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1920's-90s Rare,Classic,Sci-Fi,Horror,Tv Movies~2 on 1 DVD -R +ArtCase~FREE SHIP    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2S9D92   

Welcome to my Drop-Out Drive-In information & titles offered page! I'm NOT a business, just an avid fan of old films! I've been collecting classic & rare movies for many years, and as a former teenager who worked at the Drive-In am a big fan the 70's movie genre... cult, horror, and especially the 70's Movies of the Week! I also collect TvM's from 80's, 90's & beyond and for fans of Hard to Find & Tv Movies have paired up selections of 2 Movies on 1 Dvd-R for a "Double Feature At Home Movie Night"! SEE SELECTIONS BELOW & VIEW PICTURES. And if there are 2 titles you'd rather have on 1 Dvd-R other than how see paired below, just let me know, happy to accept custom orders too ;) Although new here I've been offering fun flicks on other sites for many years and would be happy to supply a link to check my great feedback so please feel free to ask ;)

CORONAVIRUS AWARENESS ALERT: I want to assure customers I am aware of virus concerns and hope that my letting you know a few things will help set your mind at ease when considering ordering. I am an at home wife and stay at home so not out in the world being exposed to extra germs. My husband stops for shopping, errand running etc on his drive home from work when needed... and when he gets home from work before even greeting me hello he puts his clothes into washing machine & showers. We both frequently and more than ever wash our hands and use sanitizer. And may find our idea helpful... my husband keeps a can of Lysol in our car and when he stops at our neighborhood mailbox hub to pick up our mail he sprays it before putting in the car to bring home... same with grocery bags before putting them in car :) Like anyone else we want to stay healthy... and pray for this health crisis to be under control soon.

FREE U.S. S&H ONLY - I do ship out of U.S. but ONLY using trackable way so more expensive, can ask for info.

PRICING: DuoMovieDvdR selections (2movies on 1Dvd-R) DuoTitle Dvd-Rs with 2 of my easier to offer titles are $20 ea, BUT some 2 movie Dvd-Rs containing a more rare title are $25... all selections sent in ArtCase w/FREE U.S. Media Mail Shipping AND all titles also available alone on a Dvd-R, same price, just specify which title desired. $25 selections have an asterisk * in front of them.

1) If order Dvd-R plain/no case, sent in a dvd sleeve, discount $2, but MUST request before send payment, not retroactive!
2) Choose & pay for 4 selections, pick out 5th FREE!

****I collect UNreleased on dvd & OOP movies, my masters for transfer are from 1st hand satellite capture or (if existed/I own) original OOP vhs release. BECAUSE WE LOAN OUT MOVIES TO FRIENDS & FAMILY AND HAVE SO MANY THEY DO SOMETIMES GET MISPLACED, NO SELECTION LISTED IS GUARANTEED TO BE AVAILABLE, MESSAGE ME AND I'LL CHECK FOR SURE :) *****

I ALSO HAVE OVER 1000 FILMS FROM 1920's & up in my collection, $20 & $25 SAME SPECIALS APPLY :)

2 Movies on 1 Dvd-R: $20 & *$25 in ArtCase w/FREE U.S. Shipping! PLEASE NOTE A FEW SELECTIONS ARE OFFERED AS 2 DVD'Rs IN ONE ARTCASE.

JACK HOLT CLASSIC MOVIE DUO "Flight" (1929) w/Lila Lee, Ralph Graves & Harold Goodwin + "Dirigible" (1931) w/Fay Wray, Ralph Graves & Harold Goodwin
JANET GAYNOR/CHARLES FARRELL DUO Sunnyside Up (1929) + Delicious (1931)
MELVYN DOUGLAS CLASSIC MOVIE DUO I'll Take Romance (1937) w/Grace Moore + Good Girls Go to Paris (1939) w/Joan Blondell
* RARE BALLET THEMED MOVIES Ballerina (1937) {AKA: La Mort du Cygne IN FRENCH w/SUBTITLES} w/ Yvette Chauviré, Mia Slavenska & Janine Charrat + Dr.?? Coppelius!!! (1966){SILENT w/MUSIC}{WS} w/ Walter Slezak (dad of Erica Slezak "Vickie" on "One Life to Live" :) & Claudia Corday
JEANNE CRAIN DUO Margie (1946) w/Lyn Bari & Alan Young + Take Care of My Little Girl (1951) w/Dale Robertson & Jeffrey Hunter
ROY ROBERTS WILD STALLION WESTERNS DUO Smoky (1946) w/Fred MacMurray, Anne Baxter & Burl Ives + The Outlaw Stallion (1954) w/Dorothy Patrick, Phil Carey & Billy Gray
ROBERT CUMMINGS DUO Heaven Only Knows (1947) w/Robert Cummings, Brian Donlevy, Marjorie Reynolds & Jorja Curtright + The Petty Girl (1950) w/Robert Cummings, Joan Caulfield, Elsa Lanchester & Mary Wickes
BILLY THE KID WESTERNS The Law vs Billy the Kid (1956) w/Scott Brady, Betta St John, Alan Hale Jr & Paul Cavanagh + Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid (1989) w/Val Kilmer, Michael Parks & Duncan Regehr
50's SCI-FI The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956) w/Guy Madison + Patricia Medina & The Crawling Eye (1958) w/Forrest Tucker
FORREST TUCKER 50's SCI-FI The Abominable Snowman (1957){WS} + The Cosmic Monster (1958)
50'S SCI-FI Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957) w/Steven Terrell, Gloria Castillo & Frank Gorshin + "The Cosmic Monster" (1958) {AKA:The Strange World of Planet X} w/Forrest Tucker
FORREST TUCKER 50's SCI-FI The Abominable Snowman (1957){WS} + The Crawling Eye (1958)
FORREST TUCKER 1958 SCI-FI The Cosmic Monsters + The Crawling Eye
PAT BOONE Bernardine (1957) w/Terry Moore + The Horror of It All (1964) w/Erica Rogers
CAROL LYNLEY Shock Treatment (1964) w/Stuart Whitman & Roddy McDowall + The Shuttered Room (1968){WS} w/Gig Young & Oliver Reed
DALE ROBERTSON TV MOVIE DUO Scalplock (1966) w/Diana Hyland + The Kansas City Massacre (1975) w/John Karlen
TOMMY KIRK ADULT DUO Catalina Caper (1967) w/Michael Blodgett, Peter Duryea, Del Moore & Lyle Waggoner + Ride the Hot Wind (1971){R - RAPE/NUDITY} w/Duke Kelly, Cheryl Waters & Sherry Bain
RICHARD THOMAS & CATHERINE BURNS Last Summer (1969) w/Barbara Hershey + Red Sky at Morning (1971) w/Desi Arnaz Jr.
GEORGE C SCOTT 'SAVAGE' DUO This Savage Land (1969) w/Barry Sullivan & Andrew Prine + The Savage is Loose (1974) w/Trish Van Devere & Lee H. Montgomery
SUZANNE PLESHETTE 1970 Along Came a Spider w/Brook Bundy + Hard Frame w/Burt Reynolds
*RICHARD BASEHART 70's TV MOVIE DUO Sole Survivor (1970) w/William Shatner + The Birdmen (1971) w/Chuck Connors
JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT 70's TvMs Tribes (1970) w/Darren McGavin + Sandcastles (1972) w/Bonnie Bedelia
HAVING AN AFFAIR FILMS Hello-Goodbye (1970) w/Michael Crawford, Geneviève Gilles, Curd Jürgens & Ira von Fürstenberg + "The Go-Between" (1971) w/ Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Margaret Leighton & Michael Redgrave
*VINCE EDWARDS 70's TV MOVIE DUO Sole Survivor (1970) w/William Shatner + Death Stalk (1975) w/Vic Morrow & Carol Lynley
*WILLIAM SHATNER 70's TV MOVIE DUO Sole Survivor (1970) w/Richard Basehart + Crash (1978) AKA The Crash of Flight 401 w/Adrienne Barbeau & Sharon Gless
DOUG MCCLURE 70's TvMs The Birdmen (1971) w/Doug McClure, Rene Auberjonois, Chuck Connors & Max Baer Jr. + Playmates (1972) w/Alan Alda, Connie Stevens & Barbara Feldon.
DOUG MCCLURE 70's FLICKS The Birdmen (1971)(TvM) w/Doug McClure, Rene Auberjonois, Chuck Connors & Max Baer Jr. + The Bananas Boat (1976) w/Hayley Mills & Lionel Jeffries
RICHARD BASEHART 70's TV MOVIE DUO The Birdmen (1971) w/Doug McLure & Chuck Connors + Time Travelers (1976) w/Sam Groom
70's TV MOVIE WESTERNS The Trackers (1971) w/Sammy Davis Jr & Ernest Borgnine + Law of the Land (1976) w/Don Johnson & Barbara Parkins
70's ALISTAIR MACLEAN MOVIES Puppet on a Chain (1971) w/Barbara Parkins, Sven-Bertil Taube & Vladek Sheybal + Bear Island (1979) w/Barbara Parkins, Donald Sutherland, Richard Widmark, Vanessa Redgrave & Loyd Bridges.
DOUG MCCLURE 70's FLICKS Playmates (1972)(TvM) w/Alan Alda, Connie Stevens & Barbara Feldon + The Bananas Boat (1976) w/Hayley Mills & Lionel Jeffries
BUDDY EBSEN 70's TvMs The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1972) w/Lesley Ann Warren, Karen Valentine, Sandra Dee & Don Stroud + Smash-Up on Interstate 5 (1976) w/Robert Conrad, Donna Mills, Scott Jacoby & Sian Barbara Allen
BUDDY EBSEN 70's TvMs The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1972) w/Lesley Ann Warren, Karen Valentine, Sandra Dee & Don Stroud + The President's Plane is Missing (1973) w/Peter Graves, Rip Torn & Joseph Campanella
KAREN VALENTINE 70's WESTERN TvMs The Daughter's of Joshua Cabe (1972) + Go West, Young Girl (1978)
MARTIN SHEEN 1973 RARITIES Letters From Three Lovers w/June Allyson & Ken Berry + When the Line Goes Through w/Beverly Washburn & Davey Davison
TISHA STERLING TvMs Snatched (1973) w/Sheree North + Betrayal (1974) w/Amanda Blake
ERIC BRAEDEN The Adulteress (1973) w/Tyne Daly + The Ultimate Thrill (1974) w/Britt Ekland
KAREN VALENTINE TvMs Coffee, Tea or Me (1973) + The Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped ( 1974)
SUSAN DEY TvMs Terror on the Beach (1973) + Cage Without a Key (1975)
AMISH/MENNONITE Hazel's People (1973) + Birch Interval (1976)
BARBARA EDEN 70's TV MOVIE DUO Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1973) w/Dean Jones + The Amazing Dobermans (1976) w/Fred Astaire
DANGEROUS DOGS 70's TV MOVIE DUO Trapped (1973) w/James Brolin + The Amazing Dobermans (1976) w/Barbara Eden
PLANE PERIL 70's TvMs The President's Plane is Missing (1973) w/Buddy Ebsen & Peter Graves + Crash (1978){AKA:The Crash of Flight 401} w/William Shatner & Adrien Barbeau
KAY LENZ 70's Tv Movies Lisa Bright and Dark (1973) w/John Forsythe & Jamie Smith-Jackson + Sanctuary of Fear (1979) w/Barnard Hughes & Fred Gwynne
BARBARA EDEN TV MOVIE DUO Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1973) w/Dean Jones + The Amazing Dobermans (1976) w/James Franciscus
PAUL MICHAEL GLASER 70's TvMs Trapped Beneath the Sea (1974) w/Laurie Prange + The Great Houdini (1976) w/Sally Struthers
CLASSICS REMADE AS TV MOVIES A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1974) w/Pamelyn Ferdin, Cliff Robertson & Diane Baker + The Diary of Anne Frank (1980) w/Melissa Gilbert & Scott Jacoby
EUTHANASIA TvMs Murder or Mercy (1974) w/David Birney & Mercy or Murder? (1987) w/Robert Young
MICHELLE LEE TvMs Only With Married Men (1974) w/David Birney + Color Me Perfect (1996) w/
KATHLEEN QUINLAN 1975 TvMs The Missing Are Deadly w/Leonard Nimoy + The Abduction of Saint Anne w/Robert Wagner
KATHERINE HELMOND AS DETENTION CENTER MATRON Cage Without a Key (1975) w/Susan Dey + Little Ladies of the Night (1977) w/Linda Purl
VIC MORROW 70's TV MOVIE DUO Death Stalk (1975) w/Carol Lyley & Vince Edwards + Curse of the Black Widow (1977) w/Patty Duke & Donna Mills
TIM MATHESON TvMs The Runaway Barge (1975) w/Bo Hopkins & Nick Nolte + Dreamer (1979) w/Susan Blakely & Jack Warden
KATHLEEN QUINLAN TvM SUSPENSE The Missing Are Deadly (1975) w/Leonard Nimoy + Trapped (1989) w/Katy Boyer
HAYLEY MILLS 1976 RARITIES The Kingfisher Caper w/David McCallum + The Bananas Boat w/Doug McClure
JAMES FRANCISCUS 1976 TV MOVIE DUO One of My Wives is Missing w/Jack Klugman + The Amazing Dobermans w/Barbara Eden
JAMES FRANCISCUS 70's TV MOVIE DUO One of My Wives is Missing (1976) w/Elizabeth Ashley + The Man Inside (1977) w/Stefanie Powers
BASED ON SAME PLAY TvMs One of My Wives is Missing (1976) w/Jack Klugman,Elizabeth Ashley & James Franciscus + Vanishing Act (1986) w/Elliott Gould, Mrgot Kidder, Mike Farrell & Fred Gwynne {BOTH BASED ON PLAY, Trap For a Single Man}
BARBARA EDEN TV MOVIE DUO The Amazing Dobermans (1976) w/James Franciscus + The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick (1988) w/Josh Taylor
1977 SUSPENSE TvMs Night Terror w/Valerie Harper + The Force of Evil w/Eve Plumb
AUSSIE DU0 Plunge Into Darkness (1977) w/Olivia Hamnett, Bruce Barry, John Jarratt & Tom Richards + Weekend of Shadows (1978) w/John Waters, Wyn Roberts, Graham Rouse & Melissa Jaffer.
CHRISTOPHER CONNELLY TvMsThe Incredible Rocky Mountain Race (1977) w/Forrest Tucker, Whit Bissell & Larry Storch + CRASH {AKA: The Crash of Flight 401} (1978)(w/William Shatner, Adrienne Barbeau, Sharon Gless & Brooke Bundy
KATHERINE HELMOND 70's TV MOVIE DUO Little Ladies of the Night (1977) w/Linda Purl & David Soul + Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker (1979) w/Charlene Tilton & Dominique Dunne
*DAVID SOUL DUO Little Ladies of the Night (1977) w/Linda Purl + Rage! (1980) w/Caroline McWilliams
MISTY ROWE (w/nudity) MOVIE DUO Death Flight (1977) AKA: SST Death Flight w/Peter Graves, Robert Reed, Lorne, Greene, Bert Convey, Doug McLure, Martin Milner, Burgess Meredith, George Maharis, Billy Crysatl, Tina Louise, Season Hubley, Barbara Anderson, Susan Strasberg + Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn (1989) w/Paula Lane, Patch Mackenzie & Phyllis Coates.
*LOU GOSSETT JR DUO Little Ladies of the Night (1977) w/David Soul + Keeper of the City (1991) w/Peter Coyote
PRISCILLA BARNES TvMs The Time Machine (1978) w/John Beck & Rosemary DeCamp + A Vacation in Hell (1979) w/Barbara Feldon, Maureen McCormick & Michael Brandon
DESI ARNAZ JR DUO TvMs How to Pick Up Girls! (1978) w/Deborah Raffin, Bess Armstrong, Richard Dawson, Alan King & Abe Vigoda + The Great American Traffic Jam (1980) w/Lisa Hartman, Howard Hesseman,Shelley Fabares &Abe Vigoda
KATHLEEN BELLER TvMs Are You in the house Alone (1978) w/Dennis Quaid + No Place to Hide (1981) w/Mariette Hartley
COURTROOM DRAMA TvMs A Question of Love (1978) w/Jane Alexander & Bonnie Bedelia + When She Says No (1984) w/Jane Alexander & Kathleen Quinlan.
BOXING TvMs-1 Ring of Passion (1978) w/Bernie Casey & Britt Ekland + Goldie and the Boxer (1979) w/O.J. Simpson & Melissa Michaelsen
1979 TV MOVIE JUNGLE DANGER DUO Gold of the Amazon Women w/Bo Svenson, Anita Ekberg, Donald Pleasence & Richard Romanus + A Vacation in Hell {TvM} w/Maureen McCormick, Priscilla Barnes, Michaerl Brandon, Barbara Feldon & Andrea Marcovicci
ANNIE POTTS DUO Flatbed Annie & Sweet Pie Lady Truckers (1979){TvM} w/Kim Darby & Harry Dean Stanton + Heartaches (1981) w/Margot Kidder & Robert Carradine
* BOXING TvMs-2 Goldie and the Boxer (1979) w/Simpson & Melissa Michaelsen + Honeyboy (1982) w/Erik Estrada & Morgan Fairchild
LINDA PURL 1979 TvMs A Last Cry For Help w/Shirley Jones + Women at West Point w/Jameson Parker
1979 PERRY KING TvMs (2 Dvd-Rs/1 Artcase) Love's Savage Fury w/Jennifer O'Neill, Raymond Burr, Connie Stevens & Robert Reed + The Last Convertible w/Bruce Boxleitner, Deborah Raffin & Edward Albert Jr
PERRY KING 1979 TvM's The Cracker Factory w/Natalie Wood, Peter Haskell, Shelley Long & Juliet Mills + Love's Savage Fury w/Jennifer O'Neill, Raymond Burr, Connie Stevens & Robert Reed
1979 TV MOVIES Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker w/Dominique Dunne + A Vacation in Hell w/Maureen McCormick
'HAVING AN AFFAIR' TvMs Torn Between Two Loves (1979) w/Lee Remick + To Love Again (1980) w/Lynn Redgrave
ANDREW STEVENS TvM's Women at West Point (1979) w/Linda Purl & Jameson Parker + Miracle on Ice (1981) w/Karl Malden & Steve Guttenberg
DIAHANN CARROLL/MAYA ANGELOU TvMs I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1979) + Sister, Sister (1982)
BESS ARMSTRONG The Lakeside Killer (1979) + This Girl For Hire (1983)
PERRY KING TvM's Love's Savage Fury (1979) w/Jennifer O'Neill, Raymond Burr, Deborah Morgan, Connie Stevens & Robert Reed + Perfect People (1988) w/Lauren Hutton, Karen Valentine, Priscilla Barnes, Rob Estes & June Lockhart
PERRY KING TvM's~The Cracker Factory (1979) w/Natalie Wood, Shelley Long & Juliet Mills + Perfect People (1988)w/Lauren Hutton, Karen Valentine & Priscilla Barnes
ANDREW STEVENS MOVIE DUO Women at West Point (1979){TvM} w/Linda Purl + Scared Stiff (1987) w/Mary Page Keller
LEE REMICK TvMs Torn Between Two Lovers (1979) + Passport to Terror (1989)
MARTIN LANDAU DUO The Last Word (1979) w/Richard Harris & Karen Black + The Color of Evening (1990) w/Ellen Burstyn
TROUBLED FAMILY 80's TvMs Children of Divorce (1980) w/Barbara Feldon & Lance Kerwin + The Day the Loving Stopped (1981) w/Dominique Dunne & Ally Sheedy
w/ALEXA KENIN 80's FLICKS Little Darlings (1980) w/Kristy McNichol + A Piano for Mrs Cimino (1982) w/Bette Davis
*RICHARD THOMAS 'HEARING IMPAIRED' DUO To Find My Son (1980) w/Steve Kanaly & Molly Cheek + Johnny Belinda (1982) w/Rosanna Arquette & Dennis Quaid
*w/MOLLY CHEEK HEARING IMPAIRED THEMED 80's TvMs To Find My Son (1980) w/Richard Thomas + A Summer to Remember (1985) w/James Farentino
*VICTORIA PRINCIPAL 80's TvMs Pleasure Palace (1980) w/Omar Sharif & Hope Lange + Mistress (1987) w/Don Murray & Joanna Kerns
RICHARD THOMAS TvMs To Find My Son (1980) + Go Toward the Light (1988)
SUZANNE PLESHETTE TvMs If Things Were Different (1980) + Leona Helmsley: Queen of Mean (1990)
*MIKE FARRELL TvMs Father Damien The Leper Priest (1980) w/Ken Howard, William Daniels & Wilfrid Hyde-White + Vanishing Act (1986) w/Elliott Gould, Margot Kidder & Fred Gwynne
STEPFORD TV MOVIES Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980) w/Sharon Gless, Julie Kavner & Don Johnson + The Stepford Husbands (1996) w/Donna Mills & Michael Ontkeon
KARL MALDEN 1981 TvMs Word of Honor w/Rue McClanahan + Miracle on Ice w/Andrew Stevens
KARL MALDEN 80's DUO Word of Honor (1981) w/Rue McClanahan & Alexa Kenin + Twilight Time (1982) w/Jodi Thelen
w/ALEXA KENIN 80's TvM's Word of Honor (1981) w/Karl Malden & Rue McClanahan + A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (1982) w/Bette Davis & Penny Fuller
*w/CHRIS MULKEY 80's TvMs The Killing of Randy Webster (1981) w/Hal Holbrook (and real life wife) Dixie Carter, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Sean Penn + Dangerous Company (1982) w/Beau Bridges & Ralph Macchio
KARL MALDEN 80's TvMs Word of Honor (1981) w/Rue McClanahan + Urge to Kill (1984) AKA With Intent to Kill w/Holly Hunter
ANDREW STEVENS 80's DUO Miracle on Ice (1981){TvM} w/Karl Malden + Scared Stiff (1987) w/Mary Page Keller
KATHLEEN BELLER TvMs No Place to Hide (1981)w/Mariette Hartley + Deadly Messages (1985) w/Michael Brandon
MARGOT KIDDER 80's DUO Heartaches (1981) w/Robert Carradine & Annie Potts + Little Treasure (1985) w/Ted Danson & Burt Lancaster
MARGOT KIDDER 80's DUO II Heartaches (1981)w/Robert Carradine & Annie Potts + Vanishing Act (1986) w/Mike Farrell & Elliott Gould
PARKER STEVENSON TvMs This House Possessed (1981) + Official Denial (1993)
MULTIPLE PERSONALITY TV MOVIE DUO The Five of Me (1981) w/David Birney & Dee Wallace + Sybil (2007) w/Tammy Blanchard & Jessica Lange THIS TITLE 1ST HAND VHS SAVE WITH COMMERCIALS
KATHLEEEN QUINLAN 80's TvMs She's In the Army Now (1982) w/Jaimie Lee Curtis & Melanie Griffith + When She Says No (1984) w/Rip Torn & Jeffrey DeMunn
*BEAU BRIDGES 80's TvMovie DUO Dangerous Company (1982) w/Ralph Macchio, Jan Sterling, Chris Mulkey & Karen Carlson + Outrage! (1986) w/Burgess Meredith, Robert Preston, Linda Purl,Anthony Newly & Mel Ferrer BOTH TRANSFERS OF MY ORIGINAL/OOP VHS ON 1 DVD-R w/ARTCASE & FREE SHIP
VALERIE HARPER 80's TvMs Don't Go To Sleep w/Dennis Weaver (1982) + The People Across the Lake (1988) w/Gerald McRaney
KAREN VALENTINE 80's TvM's Muggable Mary: Street Cop (1982) + Jane Doe (1983) w/William Devane
TRUE STORY TVM's "Side by Side The True Story of the Osmond Family" (1982) w/Marie Osmond & Joseph Bottoms + A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes The Annette Funicello Story w/Eva La Rue, Shelley Fabares, Frankie Avalon & Linda Lavin
JOHN RITTER 80's TV MOVIE DUO SUNSET LIMOUSINE (1983) w/Susan Dey, Paul Reiser, Martin Short, Lainie Kazan & Louise Sorel + LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (1984) w/Penny Marshall, Bert Convy, Cassie Yates & Roger Perry
JUDD HIRSCH DUO Without a Trace (1983) w/Kate Nelligan, Stockard Channing & David Dukes + First Steps (1985){TvM} w/Amy Steel, Kim Darby, Alan Ruck, James B. Sikking & Megan Mullally
MIKE FARRELL TvMs Memorial Day (1983) w/Shelley Fabares + Vanishing Act (1986) w/Margot Kidder
OLD ERA DETECTIVES TvMs This Girl For Hire (1983) w/Bess Armstong + Dan Turner Hollywood Detective (1990) w/Marc Singer
GEORGE SEGAL TvMs Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer (1983) + Not MY Kid (1985)
GEORGE SEGAL TvM's Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer (1983) w/Shelley Hack & Tracy Pollan + Taking the Heat (1993) w/Tony Goldwyn, Alan Arkin & Lynn Whitfield
KATHLEEN QUINLAN 80's TvMs When She Says No (1984) w/Jane Alexander & Rip Torn + Trapped (1989) w/Katy Boyer
JOSEPH BOTTOMS TV MOVIE DUO Time Bomb (1984) w/Morgan Fairchild + Treacherous Crossing (1992) w/Lindsay Wagner
GIRL & HORSE MOVIES Rare Breed (1984) w/George Kennedy & Harley's Hill (2011) w/Christopher Atkins
TEENS ON DRUGS 1985 TvMs Not MY Kid w/Bruce Dern + Toughlove w/Stockard Channing
CHRISTOPHER REEVE 80's TvMs (2 Dvd-Rs/1 Artcase) Anna Karenina (1985) w/Jacqueline Bisset + The Great Escape II (1988) w/Judd Hirsch
CHRISTOPHER REEVE TvM duo (2 Dvd-Rs/1 Artcase) Anna Karenina (1985) w/Jacqueline Bisset + Mortal Sins (1992) w/Roxanne Dawson
ELLEN BURSTYN 80's TvMs Act of Vengeance (1986) w/Charles Bronson + Pack of Lies (1987) w/Teri Garr
ELLEN BURSTYN DUO Something in Common (1986) w/Tuesday Weld & Patrick Cassidy + The Color of Evening (1990) w/Martin Landau
LINDA LAVIN True Story 1987 TvMs A Place to Call Home + Lena My 100 Children
LOSS OF SON TV MOVIES Family Sins (1987) w/James Farentino + After Jimmy (1996-WITH COMMERCIALS) w/Meredith Baxter & Peter Facinelli
PATRICK DUFFY 1988 TvMs Unholy Matrimony + Too Good to Be True w/Loni Anderson
DEMONIC MOVIES The Unholy (1988) w/Ben Cross + Dark Tower (1989) w/Jenny Agutter & Carol Lynley
BABY BOOMER TV MOVIES Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (1988) + Archie Return to Riverdale (1990)
MICHAEL O'KEEFE TvMs Unholy Matrimony (1988) + Incident at Deception Ridge (1994)
TIMOTHY HUTTON DUO A Time of Destiny (1988) w/Stockard Channing, Melissa Leo & William Hurt + The Last Word (1995){R/NUDITY} w/Joe Pantoliano, Michelle Burke, Chazz Palminter, Richard Dreyfuss & Cybill Shepherd
LEE REMICK 1989 TvMs Bridge to Silence w/Marlee Matlin + Passport to Terror w/Roy Thinnes
HOLLY HUNTER 1989 DUO Roe vs Wade {TvM} w/Amy Madigan & Kathy Bates + Animal Behavior w/Karen Allen, Armand Assante & Josh Mostel.
The "RETURN OF" TvMovies The Return of Sam McCloud (1989) w/Dennis Weaver, Melissa Sue Anderson, Diana Muldaur, David McCallum & Patrick Macnee + The Return of Ironside (1993) w/Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson, Don Mitchell & Dana Wynter
MANIAC MALES Mind Games (1989) w/Shawn Weatherly, Edward Albert & Maxwell Caulfield + The Paperboy (1994) w/Alexandra Paul & William Katt
ABORTION TOPIC TvM's Roe vs Wade (1989) w/Holly Hunter, Amy Madigan & Kathy Bates + Critical Choices (1996)w/Betty Buckley, Pamela Reed & Diana Scarwid
TOM SKERRITT 1990 TV MOVIE DUO The China Lake Murders w/Michael Parks & Lara Parker + Child in the Night w/Darren McGavin, JoBeth Williams & Season Hubley
JOBETH WILLIAMS 90's TV MOVIE DUO Child in the Night (1990) w/Tom Skerritt, Darren McGavin & Season Hubley + Final Appeal (1993) w/Brian Dennehy & Lindsay Crouse
LINDA PURL 1990's TvMs Web of Deceit (1990) w/Barbara Rush + Incident at Deception Ridge (1994) w/ Michael O'Keefe, Ed Begley Jr
*NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN 90's TvMs Deceptions (1990) w/Harry Hamlin + Silver Strand (1995) w/Gil Bellows
JENNIFER O'NEILL 90's TvMs Perfect Family (1992) w/Bruce Boxleitner + The Cover Girl Murders (1993) w/Lee Majors
AMANDA DONOHUE SHAME TV MOVIE DUO Shame (1992) + Shame II (1995){Original/OOP Vhs release transfers BUT 1st from SCREENER video}
GRANT SHOW 90's TV MOVIE DUO Treacherous Crossing (1992) w/Lindsay Wagner & Angie Dickinson + Pretty Poison (1996) w/Wendy Benson
TONY GOLDWYN 90's DUO Taking the Heat (1993){TvM} w/Lynn Whitfield, George Segal & Alan Arkin + The Last Word (1995){R/NUDITY} w/Timothy Hutton, Richard Dreyfuss & Cybill Shepherd
SHANNA REED 90's SUSPENSEFUL TvMs Don't Talk to Strangers (1994) w/Pierce Brosnan + The Sister-in-Law (1995) w/Kate Vernon
JUDGE REINHOLD 1995 TvMs As Good as Dead {ORIG VHS-NOT TV} w/Crystal Bernard + The Wharf Rat w/Lou Diamond Phillips
SHANNA REED 90's SUSPENSE Rattled (1996) w/William Katt + The Night Caller (1998) w/Tracy Nelson & Mary Crosby

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