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The Historical View A Legacy In Pictures JPG Photo Collection    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2RKFQ8   

The Historical View A Legacy In Pictures JPG Photo Collection
"4.95 USD. Free Shipping Worldwide! 1291 Digital Images On A USB Flash Drive! Digitally Remastered 16 Million Color Images, Most 800 x 600 Pixels Large & Larger, Perfect For Viewing Through Your Computer Monitor OR For Making *Quality Copies* Using Your Computer Printer! This collection spans the globe to document the human experience through its historical images, preserved for posterity in carefully restored & digitally enhanced image formats ideally suited for printing & framing! Contents: NATIONAL HISTORY PHOTOS comprised of the historical image legacy of the United States, France, Germany, Russia, China, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Europe & more: United States: ''Deposit Contraband Here'' Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1971, ''Dope (Ski Wax) Is King'', ''The Landing Of Colombus'' By John Vanderlyn Capital Rotunda, 'Boss' Tweed, 1865 1865! Ho! For The Gold Mines!, 1904 Americas, 1st Tammany Hall Wigwam Nassau & Frankfort Streets 1812, 2nd Tammany Hall Wigwam 14th Street 1868, 3rd & Last Tammany Wigwam 17th & Union Square 1929, Abigail Adams By Gilbert Stuart, Alger Hiss Before US House Un-American Activities Commission, Baron Von Steuben, Benjamin Franklin By Brumidi President's Room Capitol Bldg, Benjamin Franklin By David Martin, Bix Beiderbecke, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Poster, Capitol Dome, Cayce, Centennial Celebrations Before Independence Hall, Charles Bullfinch's Dome Capital Bldg 1837 By W.H. Bartlett, Charles Francis Murphy Tammany Boss 1902-24 Atlantic City Boardwalk, Charles Lindbergh And 'The Spirit Of St. Louis', Charles Wilson Peale's George Washington As C in C Battle Of Princeton, Chinese Immigrants Learn To Read, Christopher Colombus By Brumidi President's Room Capitol Bldg, Christopher Colombus By Sebastiano del Piombo, Columbia Statue, Congressman J William Fulbright 1943, Count Pulaski, Frederick Douglas, Eisenhower Speaks From White House, Eleanor Roosevelt At UN, Eleanor Roosevelt With Universal Declaration On Human Rights, Emperor Roosevelt, His Prime Minister, and CourtFool, Famous G.O.P. Women Arrive Corinne Roosevelt Upper Left 1921, FDR's 1st Freedom - Freedom Of Speech By Norman Rockwell, FDR's 2nd Freedom - Freedom Of Religion By Norman Rockwell, FDR's 3rd Freedom - Freedom From Want By Norman Rockwell, FDR's 4th Freedom - Freedom From Fear By Norman Rockwell, Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1921, President Franklin Roosevelt Broadcasts 1st 'Fireside Chat' 330312, President Roosevelt Indian Headress In Lap, FDR Plywood Podium, FDR Signing Bill, FDR Standing Upright At Podium, FDR Takes Presidential Oath Of Office 330304, FDR Upraised Arm In Car, FDR Warm Springs GA, Fernando Wood Mayor NYC 1850s Member Tammany Hall, Freedom from atop U.S. Capitol Building, Gen. Eisenhower 'Army Week', George Washington By Gilbert Stuart, George Washington Plunckitt Tammany Bard NY County Courthouse Bootblack Stand, Hindenburg Crash, Independance Hall Philadelphia, J. Edgar Hoover With Menu, John Adams By J. S. Copley, John Hancock, Johnson On Senate Floor 5308, Johnson With Class, Liberty's Head On Display Before Shipment, Liberty Bell, Marquis de Lafayette, Martha Washington By Gilbert Stuart, Matthew L. Davis Political Founder Of Tammany Hall, McCarthy Before Microphones 1954, Minuteman Of Concord By Daniel Chester French, NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker Answers Samuel Seabury In Court 1932, New York Stock Exchange 291024 ('Black Thursday') Aerial View, Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy 1963 DC - Addresses Civil Rights Demonstrators, Rufus Zogbaum - Commoder Dewey Aboard Olympia Battle Of Manila Bay, Scene At The Signing Of The Constitution Of The United States - Howard Chandler Christy, Seal Of The President Of The United States, Secy Of State George Marshal 1947, Senate & House With Walkway Watercolor By Architect Benjamin Latrobe 1818, Senator Arthur Vandenburg, Statue Of Liberty, Statue Of Liberty Aerial View, Tammany Wigwam Dedication 1929 - Alfred E. Smith 2nd Right James J. Walker 2nd Left, Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt Uniformed, President Theodore Roosevelt With Booker T. Washington, Thaddeus Kosciusko, The Great Seal Impression from original die, The Great Seal of the United States obverse, The Great Seal of the United States reverse, The Boston Massacre Attributed To Paul Revere, The Boston Tea Party Lithograph By N. Currier, The Landing Of Roger Williams By Alonzo Chappel, The Spirit Of 1776 By Archibald M. Willard, The Surrender Of Lord Cornwallis At Yorktown By John Trumball, The Washington Monument, Thomas Nast Cartoon On Tammany Hall 710819, Thomas Paine By John Wesley Jarvis, Truman Addresses San Francisco Conference, Truman Shakes Hands With Hiss San Francisco UN Conference, U.S. House Mace, USS Constitution By Salisbury Tuckerman, W. G. Read - Rough Riders Charge Up San Juan Hill, Walter Reuther At UAW Meeting, Walt Whitman Photo Reputed To Mathew Brady, Washington Resigns His Commission By John Trumbull, William Bullit DC 1942, William Frederick Cody AKA Buffalo Bill, William S. Devery NYC Police Chief Tammany Crook Europe: Albin Dotsch Austrian Antichauvinist & Ethnic Reconciler 1908, Alexander & Draga Obrenovic King & Queen Of Serbia 1889-1903, Alexander Karadjordjevic Prince Regent Serbia 1914-1918 & Prince Regent Serbs Croats & Slovenes 1918-1921, Alexander Kardjordjevic Prince Of Serbia 1842-58, Bucentaur (Doge Of Venice's Barge) 16th Century, Charlemagne On Charger, Communist Manifesto Cover 1848 German Edition, Czechoslovakian Display For Tito's Visit Just After WWII, Dr. Karl Renner ('Rudolf Springer') Antichauvinist Legal Leader 1905 Moravia, Dr. Rudolf Lodgman Von Auen Austrian Liberal Federalist Bohemian German, Draza Mihajlovic As Serbian Royalist General, Draza Mihajlovic On Trial After WWII, Draza Mihajlovic Testifies At Trial, Farah Pahlevi Empress Of Iran 1975, Farmers Functionaries And Fireworks 1931, Friedrich Engels, German Tito Wanted Poster, Girl Athletes Prague Stadium Early 60s, Goethe, Hans Kudlich Austrian Democratic Reformer Leader Of Liberation Of Serfs 1848, Ilija Garasanin Serbian Statesman & Political Leader 1812-74, Josef Seliger Austrian Social Democrat Bohemian Labor Leader & Ethnic German Antichauvinist, Josip Broz Tito, Jovan Ristic Serbian Statesman & Historian 1831-1899, Karadjordje Petrovic Leader Of 1st Serbian Insurrection 1804-13, Karl & Jenny Marx, Karl Marx, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Kurt Weil, Leipzig Parade Early 60s, Mandean Cosmological Demons twixt Sun & Planets, Mandean righteous souls on boat to Abathur, Manichean Elect with laity, Michael Obrenovic Prince Of Serbia 1839-1842 & 1860-1868, Milan Obrenovic Prince & King Of Serbia 1868-89, Milos Obrenovic Prince Of Serbia 1817-39 & 58-60, Milos Obrenovic As Military Leader Of Serbian Insurrection 1804, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi Shah Of Iran 1975, Molotov Salutes During Visit To See Tito, Natalia Obrenovic Queen Of Serbia 1868-89, Nikola Pasic Serbian Radical Leader Architect Of Corfu Declaration, Peter I. Karadjordjevic King Of Serbia 1903-1918, Pope Pious XI33, Ritter Anton Von Schmerling Austro-Hungarian Integrationist & Prime Minister 1860-65, Seal Of The Governing Council Of Serbia 1804, Serbian Prince Milos Palace Topcider Park 1834, Signers Of Corfu Declaration 1917, Svetozar Markovic Serbian Socialist Leader 1846-1875, Titio Reviews Victorious Troops, Tito's Partisans, Tito & Churchill, Tito And John Foster Dulles 1953, Tito And Staff, Tito As Commander, Tito During Trieste Crisis, Tito Glasses, Tito In Hat, Tito In Moscow Just After WWII, Tito In Profile, Tito Leans Over Map, Tito Makes Public Speech After Trieste Crisis, Tito Makes Public Speech After Trieste Crisis, Tito Plays Chess, Tito Reads Statement London 1953 Anthony Eden Behind, Tito Returns From Moscow Just After WWII, Tito Reviews Victorious Troops, Tito Salutes During Molotov's Visit, Tito Shakes Hands With Churchill, Tito Visits Khrushchev, Tito Watches US Navy Maneuvers, Tito Waves, Tito With Carter, Tito With Churchill 1953, Tito With Khrushchev, Toma Vucic - Perisic Serbian Military Political Leader 1842-58, Villa Wahnfried 1872, Vladimir Baron Von Beck Austrian Liberal Democrat Reformer & Prime Minister 1908, Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic Serbian Linguist Ethnographer & Historian 1787-1864, Wagner 1862, Young Tito Russia: Bolshevik Sailors Fire On Crowds In Petrograd 1917-07, Boris Pasternak, Bulganin And Eisenhower Geneva Conference 1955, Collective Factory At Mealtime USSR 1920s, Demonstrators Stone Tanks East Berlin 195306, Felix Dzerzhinksy, Feodor Dostoyevsky, General Trotsky, Gomulka Visits Khrushchev 15th Anniversary Of Republic Of Poland, Ivan Turgenev, Josef Stalin, Khrushchev Addresses Tito UN 600926, Khrushchev And Mao 5th Anniversay PRC Peking 1954, Khrushchev Visits Tito 1955, Krupskaya Lenin Vladimir's Wife, Kruschev Wags Finger, LEF 1924, Lenin's Family Vladimir Bottom Right, Lenin's Tomb, Lenin & Friends 1897, Lenin Leningrad Palace Square 1971, Lenin 180501, Lenin 190329 Kremlin Recording, Lenin At 22, Lev Bronstein AKA Trotsky Police Photo 1902, May Day Parade Red Square 1959, Molotov Salutes During Visit To See Tito, Nijinsky, Nikita Khrushchev, Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky Reviews Troops Atop Car, Russian Warships Port Arthur 1904 Feb, Soviet 191703 Tauride Palace, Soviet Tank Commander Hungary 1956, Soviet Youth Early 1960s, Stalin 1910 Police Mugshot Frontal, Stalin 1910 Police Mugshot Profile, Stalin And Khrushchev, Stalin And Ribbentropp 3909, Stalin Visits Lenin At His Home 1922, Trotsky Negotiates With Germans Brest-Litovsk Early 1918, Tzar Nicholas II Left King George V Right, USSR Emblem, Young Stalin Gori Georgia Church School China: Beijing Early 1960s, Chairman Mao, Chiang Ch'ing Addresses Red Guards, Chou En Lai, Khrushchev And Mao 5th Anniversay PRC Peking 1954, Mao & Chiang 1945, Mao & Nixon 1972, Mao Tse-Tung Early 1920s, Mao Ze Dong 1935, Mao 1945 Yenan with Wife Chiang Ch'ing, Mao 1949 Entry Into Peking, MZD55 Inspects 'A New Type Agricultural Tool', Mao 570707 'Intimate Exchanges' with Shanghai 'Personages', Mao 1957 Shanghai 100 Flowers Campaign Viewing Of Posters, Mao 1966 Tiananmen Square, Mao 660725 'Chairman Mao Swims Joyously In The Yangtze', Mao 660818 Tiananmen Square, Nixon Chou En Lai & Mou Chiang Ch'ing 720227, Nixon Reviews PRC Troops With Chou En Lai 7202, Sun Yat-Sen And Chiang Kai-Shek And Even More! ANCIENT HISTORY PICTURES documenting the lives, art and monuments of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Nordics, Sumerians, Indus Indians, Minoans, Etruscans & more: Ancient Egypt: ''Anubis The Legionary'' Statuette 2nd Century AD, Amun Gold Statue, Asiatic Man Royal Floor Tile Palace Of Ramsses III, Bracelet Of Djer 2892 BC Abydos, Brother & Sister In Law Of Vizier Ramose 1355 BC, Canannite Tribute-bearers Egyptian Fresco, Chair Of Hetepheres Reign Of Sneferu 2575-2551 BC, Cippus With Horus On Crocodile Ptolemaic Dynasty, Daughters Of Ikhnaton, Dog Pallette Back, Dog Pallette Front, Drawing Of Egyptian Sistrum (Musical Instrument), Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 125 (Papyrus of Ani) - Hall of Judgment, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 125a (Papyrus_of_Ani), Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 128, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 162 Ihet-cow, EBOTD Chapter 167 Udjat Eye Spell, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 183 Thoth Holds All Life and Dominion, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 186 (Papyrus of Ani), Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 17 (Sarcophagus of Khonsu) Khonsu Worships Celestial Cow, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 17 (Papyrus of Ani) - Ba returns to Ka, Egyptian Book Of The Dead Chapter 16 (Papyrus of Hunefer), Egyptian Harem Harp, Lute, Dancer, Double Pipes & Lyre, Egyptian Harem Musicians Play L5te, Harp & Double Flute, Entertainers At Meal Tomb Of Nebamun, Funeral Stelé of Ankhefenkhonsu, Funerary Stela Of Ankhefenkhons 600 BC, Funerary Stele Of Scribe Horjirnakht 1900 BC, Gaming Disc Hemaka's Tomb Saqqara 2850 BC, Geb and Nuit, Great Sphinx 1886, Great Sphinx 1886, Great Sphinx Behind Thutmose IV's Dream Stela, Hathor, Horus Hawk Pendant Tutankhamun, Howard Carter Cleans 3rd Coffin Of King Tut, Howard Carter Crouches Before Gilded Shrine Of King Tut, Ikhnaton Nefertiti & Daughters El-Amarna 1345 BC, King Tut's Isis & Nephthys Pectoral, Libyan Man Royal Floor Tile Palace Of Ramsses III, Maat, Narmer Tablet Back, Narmer Tablet Front, Necklace Counterpoise 870 BC, Nekhbet, Obelisk Of Senswosret I Heliopolis 1920 BC, Rosetta Stone Color, Sekhmet Relief, Servant Girls Vizier Rekhmire's Tomb 1420 BC, Sir Flinders Petrie Egyptologist 1853-1942, Sphinx & Great Pyramid, Stela Of Amun-Re Songstress Denitenkhons 900 BC, Stela Of Bai 19th-20th Dynasty, Stela Of King Qahedjet With Horus 3rd Dynasty, Thoth of the Four Winds from Papyrus of Hor, Tut's ''Golden Throne'' Detail, Tutankhamen's Organ Chest, Tut Atop Lotus Ancient Graeco-Roman: Alexander Pursues Darius, Aphrodisias of Southwest Turkey, Aphrodite bathing, Aphrodite Raised From Sea By Nymphs 'Ludovisi Throne' Rome 460 BC, Apollo and Daphne by Bernini, Apollonius of Tyana by Boissard, Apollo Sans Bow Pompeii, Ares statue, Aristotle Relief Bust, Athenian Silver Coin Depicting Bubo 5th Century BCE, Augustus Caesar Portrait Statue, Bacchanalian dance fresco, Byzantine Silver-Gilt Cross, Caraculla Roman Emperor 3rd Century ACE, Caryatids South Porch Of Erechtheum On Acropolis, Ceres Clay Figurine 6th Century BC, Cernunnos between Apollo and Mercury, Colossus of Rhodes from Kircher's 'Turris Babel', Column Of Trajan Forum Of Trajan 113 AD, Commodus, Constantin, Demeter Kore Tripotolemus, Democritus, Diocletian, Emperor Augustus' seal, Emperor Augustus As Pontifex Maximus, Emperor Claudius Bronze Head Colchester, Empress Livia's country villa fresco, Empress Messalina With Child Britannicus, Etruscan Flute Player, Greek Fire Shot From Byzantine Ship, Greek Smiths At Their Labors, Greek Vase Painting Odysseus Resists Siren, Hades and Persephone, Hadrian bust, Hermes Eurydice and Orpheus, Homer, House Of The Faun Pompeii 2nd Century BC, Isis with sistrum & pitcher from Hadrian's villa, Julius Caesar Portrait Bust, Jupiter and Ganymede, Leda & The Swan by da Vinci, Maiden Plays Double Flute 'Ludovisi Throne' Rome 460 BC, Marcus Aurelius mounted on Capitoline Hill, Marcus Aurelius, Mithra slays bull, Nature Mosaic Pompeii, Nero Portrait Bust, Pericles, Phallic beast, Phidias' Chyselephantine Statue Of Athena At Parthenon (Roman Copy), Pluto and Prosperpina, Pompey bust, Poseidon seal, Primavera by Botticelli, Roman Demeter relief, Schliemann's Diary 18730414, Siren's Rock Sicilian coast, Sophia Schliemann Wears Trojan Gold, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, The Three Graces by Raphael, The Arezzo Chimera Etruscan 4th Century BC, The Capitoline She Wolf 5th Century BC Etruscan Brought To Rome, The Lion Gate Mycenae, The Parthenon, The Pont Du Gard By Nimes In Provence 14 AD, Titus Roman Emperor Conqueror Of Jerusalem, Venus from a Pompeii wall, Venus De Milo from side, Zeno Roman Emperor, Zeus with Thunderbolt Attica 450 BCE Ancient Nordic: Christian Cross Greenland Viking Colony, Eastre, Harold Fairhair (1st King Of Norway) Receives Guthrum Conqueror Of England, King's Helmet Sutton Hoo, King Canute (Denmark, Norway & Britain) Puts Cross On English Altar 9th Century, Odin On Charger, Purse Lid Sutton Hoo, Ship Excavation Sutton Hoo, The Oseberg Ship Viking Ship Museum Oslo Ancient Sumerian: Cosmetic Box Top Mari (Trade City Between Mesopotamia & Mediterranean), Ea seal (Shamash to left), Ea Bird seal, Ea seal, Enki stele, Eye Idol, Gilgamesh relief, Iananna seal, Iananna relief, Inanna Cylinder Seal, Iranian Coin Reverse King Adores Star Or Sun Between Crescent Moon Horns, Ishtar Gate of Babylon section, King Ur-Nammu of Ur stele , King Darius' Seal Ahura Mazda Rises In Midst, Marduk, Ninhursag relief, Queen Shudu-Ad's Headress 3M BCE, Sir Leonard Woolley At Ur Of The Chaldees, Sumerian Signature Seal Hero Chases Ostrich, The Standard Of Ur Side 1 Court, The Standard Of Ur Side 2 Armies, Ut-napishtim left Gilgamesh fights Bull creature right, Utu relief Ancient Indus Indian: Brahma Granting A Favor, Dancer With Tiny Orchestra Mysore India, Ind
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