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POLICE WOMAN "ANGIE DICKINSON" SEASONS 3 & 4 ON 12 DVDS ***FREE SHIPPING***    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    Blu-ray Disc    2SLQ79   

These are season 3 and 4 of Police Woman with Angie Dickinson and Earl Holliman. Episodes in order with menu. 12 DVD set ships in individual white sleeves. I bought this set on the internet, as it is the only way they are sold. If you are a Police Woman fan, you will be "very" happy with these. FAST FREE SHIPPING!

Season 3, Episode 1
September 28, 1976
Trick Book
The murder of a madam and the disappearance of her "trick book" suggest blackmail. First of two parts. Lorelei: Joan Collins. Pepper: Angie Dickinson. Eglash: Jack Gilford. Hilary: Dorothy Malone.

Season 3, Episode 2
September 28, 1976
Trick Book
Conclusion. Pepper (Angie Dickinson) investigates the murder of a madam. Lorelei: Joan Collins. Eglash: Jack Gilford. Hilary: Dorothy Malone. Leo Patri: Jerry Douglas. Andrews: Ned Wilson.

Season 3, Episode 3
October 5, 1976
Tender Soldier
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) poses as a revolutionary to nab the terrorist who murdered a police officer. Nat Stark: Robert Walker Jr. Monica: Cathey Paine. Tyrell: Richard Roat. Russ Singer: Art Evans. Dunlap: Peter Hansen.

Season 3, Episode 4
October 12, 1976
Trial by Prejudice
A suspect (Carol Lynley) claims that Pepper (Angie Dickinson) molested her at the time of her arrest. John Solvana: Edward Binns. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Captain Harris: Jack Ging. Sergeant Tripp: John Kerry. Sergeant Dalton: Adam Wade. Marlene Simpson: Pat Crowley. Rosie: Susan Gailey.

Season 3, Episode 5
October 26, 1976
Sara Who?
Crowley (Earl Holliman) vows vengeance on the psychopath who killed the policewoman Crowley was dating. Angie Dickinson. Liz Robson: Meredith Baxter Birney. Captain: Bill Williams. Hawkins: Edward J. Olmos. Coleen: Kay Heberle. Mrs. Nemerover: Bibi Osterwald. Sara Rossi: Katie Hopkins Zerby.

Season 3, Episode 6
November 9, 1976
Broken Angels
The victim of a murder attempt arranged to look like a drunken-driving accident is an officer with a drinking problem. Angie Dickinson. Sgt. Loretta Muldare: Anne Francis. Spider Denton: Robert Walden. Marty Madison: Chuck McCann. Jim: Dale Robinette. Henning: Frank Aletter. Swamper: Pat Cranshaw.

Season 3, Episode 7
November 16, 1976
To probe the mysterious deaths of several private-school pupils, Pepper (Angie Dickinson) poses as an investigative reporter. Earl Holliman. Curry: James Olson. Styles: Ed Bernard. Pamela: Karen Lamm. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Oaks: Pepper Martin. Melinda: Judy Carne. Cody: William Smith.

Season 3, Episode 8
November 23, 1976
The Lifeline Agency
Pepper and Crowley pose as a wealthy couple anxious to negotiate with a baby-selling operation. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Sam Dorin: Dale Robinette. Styles: Ed Bernard. Cindy: Kim O'Brien. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Dr. Wyness: Paul Lambert. Frank Armitage: Robert Horton. Garcia: Armando Silvestre. Hernandez: Ron Gocines.

Season 3, Episode 9
November 30, 1976
Tennis Bum
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) falls in love with a tennis bum while working undercover on a syndicate murder. Bass: Alex Cord. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Lembkee: Rick Jason. Guidera: Michael Lerner. Tracy: Fran Jeffries. Travis: Victor Holchak. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Landum: Madison Mason.

Season 3, Episode 10
December 7, 1976
A rapist whose latest victim was a college girl is sought by Pepper (Angie Dickinson) and Crowley (Earl Holliman). Binns: Bruce Davison. Tokes: Boyd Bodwell. Canfield: James Chandler. Styles: Ed Bernard. Celia: Tisha Sterling. Larry Quinn: M.P. Murphy. Lieutenant Pruitt: Robert Karnes.

Season 3, Episode 11
December 14, 1976
Death of a Dream
A city councilman and his mistress are held by militants in a sleazy motel. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Hallie: Sharon Farrell. McCann: Clifford David. Gabe: Peter DeAnda.

Season 3, Episode 12
December 21, 1976
Father to the Man
A young murder witness is stalked by two gangsters. Angie Dickinson. McGuire: Lawrence Pressman. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Kerry: Kim Richards. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Helen: Marjorie Battles. Styles: Ed Bernard. Novotny: William Prince. Betty: Augusta Dabney. Rudy: Mike Road. Sally: Louise Hoven. Shawn: Robert Bryan Berger.

Season 3, Episode 13
December 28, 1977
Night of the Full Moon
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) is the decoy in a strategy to capture a schizophrenic young man who strangles middle-aged women. Earl Holliman. Styles: Ed Bernard. Tommy Shaw /Charlene Parker: John David Carson. Evelyn: Lisa Hartman.

Season 3, Episode 14
January 4, 1977
Once a Snitch
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) poses as a prostitute to learn why someone tried to kill the new police chief. Johnson: Bernie Casey. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Summers: Paula Kelly. Lawson: William Marshall. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Andes: James Congdon. Thomas: John Ashton. Sergeant Uno: David Toma.

Season 3, Episode 16
January 18, 1977
Banker's Hours
Pepper and Crowley try to get helpful descriptions of three bank robbers who wear stocking masks and motorcycle gear. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Karen Osborne: Laraine Stephens. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Gloria Turner: Mariette Hartley. Styles: Ed Bernard. Dorothy: Edith Diaz. Osborne: Jack Knight. Turner: William Bogert.

Season 3, Episode 17
January 25, 1977
The Disco Killers
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) assumes the identity of a woman who was shot during a record-company executive's murder. Lila: Ruth Roman. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Arnold: Jon Cypher. Styles: Ed Bernard. Jean: Taaffe O'Connell. Adele: Patricia Singer.

Season 3, Episode 18
February 1, 1977
Shadow of Doubt
Styles (Ed Bernard) is suspected of complicity in the killing of his former girl friend. Angie Dickinson. Sylvester: Robert Loggia. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Martin: Theodore Wilson. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Harriet: Kandi Keith. Cynthia: Rosalind Cash. Carbonne: Michael Baseleon. Peterson: Mel Scott.

Season 3, Episode 19
February 8, 1977
The Killer Cowboys
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) renews her romance with a test pilot (Frank Converse); and, with Crowley (Earl Holliman) pursues homicidal thieves who dress as cowboys. Jim: John Spanko. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Arky: John Dennis Johnston. Styles: Ed Bernard. Lieutenant: Ned Wilson. Sandy: Susan Lanier.

Season 3, Episode 20
February 15, 1977
A loan-shark operation terrorizes borrowers to collect bad debts. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Joey Perry: Pepper Martin. Styles: Charles Dierkop. Spiro: Cliff Emmich. Leo Stoller: Lee Paul. Vince: Charles Siebert. Alessandra: Deirdre Lenihan.

Season 3, Episode 21
February 22, 1977
An officer takes an uncommon risk to recapture a cop killer who escaped his custody during an airport bombing. Angie Dickinson. Brian Murphy: Eugene Roche. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Tedesco: Richard Lynch. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Helen Murphy: Diana Muldaur. Styles: Ed Bernard. Nagy: Monte Landis.

Season 3, Episode 22
March 1, 1977
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) assumes the role of a porn queen after a hard-core film actress is murdered. Tony Linaver: Tony George. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Manny Ziegler: Kenneth Mars. Styles: Ed Bernard.

Season 3, Episode 23
March 8, 1977
Silky Chamberlain
Con men relieve Crowley's gullible uncle of his life's savings. Pepper: Angie Dickinson. Silky Chamberlain: William Windom. Luigi: Vito Scotti. Randy: Phillip Clark. Kate: Cheryl Stoppelmoor Ladd.

Season 3, Episode 24
March 22, 1977
Deadline: Death
A boy searches for the murderer of his father, a reporter whose car was bombed. Angie Dickinson. Jeff: Ike Eisenmann. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Wagner: Pernell Roberts. Styles: Ed Bernard. Mongoose: Ed Bakey. McCormick: David Dukes. Quon: Philip Ahn. Beine: Bert Remsen. Salvino: Joe Kapp.

Season 4, Episode 22
March 30, 1978
Good Old Uncle Ben
A cattle-rustling racket attracts an old pal of Pepper's. Pepper: Angie Dickinson. Ben Fletcher: Keenan Wynn. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Willy Galloway: Frank Aletter. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Helen Fletcher: Bettye Ackerman. Thorne: Roger Perry. Ray Roberts: Randolph Roberts.

Season 4, Episode 21
March 23, 1978
Flip of a Coin
Styles (Ed Bernard) is distracted from a kidnaping investigation by his wife's impending surgery. Pepper: Angie Dickinson. Page Westmore: Gary Collins. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Harriet Styles: Kandi Keith. Joslyn Westmore: Elizabeth Baur. Harry Triplett: Tim O'Connor. Quezada: Zitto Kazann. Vasquez: Luis Contreras.

Season 4, Episode 20
March 15, 1978
Sweet Kathleen
Crowley (Earl Holliman) is beguiled by a woman who claims she was forced to conceal her knowledge of a robbery. Angie Dickinson. Saunders: Craig Stevens. Kathleen: Jacqueline Scott. Spiker: Pepper Martin. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Guard: Johnny Seven. Travis: Jerry Summers.

Season 4, Episode 19
March 8, 1978
A Shadow on the Sea
Pepper and Crowley go undercover at a marina to investigate the slayings of several wealthy boat owners. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Chuck: Michael Parks. O'Malley: Forrest Tucker. Skow: Charles Aidman. McManus: Stephen McNally. Delgado: Ned Romero. Styles: Ed Bernard. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Eve: Catherine Bach.

Season 4, Episode 18
March 1, 1978
Battered Teachers
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) goes after hoodlums terrorizing a high school. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Karen Vaughn: Pamela Franklin. Frank Vaughn: Joseph Burke. Bobby Green: Douglas Heyes Jr. Phyllis Baxter: Debra Winger. Roy Walker: Jack Grimes. John: Erik Larsen. Linda: Mare Winningham.

Season 4, Episode 17
February 22, 1978
Murder With Pretty People
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) poses as a model to investigate the murder of an unpopular agency owner. Liz Adams: Anne Francis. Jon Paul: Dennis Cole. Cheryl: Morgan Fairchild. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Greg Peters: Allan Carr. Styles: Ed Bernard. Eleanor: Julie Adams.

Season 4, Episode 16
February 15, 1978
The son of a man who gave the police information about the beating of a rookie is murdered. Angie Dickinson. Adamos: Theodore Bikel. Larry: Paul Regina. Roz: Kaye Stevens. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Lance: Chip McCallister. Styles: Ed Bernard.

Season 4, Episode 15
February 8, 1978
The 6th Sense
The assailant of a woman Crowley (Earl Holliman) found near death in a car trunk is freed on a technicality. Angie Dickinson. Amy: Juliet Mills. Martha: Barbara McNair. Charles: Edward Winter. Styles: Ed Bernard. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Ron: Richard Kelton.

Season 4, Episode 14
February 1, 1978
The Human Rights of Tiki Kim
Gangsters kidnap a young Korean girl to prevent her from talking about an underworld murder. Angie Dickinson. Bernie Kim: James Shigeta. Tiki Kim: Shang-Hur. Mr. Won: Philip Ahn. Jensen: Tim O'Connor. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Styles: Ed Bernard. Ho Sung Lee: Richard Narita. Royster: Charles Dierkop.

Season 4, Episode 13
January 25, 1978
The Young and the Fair
Posing as a college student, Pepper (Angie Dickinson) investigates the involvement of a professor (Rossano Brazzi) in a white-slavery ring. Earl Holliman, Ed Bernard. Hattar: Aharon Ipale. Lori: Bayn Johnson. Barnes: Don "Red" Barry. Victor: David Opatoshu. Mrs. Klemin: Mitzi Hoag. Styles: Charles Dierkop.

Season 4, Episode 12
January 18, 1978
While investigating a race-car driver's death, Crowley (Earl Holliman) is reconciled with his dying ex-wife (Bibi Besch). Angie Dickinson. Willy: John Quade. Mrs. Wilkes: Robin Braxton. Bobo Wilkes: Stanley Clay. Styles: Ed Bernard. Royster: Charles Dierkop. J.J.: Billy Jackson. Kitty: Ella Edwards.

Season 4, Episode 11
January 11, 1978
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) resents her assignment to protect an unscrupulous former classmate who is now a political candidate. Amelia: Eartha Kitt. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Amelia Boyer: Laraine Stephens. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Grant: Don Galloway. Styles: Ed Bernard. June: Susan Blanchard.

Season 4, Episode 10
January 4, 1978
Blind Terror
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) is abducted by hoods who think she's the wife of a man who discovered syndicate payoffs. Marie: Sandra Dee. Martin: Tab Hunter. Lorenza: Edie Adams. Rance: Jack Carter. Morrell: Guy Marks. Peydon: John Hoyt.

Season 4, Episode 9
December 28, 1977
An overzealous rookie becomes implicated in an extortion scam. Angie Dickinson. Powers: Michael Burns. Jacques: Paul Williams. Everson: Foster Brooks. Drew: Louis Nye. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Styles: Ed Bernard. Captain: Eddie Egan. Mills: Chick Hearn.

Season 4, Episode 8
December 21, 1977
Death Game
Anonymous death threats drive Pepper (Angie Dickinson) to the brink of a nervous collapse. Como: Nehemiah Persoff. Simmons: Richard Schaal. Napoleon: Danny De Vito. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Styles: Ed Bernard. Marston: Wright King.

Season 4, Episode 7
December 14, 1977
Merry Christmas, Waldo
A Santa Claus (Lloyd Nolan) plays Robin Hood to give his indigent friends a merry Christmas. Angie Dickinson. Mrs. Volusia: Lurene Tuttle. Captain Barnes: Don "Red" Barry. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Ted Felton: Colby Chester. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Mrs. Hamilton: Vera Stough. Styles: Ed Bernard. Bus Driver: Eddie Quillan.

Season 4, Episode 6
December 13, 1977
The Buttercup Killer
A killer disguised as a nun leaves only a dried buttercup as a clue. Pepper: Angie Dickinson. Irini Karabelas: Jo Van Fleet. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Melina Venizelos: Toni Kalem. Marcos Venizelos: Anthony Caruso. Dimi: A Martinez. Mother Superior: Virginia Gregg. Vennie Venizelos: Charles Horvath. Alex Constantine: Joseph Ruskin.

Season 4, Episode 5
December 6, 1977
Rich Little is cast as a rapist-murderer who attacks hitchhikers. Angie Dickinson. Fowler: Sandy Kenyon. Bellwood: Ralph Meeker. Nancy: Audrey Landers. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Styles: Ed Bernard. Wess: John Megna.

Season 4, Episode 4
November 22, 1977
The Inside Connection
A rookie policewoman is killed while investigating prison drug traffic. Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman. Rubenez: Fernando Lamas. Gomez: Henry Darrow. Cora: Jayne Kennedy. Bessie: Shirley Washington. Sara: Kelley Miles. Babe: Marlena Giovi. Teresa: DeLores Aguirre. Styles: Ed Bernard.

Season 4, Episode 3
November 8, 1977
Means to an End
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) infiltrates a college drug ring to pinpoint the source of a batch of lethal downers. Wendy: Karen Lamm. Johnny Trevor: Daniel Benton. Travis: John Ericson. Kramer: Carl Weintraub. Tim Mathis: Daniel Tamm. Cindy Williams: Kerry Sherman. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Styles: Ed Bernard.

Season 4, Episode 2
November 1, 1977
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) jeopardizes herself by testifying against an international gunrunning operation. Grebbs: Dane Clark. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Bishop: Monte Markham. Morgan: Adam West. Witt: Nipsey Russell. Nolan: John Chandler. Turner: Sean Garrison. Goldberg: Phil Leeds. Styles: Ed Bernard. Royster: Charles Dierkop.

Season 4, Episode 1
October 25, 1977
Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
Pepper (Angie Dickinson) aids a battered wife (Dee Wallace) who refuses to press charges against her husband (Don Reid). Miriam Stein: Pat Carroll. Emma Fayette: Lesley Woods. Crowley: Earl Holliman. Royster: Charles Dierkop. Styles: Ed Bernard. Dr. Harper: Dr. Joyce Brothers.


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