haymes, Suspense, Jubilee, At Ease, Louis Armstrong, Yank Bandstand, etc.
AFRS-10--25 Episodes-- Spike Jones, Frances Langford, Charlie Ruggles, Duffys Tavern, Jinx Falkenbur, At Ease, Martha Mears, Gary Moore, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, etc.
AFRS-11--30 Episodes--Johnny Mercer, Mel Torme, Concert Hall, Lionel Barrymore, Webster Aitken, Fritz Kreisler, Patrice Munsel, Tommy Dorsey, Judy Garland, etc.
AFRS-12--33 Episodes-- Count Basie, Erskine Hawkins, Words With Music, Stan Kenton, One Night Stand, Command Performance, Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Amos & Andy, etc.
AFRS-13--29 Episodes-- Benny Goodman, Lena Horne, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, GI Jive, GI Jill, Harry James, Peggy Lee, Earl Hines, Bob Crosby, Bing Crosby, etc.
AFRS-14--25 Episodes-- Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, George Olsen, Xavier Cugat, Kay Kyser, etc.
AFRS-15--26 Episodes--Ernest Tubb, Red Foley, Doris Day, Harry James, Paul Weston, etc.
AFRS-16--27 Episodes--Chet Atkins, Spade Cooley, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, etc.
AFRS-17--25 Episodes-- Ida Lupino, Suspense, The Whistler, Kay Kyser, Mel Blanc, etc.
AFRS-18--26 Episodes-- Stan Kenton, Lena Horne, Eddie Cantor, Alan Young, Garry Moore, etc.
AFRS-19--25 Episodes-- Duffys Tavern, Hildegarde, Eddie Cantor, Louis Armstrong, etc.
AFRS-20--25 Episodes--Boyd Raeburn, Dizzy Gillespie, Hollywood Star Time, etc.
AFRS-21--26 Episodes-- George Raft, Freddy Martin, Harry James, Aldrich Family, etc.
AFRS-22--37 Episodes-- Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Ginny Simms, Spike Jones, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Charlie Spivak, etc.
AFRS-23--30 Episodes-- Bing Crosby, Your Radio Theatre, Blondie, Command Performance, Betty Grable, Jack Benny, Harry James, etc.
AFRS-24--27 Episodes-- Basin Street, GI Journal, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Brooks, Lena Horne, Mel Blanc, Nelson Eddy, Bob Carleton, Abbott & Costello, etc.
AFRS-25--31 Episodes-- Sam Cooke, World In Music, Vincent Price, Music We Love, Richard Crooks, Intermezzo, Suspense, Alan Ladd, etc.
AFRS-26--30 Episodes--Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Jill's All Time Jukebox, Benny Goodman, GI Jill, Purple Heart Album, Ann Blyth, Tex Beneke, Tommy Dorsey, etc.
AFRS-27--31 Episodes--Armistice Day, Charlie Ruggles, Cass Daley, Diana Lynn, Showtime, Eddie Canter, Sports Quiz, Duffy's Tavern, etc.
AFRS-28--50 Episodes-- Fred Allen, Orson Welles, Words With Music, Merle Oberon, Margo, Ann Richards, Yank Bandstand, Dick Jurgens, Maureen O'Sullivan, etc.
AFRS-29--30 Episodes--Dinah Shore, Radio Theater, Ginger Rogers, Burgess Meredith, Mystery Playhouse, Peter Lorre, Abbott and Costello, It Pays to Be Ignorant, Red Skelton, Blondie, etc.
AFRS-30--22 Episodes-- Ozzie & Harriet, Gregory Peck, Raymond Burr, James Whitmore, If Freedom Fails, Great Gildersleeve, Sports Quiz, Burns & Allen, etc.
AFRS 49 Yank Bandstand Dick Jurgens Camp Pendleton in 1945. 18 Music Shows.
AFRS-V-Discs--61 Songs-- Kaye Kyser, Al Noble, Pete Johnson, Hal McIntyre, Jimmy Dorsey, Swing, Big Band, Freddy Martin, etc.
AFRSV-Discs2--49 Songs-- Bing Crosby, Roy Acuff, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Freddie Martin, Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Glenn Miller, Charlie Spivak, Swing, Big Band, etc.
AFRS-V-Discs-3--59 Songs-- Judy Garland, Glenn Miller, Charlie Spivak, Swing, Big Band, V-Disc, OTR, Harry James, Al Jolson, Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Hoagy Carmichael, Ginny Simms, Johnny Mercer, Sammy Kaye, Mildred Bailey, Frank Sinatra, Andrews Sisters, etc.
AFRS-V-Disc-4--51 Songs-- Bing Crosby, AFRS, OTR, Glenn Miller, Dick Haymes, Spike Jones, Lena Horne, Dinah Shore, Eddie Cantor, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mercer, Bob Hope, Jazz, Big Band, Swing. etc.
AFRS-V-Disc-5--50 Songs-- Glenn Miller, Mildred Bailey, Hazel Scott, Frank Sinatra, Spike Jones, Sister Tharpe, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, Red Norvo, Bob Crosby, etc.
AFRS-V-Disc-6--50 Songs-- Bing Crosby, Mills Brothers, Mitchell Ayers, Count Bassie, Earl Hines, Dick Haymes, Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Vaughn Monroe, Teddy Wilson, Army Air Force Orchestra, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, etc.
AFRS-V-Disc-7--53 Songs--Carol Bruce, Red Norvo, Tommy Dorsey, V-Disc, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Josh White, Charlie Barnet, Jimmie Lunceford, Whittmore & Lowe, Charlie Spivak, Woody Herman, Bobby Hackett, Sidney Bechet, Les Brown, Woody Herman, Clyde Lucas, Tommy Tucker, Toscanini, Harry James, Jack Teagarden, Andy Russell, Artie Shaw, Billie Holiday, Louis Prima, Count Bassie, Light Crust Doughboys, Roy Rogers, etc.
AFRS-V-Disc-8--51 Songs-- Abbott & Costello, Skinnay Ennis, Hal Kemp, Vaughn Monroe, Glenn Miller, Kate Smith, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Andre Kostelanetz, Shirley Temple, David Rose, Andrew Sisters, Sophie Tucker, Glen Gray, Jack Teagarden, Hot Lips Page, Sammy Kaye, Guy Lombardo, Margaret Whiting, Johnny Johnston, Evelyn Knight, Dick Haymes, Helen Forest, Fats Waller, Bunk Johnson, Frankie Froeba, Frankie Carle, Gladys Goodding, Xavier Cugat, Bobby Hackett, Duckworth Chant, Big Band, Comedy, Music, etc.
Against the Storm--18 Episodes--depicted the "every-day-lives" of the Professor (of Hawthorne's fictional Harper University).
Agnes Moorehead in Cavalcade of America--15 Episodes
Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen 17 Episodes--
Air Force Hour--2 Episodes
Al Jolson--85 Episodes-- Kraft Music Hall, Chesterfield, Eddie Cantor, Heres To Veterans, Jimmy Durante Show, Joan Davis Show, Lux Radio Theater, Radio 64, Shell Chateau, etc.
Aladdin Lamp--36 Episodes--1930s Smilin' Ed McConnell became a well known radio personality as 'The Aladdin Lamp Man' who sang songs and told stories.
Alan Young Show 51 Episodes--1944-1949. Canadian actor Alan Young from Canadian (CBC).
Aldridge Family
Aliens In The Mind
Alka Seltzer Time 19 Episodes 1953 Curt Massey, Martha Tilton, Country Washburn Orch.
All Star Western Theatre 92 Episodes 1940's "The Riders of the Purple Sage"
Allied Radio Artists Radio Jingles 122 Short Jingles 1950's
America Calling "A Salute To Greece" 2 Parts 1941
America's Town Meeting of the Air 38 Episodes (Public Affairs Broadcasts)
American Adventure 23 Episodes (Drama series depicting moments in American History).
American History 1700's 66 Episodes
American History 1800's Part A 100 Episodes
American History 1800's Part B 61 Episodes
American History 1900's Part A 100 Episodes
American History 1900's Part B 100 Episodes
American History 1900's Part C 100 Episodes
American History 1900's Part D 95 Episodes
American Trail 10 Episodes
Amos n' Andy Part A 100 Episodes
Amos n' Andy Part B 100 Episode
Amos n' Andy Part C 109 Episodes
American West 13 Episodes
An American in England 07 Episodes (Docu-drama broadcast during World War II).
An Evening With Groucho Marx 39 Parts (Life of Groucho Marx and the Marx Brothers).
Anderson Family 30 Episodes
Andrews Sisters Show 19 Episodes
Ann of the Airlanes 24 Episodes 1932 (Soap Opera Continuing Drama).
Arch Oboler's Plays
Archie Andrews 50 Episodes (Juvenile Sitcom Family Comedy)
Arthur Godfrey Show 9 Episodes (Arthur from 1972 recalling his earlier work in the 50's).
Aunt Jemima 19 Episodes 1943 Variety Shows.
Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories 8 Episodes "It's Story Time, Ladies" Edith Spencer, Bob & Ray, Vic and Sade, John's Other Wife, Spike Jones.
Aunt Mary 17 Episodes (Continuing Drama) 1942-1952
Author's Playhouse 38 Episodes (Short Story Authors and Playwrights)
Avalon Time (44 Episodes and 15 Red Skelton-Total 59)

Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)
Old Time Radio Episodes on MP3 (Letter A)

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