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MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE CAREER SET 28 DISCS DVD-R WWF 1985-1994    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2P2T9N   

28 disc set for the collector or fan of the Macho Man Randy Savage. chronicle the rise and fall including rare and hard to find footage. from the beginning in WWF 1985 to the end in 1994. a must for any fan or collector. dvd-r region free. no artwork. shipped in sleeves. selection menus included for easy access to content. not for retail or resale. for collector's only.

I accept check, money order, google wallet, and stripe.
check out my website for more great shows!

quality ranges from fair to excellent and is watchable. no refunds due to ease of copying. will replace defective dvds only upon reciept of shipment.

Disk 1

Randy Savage v. Rick McGraw (Savage makes his MSG debut. 6/21/85)
Int Randy Savage (Philadelphia Spectrum 6/29/85)
Randy Savage v. Swede Hanson (Phl 6/29/85)
Randy "Macho Man" Savage v. Aldo Marino (Randy Savage makes his WWF TV debut, and is touted as the #1 free agent in the company, as Mr. Fuji, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Valiant and Freddy Blassie all come out to ringside to scout him. TV 7/6/85)
The following 3 segments are from TNT 7/12/85
Randy "Macho Man" Savage joins the TNT set
Randy Savage v. Aldo Marino
Vince McMahon mediates a meeting between Savage and Fred Blassie, Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan as the variousmanagers attempt to sign the Macho Man to a contract.
Update Randy Savage & all the managers that are courting him for his services(TV 7/13/85)
Piper's Pit Randy "Macho Man" Savage (TV 7/13/85)
Randy Savage v. Mario Mancini (TV 7/27/85)
Randy Savage v. Paul Roma (TV 8/3/85)
Randy Savage v. Sal Bellomo (Boston 8/3/85)
footage of all the WWF Managers competing for Macho Man Savages contract (TNT 8/9/85)
Randy Savage v. Jose Luis Rivera (MSG 8/10/85)
WWF Public Service Announcement Randy Savage tells everyone to go to the gym and get into shape (TV 8/17/85)
Randy Savage v. Rick McGraw (Cap Centre 8/17/85)
Randy Savage v. Jim Young (Savage is still considered the WWF's hottest free agent, as every manager in the WWF follows him out to the ring. Savage shocks all of them though, as he officially announces that he will be managed by ELIZABETH ! TV 8/24/85)
Piper's Pit Randy "Macho Man" Savage (TV 8/31/85)
Randy Savage v. Joe Mirto (TV 9/7/85)
The following 3 segments are from TNT 9/13/85
Macho Man Savage joins the TNT set
Macho Man Savage vs. Jim Young
Macho Man Savage announces his new manager is Elizabeth
Elizabeth joins the TNT set

Disk 2

Randy Savage v. Rick Hunter (TV 9/14/85)
Int Savage (TV 9/21/85)
Randy Savage v. Paul Roma (MSG 9/23/85)
Randy "Macho Man" Savage & Jesse "The Body" Ventura v. Mario Mancini & Mike Rice (TV 9/27/85)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Phl 9/28/85)
Promo Savage talks about the upcoming Wrestling Classic PPV. (TNT 10/11/85)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Toronto 10/13/85)
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set (TNT 10/85/85)
Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (SNME 11/2/85)
The following 4 matches are from the Wrestling Classic PPV. 11/7/85
Randy Savage v. Ivan Putski
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat
Randy Savage v. Dynamite Kid
Randy Savage v. Junkyard Dog
Randy Savage v. Tony Atlas (Boston 11/85)

Disk 3

Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (Boston 1/11/86 Good quality)
The following 2 segments are from TNT 11/22/85
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set
Macho Man Savage vs. a jobber
Hulk Hogan v. Rusty Brooks (Rare TV wrestling appearance for the WWF Champion. Randy Savage comes to ringside and taunts Hogan. Elizabeth takes the mic and in a rare speaking role, asks Hogan why he doesn't wrestle anyone with any 'credentials'. Hogan makes short work of brooks, and is immediately attacked afterward by Savage. TV 11/15/85)
Randy Savage v. Rick Steamboat (Boston 12/7/85)
w/ Jesse Ventura v. Tito Santana v. Tony Atlas (Phl 12/7/85)
Hulk Hogan v. Randy "Macho Man" Savage (WWF Title match MSG 12/30/85)
The following 2 segments are from TNT 1/4/86
Randy Savage & Elizabeth join the show.
Randy Savage v. jobber
Int Savage (TV 1/20/86)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (SNME 1/86)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (MSG 1/27/86)

Disk 4

Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (Savage wins the Intercontinental Title! Boston 2/8/86)
The following 2 segments are from TNT 2/14/86
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeh join the TNT set
Macho Man Savage vs. a jobber
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Lumberjack Match. MSG 2/17/86)
Int Savage (TV 3/1/86)
Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (Boston 3/8/86)
Randy Savage v. Tony Stetson (During the match, George "The Animal" Steele brings flowers to Elizabeth and Savage viciously attacks him. TV 3/15/86)
Int Savage (TV 3/15/86)
INT - Intercontinental Champion Randy "Macho Man" Savage (MSG 3/16/86)
Tito Santana v. Randy Savage (IC Title match - Good Match MSG 3/16/86)
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set (TNT 3/26/86)
Int Savage (TV 4/5/86)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (Wresltmania II 4/7/86)
Randy "Macho Man" Savage & Elizabeth interview (Primetime 4/21/86)
Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (MSG 4/22/86)

Disk 5

Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Detroit 4/26/686)
w/ Bob Orton v. Tito Santana & Paul Orndorff (Santana scores a clean pin on Savage! TV 5/3/86)
Int Randy "Macho Man" Savage (PT 5/5/86)
Flower Shop Savage & Elizabeth (TV 5/17/86)
Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (MSG 5/19/86)
Randy Savage v. Tito Santana (Phl 5/31/86)
The following 3 segments are from TNT 6/4/86
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set
Macho Man Savage vs. a jobber
Macho Man Savage ansewers questions from the audience
w/ Adrian Adonis v. Bruno Sammartino & Tito Santana (MSG 6/14/86)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Boston 6/27/86)
Update Randy Savage (6/28/86)
Randy Savage v. Paul Orndorff (Phl 6/28/86)
Int Savage (TV 6/28/86)
w/ Adrian Adonis v. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino (MSG 7/2/86)
Int Randy Savage (PT 7/7/86)
From TNT with Gene Okerlund & Lord Alfred Hayes. Their guest is Randy Savage and some doctor who is studying what it means to be "Macho". Footage is shown of this guy interviewing Savage as part of his case study. (PT 6/30/86)
Randy Savage v. Eric Cooper (7/12/86)
Int "Adorable" Adrian & "Macho Man" Randy Savage (some duo huh?) TV 7/12/86
w/ Adrian Adonis v. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino (Steel Cage Match. Boston 7/12/86) Inside the Steel Cage. Or PT 7/28/86

Disk 6

The following 3 segments are from 7/23/86
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set
Macho Man Savage vs. a jobber
Lord Alfred Hayes comes out dressed as Macho Man Savage
Int Hulk Hogan & George "The Animal" Steele, who'll be teaming up against Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis (TV 7/26/86)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (Phl 7/26/86)
Int Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis (TV 8/2/86)
Int Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis (TV 8/9/86)
Randy Savage v. Mark Fabian (TV 8/9/86)
Randy Savage v. Pedro Morales (Morales goes after his 3rd IC Title. MSG 8/15/86)
Int Randy Savage (PT 8/18/86)
Int Savage (TV 8/23/86)
Randy Savage v. Mancini (TV 8/30/86)
Int Savage (TV 8/30/86)
Int Savage (Superstars 9/6/86)
The following 4 segments are from TNT 9/10/86
Mean Gene visits Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth at their home
Mean Gene interviews Macho Man & Elizabeth by the pool at their home
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth join the TNT set
Macho Man Savage & Elizabeth ansewer questions from the audience
Int Savage (Superstars 9/13/86)
Randy Savage v. Tony Garea (Challenge 9/21/86)
Randy Savage v. Troy Martin ( Troy Martin would become better known several years later as SHANE DOUGLAS! Superstars 9/13/86)
Int Savage (PT 9/22/86)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (Toronto, 9/28/86) PT 10/14/86
Int Savage (Superstars 10/4/86)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (Boston 10/4/86)
Randy Savage v. Dan McGuire (Superstars 10/4/86)
Randy Savage v. Billy Jack Haynes (WC 10/12/86)
Int Savage (Superstars 10/18/86)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Phl 10/18/86)
Int Savage (Superstars 10/25/86)
Randy Savage v. Sivi Afi (Superstars 11/1/86)

Disk 7

Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Boston 11/1/86)
Randy Savage v. Billy Jack Haynes (Challenge 11/2/86)
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Phl 11/8/86)
Randy Savage v. Koko B. Ware (WC 11/16/86)
Promo Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat insists that he'll give his best shot at Randy Savage's IC Title. Superstars 11/22/86)
Ricky Steamboat v. Randy Savage (Both Dave Hebner and heel referee Danny Davis are in the ring to referee the match, but Hebner sends Davis away. It couldn't have gone any worse for Steamboat if Davis was there however, because in
probably the greatest injury angle to date, Savage CRUSHES STEAMBOAT'S THROAT WITH THE RING BELL !
Steamboat is stretchered out of the arena clutching his throat frantically. This angle was worked so well that many
people that were smart to the business really thought that Steamboat was REALLY INJURED! FANTASTIC STUFF!! Superstars 11/22/86)
Bruno Sammartino is in the back as the medics are rushing around trying to work on Ricky Steamboat. Bruno sounds all choked up as he watches everyone running around trying to save The Dragon. (Superstars 11/22/86)
Bruno Sammartino gives a further update on the status of Ricky Steamboat (Superstars 11/22/86)
Bruno, in the back gives us one more report on Steamboat when he's interrupted by Randy Savage. Savage tells Bruno how proud he is of himself for injuring Steamboat and an enraged Sammartino ATTACKS SAVAGE AND BEATS THE HELL OUT OF HIM! Superstars 11/22/86)
Update Ricky Steamboat's injury at the hands of Randy Savage. Steamboat's wife Bonnie speaks to Gene Okerlund over the phone regarding her husband's recovery. (Superstars 11/29/86)
Injury report- Gene Okerlund interviews Ricky Steamboat's doctor about his injury. Footage of last weeks attack of Randy Savage on Steamboat is shown. (Superstars 11/29/86)
Randy Savage v. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (very good and very RARE heel v. heel match. SNME 11/29/86)
Randy Savage v. SD Jones (Superstars 12/6/86)
Update: "Macho Man" Randy Savage gloats over putting Ricky Steamboat out of wrestling (Superstars 12/13/86)
Update Ricky Steamboat's injury at the hands of Randy Savage. Footage is shown of Steamboat learning how to talk again. (Superstars 12/20/86)
Int Randy Savage (Superstars 12/20/86)
Nick Kinski (Superstars 12/27/86)
Update Ricky Steamboat has some words for Randy Savage (Superstars 12/27/86)
Randy Savage v. Bruno Sammartino (Boston 1/3/87) or PT 2/13/87

Disk 8

Randy Savage v. George Steele (RICKY STEAMBOAT MAKES HIS RETURN! SNME 1/3/87)
Piper's Pit Randy Savage & Elizabeth (Superstars 1/10/87)
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Phl 1/10/87)
Randy Savage v. Bruno Sammartino (Lumberjack Match Boston 2/7/87)
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Phl 2/14/87)
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Toronto 2/15/87)
Randy Savage, Harley Race & Adrian Adonis v. Ricky Steamboat, JYD, & Roddy Piper (6man elimination tag match. This format would be used later on in the year as the basis for the SURVIVOR SERIES. MSG 2/23/87)
Randy Savage v. Sivi Afi (Superstars 3/14/87)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (SNME 3/14/87)
Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat (Wrestlemania 3 - March 29, 1987 in Pontiac, MI - ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL MATCH!
Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant may have headlined this show, but Savage v. Steamboat STOLE IT! This match is THE GREATEST INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH OF ALL TIME!)

Disk 9

Randy Savage v. JYD (PT 4/13/87)
Randy Savage v. SD Jones (Superstars 5/2/87)
Randy Savage v. George Steele (Lumberjack Match SNME 5/2/87)
Int Savage (5/11/87)
Snake Pit Savage (Superstars 6/20/87)
Randy Savage v. Dave Stoudemire (Mr. T comes out to the ring, but Randy Savage refuses to shake his hand. WC 6/28/87)
Randy Savage v. Sonny Rogers (Savage, still technically a heel, is getting a lot of cheers from the crowd. Superstars 7/4/87)
Randy Savage v. Omar Atlas (Savage seems to be between pushes here, as the WWF doesn't seem to have him working a particularly heelish style. It apparently is working for him though, as he's definitely getting more cheers now than boos. Superstars 7/19/87)
Randy Savage v. Sivi Afi (PT 7/27/87)
Int Randy Savage, who congratulates the Honkytonk Man on becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. Savage also talks about his plans on finally beating Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight Champion. (PT 7/27/87)
Snake Pit Jake asks Randy Savage about what he thinks of Jimmy Hart and the Honkytonk Man saying that the reason why HTM beat Ricky Steamboat for the IC Title, while Savage couldn't, was because Honky was just a bit better than Savage. Savage talks around the subject, but you can tell he's not too happy about those comments. (PT 8/3/87)
Randy Savage v. Steve Lombardi (Savage is essentially a babyface here, as he's clearly getting cheered pretty well now. Superstars 8/15/87)
Randy Savage v. Tiger Chung Lee (Superstars 9/5/87)
Honkytonk Man & Jimmy Hart re-iterates that he's the greatest IC Champion of all time. Randy Savage immediately finds Jimmy Hart and roughs him up for talking trash about him.WC 9/20/87 or PT 9/17/87
Randy Savage vs. Omar Atlas (WC 9/20/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Savage gets a rare clean victory over HTM!. It was a non title match though. MSG 9/21/87) check quality
Special Interview The Honkytonk Man declares himself to be not only the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, but specifically better than RANDY "MACHO MAN" SAVAGE ever was. HTM was going to give 10 reasons why he was a better champion than Savage, but only got as far as #3 before Savage ran out to challenge him to an impromptu title match. Savage goes straight to the ring to wait for the Honkytonk Man, but HTM and Jimmy Hart run to the back, wanting no part of the Macho Man. Superstars 9/26/87
Int Randy Savage (Superstars 9/26/87)
Update: Randy Savage/Honky Tonk Man confrontation (WC 10/4/87)
Disk 10

Interviews with both the Honkytonk Man & Randy Savage about their upcoming Intercontinental Title match on tonight's Saturday Night's Main Event. (WC 10/4/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (The MEGA POWERS are born as Savage is triple teamed by HTM and the Hart
Foundation. Elizabeth runs to the back and brings out HULK HOGAN who makes the save. Savage & Hogan shake hands and the rest is history. Yeah I feel the same way about Hogan as you do, but tell me who DIDN'T mark out when this happened in 1987?)
Int Honkytonk Man comments on Randy Savage and their match at the 10/87 Saturday Nights Main Event when HTM blasted Savage over the head with his guitar. (Superstars 10/10/87)
Randy Savage v. Killer Kahn (MSG 10/16/86) check quality
Int Savage (PT 10/22/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Houston 11/6/87)
Int Randy Savage and his Survivor Series team of Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, Jake Roberts & Jim Duggan (Superstars 11/7/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Boston 11/7/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Phl 11/7/87)
Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (y'know, it's a shame Savage had to get old. During the mid 80's Savage outclassed, and outworked virtually the entire WWF Roster. Whether as a face or a heel, he was great to watch. MSG 11/24/87)

Disk 11

Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat v. Honkytonk Man, Ron Bass, Danny Davis, Hercules & Harley Race (Survivor Series 1987)
Randy Savage v. Bret Hart (GREAT MATCH! Grudge match from the previous Saturday Night's Main Event. SNME 11/28/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Jimmy Hart is suspended above the ring in a small cage. Boston 12/12/87)
Honkytonk Man v. Randy Savage (Jimmy Hart has to be suspended above the ring in a cage. MSG 12/26/87)
Randy Savage v. Killer Kahn (PT 12/28/87)
Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man (Steel Cage Phl 1/9/88)
Randy Savage v. Terry Gibbs (Immediately following the match, Honkytonk Man and Peggy Sue [Sensational Sherri in a blonde wig] taunt Savage about their upcoming IC Title match at the 2/5/88 Main Event special. WC 1/31/88)
Randy Savage v. Honky Tonk Man (Interesting story here, as Savage was supposed to win the intercontinental Title here, but HTM complained and threatened to jump ship to the NWA. McMahon changed the script to allow HTM to keep the title, but when Savage heard about this, he promised to SHOOT on HTM during the show which was to be broadcast LIVE! In order to avert a surefire disaster, McMahon promised Savage the World Title at Wrestlemania 4, which was supposed to be won by DiBiase. Good thing DiBiase didn't get upset huh? Main Event 2/5/88)

Disk 12

Int Savage (PT 2/11/88)
Int Savage & Strike Force (Superstars 2/20/88)
w/ Strike Force v. Honkytonk Man & The Hart Foundation (6 man Steel Cage match. 3/5/88)
Randy Savage v. Iron Mike Sharpe (Superstars 3/5/88)
Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (GREAT MATCH! SNME 3/12/88)
The following 4 matches are from the WWF World Championship Tournament. Wrestlemania IV 3/27/88
Randy Savage v. Butch Reed (First Round)
Randy Savage v. Greg Valentine (Second Round)
Randy Savage v. One Man Gang (Semi-Final Round)
Randy Savage v. Ted TiBiase (Randy Savage defeats DiBiase to win the WWF Title.)

Disk 13

Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Savage's first title defense since winning the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 4. GREAT MATCH!
Both Savage and DiBiase were two of the best workers in the WWF at the time. MSG 4/25/88)
Randy Savage v. One Man Gang (SNME 4/30/88)
Special Interview Randy Savage. Ted DiBiase and Virgil come to the interview set to confront Savage. (Superstars 5/7/88)
Randy Savage v. Virgil (Duluth MN - 5/10/88) WWF High Flyers or Macho Madness
Int Savage (Superstars 5/14/88)
Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Return match from last month's MSG card - ANOTHER GREAT MATCH! In the opening seconds of the match, Savage absolutely DRILLS Ted with a wicked double forearm and breaks his nose! MSG 5/27/88)
Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Steel Cage match. These guys couldn't have a bad match if they tried. Near the close of the match, some idiot fan jumps the guard rail and actually CLIMBS THE CAGE to stop Virgil from interfering. MSG 6/25/88)
Update Savage & DiBiase's feud. (PT 7/18/88)
Savage v. Ted Dibiase (VERY GOOD MATCH, WrestleFest 7/30/88, Milwaukee) Macho Madness
Special Interview Randy Savage introduces Hulk Hogan as his tag team partner for the Summerslam main event. (PT 8/1/88)
Randy Savage v. Conquistador #1 (PT 8/15/88)
Int The Megapowers (Summerslam 8/29/88)
Disk 14

Megapowers v. Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant (Summerslam 8/29/88)
Gorilla Monsoon welcomes WWF Champion Randy Savage to the Primetime set. Bobby Heenan leaves the area. (PT 9/13/88)
Randy Savage v. Ted DiBiase (Steel Cage match. Phl 9/24/88)
Randy Savage v. Andre the Giant (MSG 9/29/88)
Randy Savage v. Akeem (Paris, France 10/7/88) PT 11/8/88
Randy Savage v. Bad News Brown (Boston 10/10/88)
Randy Savage v. Andre the Giant (MSG 10/27/88)
Brother Love Hercules & Randy Savage (PT 11/1/88)

Disk 15

Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Hercules, Koko B. Ware, & Hillbilly Jim beat Ted DiBiase, Big Boss Man, Akeem, Haku, & Red Rooster (The first chink in the armor of the Mega Powers shows, as Savage isn't too happy with Hulk Hogan at the end of the match. Survivor Series 11/24/88)
Randy Savage v. Andre the Giant (SNME 11/26/88)
Brother Love Randy Savage (PT 12/5/88)
Special Interview Randy Savage (PT 12/12/88)
Randy Savage v. Haku (Phl 12/18/88)
Brother Love show Love harasses Elizabeth about Bad News Brown's allegations. Needless to say, Savage isn't far behind. (Phl 12/18/88)
Bad News Brown cuts another good promo about his upcoming title match with Randy "Macho Man" Savage. (MSG 12/30/88)
Randy Savage v. Bad News Brown (VERY GOOD MATCH! 12/30/88)
Hulk Hogan with Elizabeth - vs - Akeem with Slick (The Breakup of the Megapowers looms, as Savage refuses to aid his "partner" when Hogan is double teamed by Akeem and the Bossman. SNME 1/7/89)
Randy Savage v. Bad News Brown (Phl 1/14/89)
Randy Savage v. Bad News Brown (street fight match Ontario 1/16/89)

Disk 16

Randy Savage v. Akeem (The Big Bossman runs in to attack Savage and Hulk Hogan comes in to make the save. TV 1/21/89)
Randy Savage in the 1989 Royal Rumble. Savage is fighting with Bad News Brown when Hulk Hogan eliminates both of them. Savage jumps back in and is EXTREMELY upset with Hogan! Elizabeth calms them down though, and the
Megapowers shake hands and Savage leaves the ring again.
The Megapowers v. TheTwin Towers [Big Bssman & Akeem] (The Mega Powers break up as Hogan takes an injured Elizabeth to the back and leaves Savage to fight the Twin Towers single handedly. Savage was already jealous of Hogan and Elizabeth and this pushed him over the edge as Savage finalized his heel turn and set up Hogan v. Savage at Wrestlemania 5. Main Event 2/3/89)
Randy Savage v. Ultimate Warrior (Boston 2/11/89)
Update The breakup of the Megapowers. Hulk Hogan challenges Savage to a title match at Wrestlemania 5. (PT 2/13/89)
Several interviews with both Savage & Hogan as they give their side of the story.
Randy Savage v. Ultimate Warrior (MSG 2/20/89)
More from Hogan & Savage, regarding their upcoming title match at Wrestlemania 5. Elizabeth makes her decision as to who's corner she'll be in at Wrestlemania 5. Let's just say that Savage isn't very happy about her answer. SNME 3/11/89
Still more from both Savage & Hogan regarding their breakup and their upcoming title match.

Disc 17

Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Hogan regains the WWF Title. Wrestlemania V - 4/2/89)
Post WrestleMania 5 Hogan & Liz/Savage & Sherri Confrontation (PT 4/10/89)
Brother Love Show w/Randy Savage (announces Sherri as his new manager. PT 4/24/89)
Brother Love Show w/Brutus Beefcake (Savage & Sherri cut Beefcake's hair. PT 4/24/89)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Rematch from Wrestlemania 5. MSG 4/26/89 Good quality)
Randy Savage v. Jim Neidhart (SNME 5/27/89)
Randy Savage v. Brutus Beefcake (MSG 7/10/89 good quality)
Int - Randy Savage & Zeus (PT 7/18/89)

Disk 18

Randy Savage v. Brutus Beefcake (Hulk Hogan & Zeus both run in, setting up the main event for Summerslam 89. SNME 7/29/89)
Int Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri & Zeus (Summerslam 89)
w/ Zeus v. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (Summerslam 8/28/89)
Update: Randy Savage beats Jim Duggan for the King Title (PT 9/15/89)
"Macho KING" Randy Savage Coronation (PT 10/2/89)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (Paris, France 10/13/89 World Tour 1990)
Randy Savage v. Jimmy Snuka (SNME 10/14/89)
Brother Love Show w/Randy Savage & Sherri (PT 10/16/89)

Disk 19

Randy Savage v. Jim Duggan (MSG 10/28/89)
Randy Savage, Canadian Earthquake, Dino Bravo, & Greg Valentine v. Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Ronnie Garvin, & Hercules (Survivor Series 11/23/89)
Brother Love Show Sensational Sherri & Elizabeth! Needless to say, it's not long before there's a confrontation. Jim Duggan comes in to help Liz. (MSG 11/25/89)
Randy Savage v. Jim Duggan (MSG 11/25/89)

Disk 20

w/ Zeus v. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake ("No Holds Barred" steel cage match 12/12/89 Supertape 1)
Randy Savage v. Roddy Piper (Miami, FL 1/22/90 Wrestlefest 90)
Randy Savage v. Jim Duggan (SNME 1/27/90)
Randy Savage v. Dusty Rhodes (2/13/90 -Battle of the WWF Superstars)
Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan (With special guest referee James "Buster" Douglas. SNME 2/23/90)
Randy Savage v. Dusty Rhodes (PT 3/25/90)
w/ Sensational Sherri v. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (Wrestlemania 6 4/1/90)
Dusty Rhodes v. Bob Salza (No match, as Randy Savage attacks Rhodes, and Sensational Sherri ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS SAPPHIRE!
Superstars 4/14/90)

Disk 21

w/Sensational Sherri v. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (Dayton, OH 6/25/90 - Hottest Matches)
Brother Love "Macho King" Randy Savage & Queen Sherri (Superstars 6/16/90)
The following 6 segments are from Summerslam, 8/27/90
Queen Sherri v. Sapphire (Sherri wins the match via forfeit when Sapphire fails to show up for the match.)
Int - Dusty Rhodes, who has no idea where Sapphire went to.
Int Queen Sherri
Int Dusty Rhodes
Int - Randy Savage
Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Savage (w/Sherri) (Sapphire leaves Dusty and is bought by Ted Dibiase. Needless to say, Dusty is so distracted that Savage has little trouble in putting Dusty away. Dusty runs to the back afterward to find Sapphire leaving in a limousine with DiBiase.)
Brother Love Queen Sherri, who badmouths the Ultimate Warrior while demanding a title match for Randy Savage.Tthe Warrior comes out and rips up Sherri's contract. Sherri slaps the Warrior several times before running off. (Superstars 9/8/90)
Update Ultimate Warrior throwing a fit backstage after being slapped around by Sherri on the Brother Love show. The Warrior beats the hell out of everyone who he came across, while looking for Savage and Sherri. (Superstars 9/22/90)
Randy Savage v. Dusty Rhodes (SNME 10/13/90)
Update The growing feud between Randy Savage & The Ultimate Warrior (Superstars 10/20/90)
Ultimate Warrior v. Ted DiBiase (10/30/90 taped for the 11/90 episode of SNME. Savage runs in and beats the hell out of the Warrior.)
Randy Savage v. Randy Savage (The Warrior completely DEMOLISHES Savage in a 1 min 30 second squash! 10/30/90) (2nd Annual Battle of the WWF Superstars)
Randy Savage v. Koko B. Ware (Superstars 12/22/90)
Int "Macho King" Randy Savage challenges the winner of the WWF Championship match between Sgt. Slaughter & the Ultimate Warrior.
Royal Rumble 91
Queen Sherri tries in a very seductive manner to get the Warrior to agree to give Randy Savage a title shot. The Warrior in no uncertain terms, refuses Sherri's request. (Royal Rumble 91)
Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter (In Progress. Savage interferes in the match, costing Warrior the title. Royal Rumble 1/19/91
Randy Savage v. Ultimate Warrior (GOOD STEEL CAGE MATCH! After the match, Warrior absolutely DESTROYS Sherri. MSG 1/21/91)

Disk 22

Update A match is announced for Wrestlemania 7 between Randy Savage & The Ultimate Warrior where the loser of the match must retire! 2/9/91
Int Savage & The Warrior about their upcoming retirement match at Wrestlemania 7. (PT 2/18/91)
Int Savage & The Warrior (PT 2/25/91)
Int Savage & The Warrior (PT 3/4/91)
Brother Love Randy Savage & Sherri
Brother Love Ultimate Warrior 'ends Brother Love's career', as he delivers a hellacious beating to the faux evangelist in what would be the final Brother Love interview segment.
Ultimate Warrior (GREAT MATCH! The Warrior pins Savage in a "Career Ending" match. Savage reunites with Elizabeth and turns babyface after the match and of course, is wrestling before the year is out. Wrestlemania 7 3/24/91)
Randy Savage v. Rick Martel (Did I say before the year is out? Hell, Savage is wrestling again THE VERY NEXT DAY! 3/25/91 World Tour 91)
Miss Elizabeth joins the Prime Time Set for an Interview (Highlights of Elizabeth 's WWF career. PT 4/15/91)
Heenan cracks a joke about Savage which provokes Randy Savage to put a bucket over Heenan's head. PT 4/15/91)
Special Report: Miss Elizabeth announces she loves Randy Savage. Randy Savage responds. (PT 7/1/91)
Barbershop Randy Savage hints that he plans on proposing to Elizabeth, and that if she says yes, they'll get married at Summerslam, which would be held next month at MSG 7/1/91
Miss Elizabeth Interview (Randy Savage proposes to her and she says, Ohhhh Yeahhhh !!! PT 7/8/91) or Superstars 7/6/91
Randy Savage joins the set for an Interview (Savage talks about his upcoming wedding. PT 7/8/91)

Disk 23

Update: Randy Savage & Elizabeth to get married at Summer Slam plus the Main Event. PT 7/15/91
A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! Randy Savage & Elizabeth get married at Summerslam 91.
Update Footage from Summerslam, including the Wedding between Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Clips are shown of the reception where the newlyweds opened a gift from the Jake Roberts which turned out to be a king cobra. Afterward, Jake Roberts attacked Savage, with Sid Justice running Jake off. (Superstars 8/31/91)
Ted DiBiase v. Virgil (Ontario 9/10/91 Savage is the guest referee. Invasion 1992)
Update Gene Okerlund interviews Randy Savage about the events of the wedding reception where Jake Roberts attacked Savage & Elizabeth. Savage wants to be re-instated as a wrestler so he can wrestle Jake Roberts. (Superstars 9/21/91)
Randy Savage joins the Primetime set for an Interview (PT 10/14/91 occasional tracking lines during this segment.)
Big Bully Busick picks on people in the crowd but Randy Savage attacks the Bully and sends him off behind the curtains (PT 10/14/91)
Int Jim Duggan & "Mr. Madness" on their upcoming match with Roberts & The Undertaker. Mr. Madness is clearly Randy "Macho Man" Savage, but his image is completely distorted by the camera as Savage has not been reinstated as a wrestler by the WWF. (Superstars 11/16/91)
Jack Tunney comments on Randy Savage's requests to be reinstated, and that they're taking the matter under advisement. (11/16/91)
Roddy Piper and Randy Savage interviews Elizabeth, who hopes that her husband Randy Savage will be reinstated as a wrestler to fight Jake Roberts (Superstars 11/23/91)
Jake Roberts v. Bob Werner (Jake taunts Savage after the match, and Savaage rushes the ring only to be attacked by Roberts who ties The Macho man up in the ropes and MAKES HIS KING COBRA BITE HIM!!! Roddy Piper and Elizabeth come out with the medical team to stretcher Savage out. Savage was indeed bitten by that snake, and yes it was supposed to happen. Jake of course, drained the venom from the snake prior to the match, so that Savage would only receive a bite wound, but not be poisoned by the Snake.
Little known fact: Shortly after this segment, that snake actually died. When Jake told Savage that Savage killed his snake, Savage said: "Hey, I told the snake to back off." (Superstars 11/23/91)
Jack Tunney announces Randy Savage has been reinstated. PT 12/2/91
Interviews w/Randy Savage & Jake Roberts about Tuesday in Texas PPV (PT 12/2/91)
Randy Savage v. Jake Roberts (12/3/91 Tuesday in Texas)
Post Match Randy Savage Interview (Tuesday in Texas)
Update Randy Savage defeats Jake Roberts at Tuesday in Texas, but is attacked by Jake afterward who then beats up Elizabeth (Superstars 12/14/91)
w/ Jim Duggan v. Undertaker & Jake Roberts (San Antonio, TX 12/4/91 - Invasion 1992)
Special Interview Randy Savage & Elizabeth (Superstars 1/4/92)
Randy Savage v. Barbarian (Superstars 1/18/92)
Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Undertaker, Randy Savage and Sid Justice all talk about why they should be the one to face Ric Flair for the WWF Title at Wrestlemania. (Superstars 1/25/92)

Disk 24

1. Randy Savage v. Jake Roberts (MSG 1/31/92. This was Jake's last MSG appearance for 4 years, and to my knowledge [I might be wrong here], Elizabeth's last MSG appearance ever.)

2. Randy Savage v. Jake Roberts (Savage cleanly pins Jake Roberts, but it looks like Jake may have the last laugh, as while Savage is celebrating in the
ring, Jake is waiting behind the curtain with a chair and is ready to hit Elizabeth with it when THE UNDERTAKER SNATCHES THE CHAIR
AWAY FROM JAKE! Savage gets Elizabeth away and brawls with Roberts, but the question remains as to why the Undertaker stopped Jake from
attacking Savage & Elizabeth. Superstars 2/92)

3. Int Ric Flair

4. Int Randy Savage

5. Update Ric Flair. He's interviewed by Vince McMahon on his yacht, and claims to have had an affair with Elizabeth

6. Update Ric Flair & Curt Hennig hold a press conference about Randy Savage & Elizabeth

7. Int Elizabeth

8. Int Ric Flair & Curt Hennig as they are about to board Flair's private jet

9. Randy Savage v. Ric Flair (Savage wins his second WWF Title. Wrestlemania VIII 4/5/92)

Disk 25

1. Randy Savage v. Irwin R. Schyster (Kalamazoo, MI 4/8/92) - Wr

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