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Boston Celtics Games on DVD (L.Bird) 1990-1992 - FREE SHIPPING    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2LLVCV   

Boston Celtics Games on DVD (L.Bird) 1990-1992 - FREE SHIPPING
All games are $9.99 each. Greater orders are given discount.

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3/23/90 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 23 pts, Dominique Wilkins 13 pts) (A)

3/24/90 Celtics vs Knicks (Larry Bird 19 pts, Patrick Ewing 51 pts - Career High!) (A)

3/30/90 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird 33 pts) (B)

4/3/90 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird 19 pts) (A)

4/4/90 Celtics vs Nets (Larry Bird 41 pts) (C)

4/12/90 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 40 pts) (C)

4/15/90 Celtics vs Knicks (Larry Bird 17 pts) (A)

4/17/90 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 35 pts, Michael Jordan 23 pts) (starts at 4-2 in the 1st qtr) (A)

4/20/90 Celtics vs Bulls (Michael Jordan 45 pts, Larry Bird DNP) (A)

4/26/90 Celtics vs Knicks Playoffs Game 1 (Larry Bird 24 pts, 10 assists, and 18 rebounds) (A)

4/28/90 Celtics vs Knicks Playoffs Game 2 (Larry Bird 15 pts) (A)

5/2/90 Celtics vs Knicks Playoffs Game 3 (Larry Bird 31 pts) (A)

5/4/90 Celtics vs Knicks Playoffs Game 4 ((Larry Bird 21 pts, Patrick Ewing 44 pts) (A)

5/6/90 Celtics vs Knicks Playoffs Game 5 (Larry Bird 31 pts, Patrick Ewing 31 pts and hits a 3 pointer as the shot clock expires to seal game) (A) (Rebroadcast)

11/2/90 Celtics vs Cavs (Larry Bird 18 pts) (B)

11/6/90 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 24 pts, Michael Jordan 33 pts) (Brian Shaw BUZZER BEATER!) (A)

11/9/90 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 23 pts, Michael Jordan 41 pts) (starts at 2-0 in the 1st qtr) (A)

11/14/90 Celtics vs Hornets (Larry Bird 45 pts) (A)

11/16/90 Celtics vs Jazz (Larry Bird 23 pts) (D)

11/24/90 Celtics vs Cavs (Larry Bird 29 pts) (A)

11/26/90 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 21 pts) (C)

11/28/90 Celtics vs Hawks (game is called due to wet floor) (B)

11/30/90 Celtics vs Bullets (Larry Bird 21 pts and his 20,000 career point game) (B)

12/3/90 Celtics vs Sonics (Larry Bird 11 pts) (A)

12/5/90 Celtics vs Nuggets (Larry Bird 43 pts) (A)

12/7/90 Celtics vs Mavs (Larry Bird 6 pts) (A)

12/8/90 Celtics vs Spurs (Larry Bird 11 pts, David Robinson 27 pts) (starts at 58-47 in the 3rd qtr) (C)

12/10/90 Celtics vs Rockets (Larry Bird 21 pts) (C)

12/12/90 Celtics vs Bucks (Larry Bird 30 pts) (B)

12/14/90 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird 16 pts) (A)

12/28/90 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 15 pts, Dominique Wilkins 31 pts) (B)

1/2/91 Celtics vs Knicks (Larry Bird 15 pts) (A)

1/23/91 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird DNP) (A)

2/6/91 Celtics vs Hornets (Larry Bird 18 pts) (A)

2/14/91 Celtics vs Warriors (Larry Bird 29 pts) (C)

2/15/91 Celtics vs Lakers (Larry Bird 11 pts, Magic Johnson 21 pts) (last regular season meeting between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird) (A)

2/19/91 Celtics vs Suns (Larry Bird 11 pts) (A)

2/24/91 Celtics vs Pacers (Larry Bird 14 pts, Reggie Miller 26 pts) (A)

2/26/91 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 12 pts, Michael Jordan 39 pts, Scottie Pippen 33 pts) (B)

2/27/91 Celtics vs Timberwolves (Larry Bird 35 pts) (A)

3/1/91 Celtics vs Spurs (Larry Bird 29 pts) (B)

3/3/91 Celtics vs Blazers (Larry Bird 28 pts) (B)

3/4/91 Celtics vs Pacers (Larry Bird 29 pts with 7 three pointers!) (B)

3/6/91 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 23 pts) (A)

3/8/91 Celtics vs Clippers (Larry Bird 22 pts and high fives the opposing team after hitting a 3 pointer) (A)

3/10/91 Celtics vs Blazers (Larry Bird 27 pts) (A)

3/13/91 Celtics vs Jazz (Larry Bird 25 pts) (A)

3/17/91 Celtics vs Sixers (Larry Bird 23 pts, Charles Barkley 38 pts) (NOT ENGLISH) (A)

3/19/91 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 17 pts, Dominique Wilkins 21 pts) (A)

3/29/91 Celtics vs Cavs (Larry Bird 17 pts, Robert Parish buzzer beater) (A)

3/31/91 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 34 pts, Michael Jordan 37 pts) (A)

4/26/91 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 1 (Larry Bird 21 pts) (A)

4/28/91 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 2 (Larry Bird 18 pts, Chuck Person 39 pts) (B)

5/1/91 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 3 (Larry Bird 15 pts) (A)

5/3/91 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 4 (Larry Bird 18 pts) (A)

5/5/91 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 5 (Larry Bird 32 pts, suffers concussion and breaks cheek bones after hitting his head on the floor, but dramatically returns in the 3rd qtr) (A)

5/7/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 1 (Larry Bird DNP) (A)

5/9/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 2 (Larry Bird 16 pts) (bird flies from the rafters and above the court, crowd chants LARRY! LARRY! and ignites the Celtics to victory) (A)

5/11/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 3 (Larry Bird 10 pts) (A)

5/13/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 4 (Larry Bird 13 pts) (A)

5/15/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 5 (Larry Bird 16 pts) (A)

5/17/91 Celtics vs Pistons Playoffs Game 6 (Larry Bird 12 pts) (A)

10/11/91 Celtics vs Lakers (preseason) (Larry Bird 11 pts, Magic Johnson 18 pts) (A)

11/1/91 Celtics vs Hornets (Larry Bird 23 pts) (B)

11/5/91 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 20 pts) (B)

11/6/91 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 30 pts, Michael Jordan 44 pts) (A)

11/8/91 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 17 pts, Dominique Wilkins 36 pts) (C)

11/12/91 Celtics vs Kings (Larry Bird 20 pts) (A)

11/13/91 Celtics vs Suns (Larry Bird 27 pts) (D)

11/15/91 Celtics vs Sixers (Larry Bird 24 pts, Charles Barkley 28 pts) (A)

11/16/91 Celtics vs Hornets (Larry Bird 25 pts) (A)

11/20/91 Celtics vs Pacers (Larry Bird 26 pts, Reggie Miller 26 pts) (A)

11/23/91 Celtics vs Nets (Larry Bird 19 pts) (A)

11/25/91 Celtics vs Bullets (Larry Bird 18 pts) (D)

11/27/91 Celtics vs Magic (Larry Bird 32 pts) (B)

11/29/91 Celtics vs Lakers (Larry Bird 22 pts) (A)

11/30/91 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 11 pts, Dominique Wilkins 21 pts) (A)

12/4/91 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 28 pts) (A)

12/6/91 Celtics vs Knicks (Larry Bird 31 pts) (A)

12/9/91 Celtics vs Nuggets (Larry Bird 14 pts) (A)

12/13/91 Celtics vs Sonics (Larry Bird 28 pts) (B)

12/18/91 Celtics vs Bucks (Larry Bird 15 pts) (A)

12/20/91 Celtics vs Jazz (Larry Bird 20 pts, Karl Malone 39 pts) (A)

12/25/91 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 8 pts, Michael Jordan 14 pts) (A)

12/27/91 Celtics vs Sonics (Larry Bird 25 pts) (C)

12/30/91 Celtics vs Clippers (Larry Bird 14 pts) (B)

3/1/92 Celtics vs Mavs (Larry Bird 26 pts) (A)

3/4/92 Celtics vs Magic (Larry Bird 17 pts) (A)

3/6/92 Celtics vs Clippers (Larry Bird 19 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast)

3/8/92 Celtics vs Magic (Larry Bird 15 pts) (A)

3/10/92 Celtics vs Heat (Larry Bird 9 pts) (B)

3/11/92 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird 10 pts, Michael Jordan 32 pts) (broadcast cut away for part of the 3rd qtr) (A)

3/13/92 Celtics vs Nets (Larry Bird 28 pts, Drazen Petrovic 39 pts) (2ND HALF ONLY) (B)

3/15/92 Celtics vs Blazers (Larry Bird 49 pts and has an amazing 3 pointer to force first of 2 OT's!) (A) (Remastered)

3/20/92 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird 21 pts, Dennis Rodman 10 pts and 25 rebounds, Isiah Thomas 27 pts) (C)

3/22/92 Celtics vs Warriors (Larry Bird 11 pts) (A)

3/25/92 Celtics vs Nets (Larry Bird 25 pts) (B)

3/27/92 Celtics vs Pistons (Larry Bird 21 pts) (A)

3/29/92 Celtics vs Hawks (Larry Bird 20 pts) (A)

4/1/92 Celtics vs Bullets (Larry Bird 13 pts) (A)

4/3/92 Celtics vs Pacers (Larry Bird 16 pts, Reggie Miller 17 pts) (A)

4/5/92 Celtics vs Bulls (Larry Bird DNP, Michael Jordan 26 pts) (A)

4/23/92 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 1 (Larry Bird DNP, Reggie Miller 29 pts) (A)

4/25/92 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 2 (Larry Bird DNP, Reggie Miller 20 pts) (A)

4/27/92 Celtics vs Pacers Playoffs Game 3 (Larry Bird DNP, Reggie Miller 32 pts) (A)

5/2/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 1 (Larry Bird DNP) (A)

5/4/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 2 (Larry Bird DNP) (A)

5/8/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 3 (Larry Bird DNP) (A)

5/10/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 4 (Larry Bird 4 pts, Reggie Lewis 42 pts) (A) (Rebroadcast - full screen)

5/13/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 5 (Larry Bird 13 pts) (B)

5/15/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 6 (Larry Bird 16 pts in his last game at the Boston Garden) (A)

5/17/92 Celtics vs Cavs Playoffs Game 7 (Larry Bird 12 pts in his final game ever!) (A)

8/18/92 Larry Bird retirement press conference (B) (Rebroadcast)

2/4/93 Larry Bird retirement ceremony (A)

1998 Hall of Fame Enshrinement (Larry Bird) (A) (Rebroadcast)

2004 2 on 2 interview featuring Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony (Larry Bird makes some controversial comments) (A)

1981 Celtics Championship Series - The Dynasty Renewed (A)

1984 Celtics Championship Series - Pride and Passion (A)

1986 Celtics Championship Series - Sweet Sixteen (A)

1987 Celtics Championship Series - Home of the Brave (A)

Celtics Dynasty (A)

Larry Bird - A Basketball Legend (A)

Larry Bird - Overtime (A)

Larry Bird - Sports Century (A)

Larry Bird - Larry Bird's 50 Greatest Moments (A)

Larry Bird - The Legend at 50 (A)

Magic and Bird - A Courtship of Rivals (A)

Magic vs Bird: The Game that Changed the Game (1979 NCAA Finals) (A)


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