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NOTE: Since I trade with people all over the world, some of my more rare NBA DVDs (about 10%) may not be US region DVDs which means they may not play on your standard US DVD player, unless you have a region-free DVD player. Some DVD players are region free or can be converted to region-free. If this may be an issue for you or you are not sure what you have, let me know and I can check the DVD you are interested in to be sure.

60's & 70's Season
Nov. 14th, 1943 Lions vs. Redskins (B&W - C quality)
1948 Steelers vs. Redskins (B&W - C quality)
Dec. 31st, 1961 NFL Championship Packers vs. Giants Packers win 37-0 (B&W - C quality)
Dec. 23rd, 1962 AFL Championship Dallas Texans vs. Houston Oilers Texans dethrone two-time champs in 2OTs (B&W - C quality)
Nov. 17th, 1968 Raiders vs. Jets The "Heidi Game" (Only last :40 seconds of actual gameplay (incl. last 2TDs) is shown; complete game is unknown to exist anywhere - VERY RARE) Recap:
Aug. 16th, 1969 Preseason Bears vs. Packers Annual Shriners Game f/ Sayers & Butkus playing complete game (RARE; C quality)
Aug. 30th, 1969 Preseason Redskins vs. Lions Featuring Vince Lombardi as Redskins coach (C quality)
1970 Preseason Steelers vs. Giants Terry Bradshaw's NFL Debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 21st, 1970 MNF Jets vs. Browns First ever Monday Night Football game (C quality)
Sept. 28th, 1970 MNF Colts vs. Chiefs KC records 5 INT's in the second ever MNF game (Missing final minute - C quality)
Nov. 23rd, 1970 MNF Giants vs. Eagles Howard Cosell drunk on the air (C quality)
Nov. 27th, 1972 Dolphins vs. Cardinals (C quality)
Oct. 20th, 1975 MNF Bills vs. Giants Featuring O.J. Simpson (C quality)
Sept. 18th, 1977 Cowboys vs. Vikings Tony Dorsett's regular season debut (RARE - C quality)
Oct. 30th, 1977 Bears vs. Packers Walter Payton 205 yards (C quality)
Dec. 11th, 1977 Buccs vs. Saints Buccs get their 1st ever franchise win after starting 0-26 (RARE - C quality)
1978 Colts vs. Patriots (C quality)
Sept. 10th, 1978 Raiders vs. Chargers "Holy Roller" AKA "Immaculate Deception" game (JIP late 1st quarter - C quality)Recap:
Sept. 24th, 1978 Oilers vs. Rams Houston rookie Earl Campbell's memorable run through Isiah Robertson & Bill Simpson that ended with a concussion (C quality)
Nov. 19th, 1978 Eagles vs. Giants "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" (C quality) Recap:
Nov. 19th, 1978 Seahawks vs. Chiefs (C quality)
Dec. 17th, 1978 Raiders vs. Vikings John Madden's final game coached (C quality)
Oct. 21st, 1979 49ers vs. Falcons Pre-Montana, Bill Walsh gets his first NFL win after starting season 0-7 (RARE - C quality)
Nov. 25th, 1979 Vikings vs. Buccs First Pat Summerall & John Madden broadcast as a tandem (RARE - C quality)
Dec. 16th, 1979 Bears vs. Cardinals On a cold, snowy, 18 degree day, Payton rushes for 157 yards & 3 TDs; Bears win 42-6 (C quality)
80's Regular Season
Oct 19th, 1980 Oilers vs. Buccs Earl Campbell 203 yards (C quality)
Nov. 16th, 1980 Bears vs. Oilers Walter Payton vs. Earl Campbell (206 yards) (C quality)
Nov. 16th, 1980 Buccs vs. Vikings Doug Williams throws for career-high 486 yards (D quality)
Nov. 23rd, 1980 Bears vs. Falcons A rare Walter Payton ejection in the 3rd quarter after after a referee ruled Payton pushed him (Later Payton can be seen being pushed into him by another player) (RARE - C quality)
Dec. 7th, 1980 Bears vs. Packers Chicago destroys their rivals 61-7 (C quality)
Dec. 8th, 1980 MNF Dolphins vs. Patriots Missing 1st quarter but includes Cossell's 4th quarter announcement of John Lennon's murder (C quality)
Nov. 1st, 1981 Steelers vs. 49ers Bradshaw vs. Montana - Passing of the torch between 2 dynasty QB's with their one and only meeting (C quality)
Nov. 22nd, 1981 Chargers vs. Raiders Fouts throws 6 TD's; Winslow 13 rec, 5 TD's (C quality)
Nov. 22nd, 1981 Lions vs. Bears (C quality)
Sept. 12th, 1982 Raiders vs. 49ers Marcus Allen (23-116 rushing yards, TD) regular season debut (RARE; C quality)
Nov. 21st, 1982 Redskins vs. Giants (C quality)
Nov. 21st, 1982 Cowboys vs. Buccs (C quality)
Dec. 12th, 1982 Patriots vs. Dolphins "The Snow Plow Game" Recap: (C quality)
Dec. 12th, 1982 Buccs vs. Jets (C quality)
Dec. 20th, 1982 Bengals vs. Chargers Wes Chandler 10 rec, 260 yards, 2 TDs; Chargers win 50-34 (C quality)
Jan. 3rd, 1983 MNF Cowboys vs. Vikings Tony Dorsett 99-yard TD run (C quality)
Sept. 5th, 1983 MNF Redskins vs. Cowboys Cossell's infamous "Little Monkey" comment (RARE - C quality)
Oct. 2nd, 1983 Packers vs. Buccs Packers score 49 pts in the first half (C quality)
Oct. 17th, 1983 Packers vs. Redskins Teams combine for 96 pts with GB winning 48-47 (C quality)
Nov. 13th, 1983 Chargers vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Nov. 20th, 1983 Falcons vs. 49ers Falcons win on an amazing last second hail mary (C quality)
Nov. 27th, 1983 Falcons vs. Packers Falcons come back to win 47-41 in OT (C quality)
Nov. 27th, 1983 Chiefs vs. Seahawks Teams combine for 99 pts with Seattle winning 51-48 in OT (C quality)
Sept. 2nd, 1984 Chargers vs. Vikings (C quality)
Sept. 23rd, 1984 Bears vs. Seahawks Walter Payton (116 yards rushing & throws a 3-yard TD pass) vs. Franco Harris as a Seahawk in the twilight of his career (C quality)
Oct. 7th, 1984 Bears vs. Saints Walter Payton becomes NFL's all-time leading rusher (C quality)
Nov. 25th, 1984 Steelers vs. Chargers (C quality)
Dec. 9th, 1984 Rams vs. Oilers Dickerson passes O.J. Simpson's single-season rushing record (C quality)
Sept. 8th, 1985 49ers vs. Vikings Jerry Rice's regular season NFL debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 22nd, 1985 Cowboys vs. Browns (C quality)
Chicago Bears' complete 1985 season
Sept. 9th, 1985 Bears vs. Buccs (C quality)
Sept. 15th, 1985 Bears vs. Patriots (C quality)
Sept. 19th, 1985 Bears vs. Vikings (C quality)
Sept. 29th, 1985 Bears vs. Redskins (C quality)
Oct 6th, 1985 Bears vs. Buccs (C quality)
Oct 13th, 1985 Bears vs.49ers (C quality)
Oct 21st, 1985 Bears vs. Packers (C quality)
Oct 27th, 1985 Bears vs. Vikings (C quality)
Nov. 3rd, 1985 Bears vs. Packers (C quality)
Nov. 10th, 1985 Bears vs. Lions (C quality)
Nov. 17th, 1985 Bears vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Nov. 24th, 1985 Bears vs. Falcons (C quality)
Dec. 2nd, 1985 Bears vs. Dolphins Bears' only loss of the sesaon (C quality)
Dec. 8th, 1985 Bears vs. Colts (C quality)
Dec. 14th, 1985 Bears vs. Jets (C quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1985 Bears vs. Lions (C quality)
Oct. 13th, 1985 Giants vs. Bengals Phil Simms career-high 513 passing yards (C quality)
Oct. 13th, 1985 Chiefs vs. Chargers (C quality)
Nov. 18th, 1985 MNF Redskins vs. Giants Lawrence Taylor breaks Joe Theisman's leg and ends his career (C quality)
Dec. 1st, 1985 Buccs vs. Packers Played in blizzard-like conditions w/ 10-inches of snow, rookie Steve Young quarterbacks the Buccs (C quality)
Dec. 8th, 1985 Steelers vs. Chargers Teams combine for 98 pts with SD winning 54-44 (C quality)
Dec. 9th, 1985 49ers vs. Rams Jerry Rice 241 yards (C quality)
New York Giants' complete 1986 season
Sept. 8th, 1986 Giants vs. Cowboys Giants first loss of the season (C quality)
Sept. 14th, 1986 Giants vs. Chargers (C quality)
Sept. 21st, 1986 Giants vs. Raiders (C quality)
Sept. 28th, 1986 Giants vs. Saints (C quality)
Oct 5th, 1986 Giants vs. Cardinals (C quality)
Oct 12th, 1986 Giants vs. Eagles (C quality)
Oct 19th, 1986 Giants vs. Seahawks Giants second and last loss of the season (C quality)
Oct 27th, 1986 Giants vs. Redskins (C quality)
Nov. 2nd, 1986 Giants vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Nov. 9th, 1986 Giants vs. Eagles (C quality)
Nov. 16th, 1986 Giants vs. Vikings (C quality)
Nov. 23rd, 1986 Giants vs. Broncos (C quality)
Dec. 1st, 1986 Giants vs. 49ers (C quality)
Dec. 7th, 1986 Giants vs. Redskins (C quality)
Dec. 14th, 1986 Giants vs. Cardinals (C quality)
Dec. 20th, 1986 Giants vs. Packers Giants win 55-24 (C quality)
Dec. 21st, 1986 Bengals vs. Jets Boomer Esiason 425 yards, 5 TD's (C quality)
Nov. 30th, 1987 MNF Raiders vs. Seahawks Bo Jackson's legendary 221 yard rushing MNF Game (B quality)
Oct. 30th, 1988 49ers vs. Vikings Steve Young's highlight game-winning 49-yard TD run (C quality)
Nov. 20th, 1988 Eagles vs. Giants Miracle at the Meadowlands II (B quality)
Dec. 17th, 1988 Broncos vs. Patriots Tony Dorsett's last NFL game (C quality)
Sept. 10th, 1989 Falcons vs. Rams Deion Sanders' regular season NFL debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 10th, 1989 Cowboys vs. Saints Troy Aikman's regular season NFL debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 17th, 1989 Eagles vs. Redskins Randall Cunningham 447 yards passing, 5TD's (C quality)
Oct. 9th, 1989 Raiders vs. Jets Art Shell becomes first modern-NFL African-American head coach (replay - B quality)
Nov. 5th, 1989 Cowboys vs. Redskins Jimmy Johnson's first NFL win, the only win for his entire 1-15 season (C quality)
Nov. 23rd, 1989 Eagles vs. Cowboys Bounty Bowl I Recap: (B quality)
Nov. 26th, 1989 Rams vs. Saints Flipper Anderson sets single-game NFL record with 336 receiving yards (Mid-4th quarter is missing a couple of minutes - RARE - C quality)
Dec. 10th, 1989 Eagles vs. Cowboys "Bounty Bowl II" Recap: (B quality)
Dec. 11th, 1989 49ers vs. Rams John Taylor two 90-yard catches (C quality)
90's Regular Season
Sept. 9th, 1990 Cowboys vs. Chargers Emmitt Smith's regular season NFL debut (RARE - C quality)
Oct. 7th, 1990 Bengals vs. Rams Boomer Esiason 490 yards (C quality)
Oct. 14th, 1990 49ers vs. Falcons Rice 225 yards, 5TD's (C quality)
Nov. 11th, 1990 Chiefs vs. Seahawks Derrick Thomas sets single-game record with 7 sacks (RARE - C quality)
Nov. 12th, 1990 Eagles vs. Redskins "Body Bag Game" - Buddy Ryan threatened a beating so severe that "they'll have to be carted off in body bags." The Eagles defense knocked nine Redskins out of the game, including two quarterbacks. The Redskins finished with running back-returner Brian Mitchell playing quarterback. (C quality)
Dec. 9th, 1990 Steelers vs. Patriots Chuck Noll's 200th career coaching victory (C quality)
Dec. 10th, 1990 MNF Raiders vs. Lions Bo Jackson (129 yards) vs. Barry Sanders (176 yards) (C quality)
Dec. 16th, 1990 Oilers vs. Chiefs Warren Moon career-high 527 yards passing (2nd highest total in NFL history) (RARE - C quality)
Washington Redskins' complete 1991 season
Sept. 1st, 1991 Redskins vs. Lions (C quality)
Sept. 9th, 1991Redskins vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Sept. 15th, 1991 Redskins vs. Cardinals (C quality)
Sept. 22nd, 1991 Redskins vs. Bengals (C quality)
Sept. 30th, 1991 Redskins vs. Eagles (C quality)
Oct 6th, 1991 Redskins vs. Bears (C quality)
Oct 13th, 1991 Redskins vs. Browns (C quality)
Oct 27th, 1991 Redskins vs. Giants (C quality)
Nov. 3rd, 1991 Redskins vs. Oilers (C quality)
Nov. 10th, 1991 Redskins vs. Falcons Rypien 442 yards passing, 4TDs; Gary Clark 203 rec. yards; Monk 164 rec. yards; also features Favre's NFL debut (RARE; C quality)
Nov. 17th, 1991 Redskins vs. Steelers (C quality)
Nov. 24th, 1991 Redskins vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Dec. 1st, 1991 Redskins vs. Rams (C quality)
Dec. 8th, 1991 Redskins vs. Cardinals (C quality)
Dec. 15th, 1991 Redskins vs. Giants (C quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1991 Redskins vs. Eagles (C quality)
Sept. 15th, 1991 Eagles vs. Cowboys The Sack Bowl (B quality)
Dec. 2nd, 1991 Eagles vs. Oilers House of Pain Game (B quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1991 Cowboys vs. Falcons Classic game with controversial ending (replay - B quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1991 Steelers vs. Browns Coaching legend Chuck Noll's final NFL game (C quality)
Sept. 13th, 1992 49ers vs. Bills Jim Kelly career-high 403 yards; also a rare "no punts" game with 1000+ yards of offense (C quality)
Oct. 12th, 1992 Redskins vs. Broncos Art Monk sets record, at the time, most career receptions (C quality)
Oct. 18th, 1992 49ers vs. Falcons Niners score 56 pts in the first 3 quarters (C quality)
Dec. 6th, 1992 49ers vs. Dolphins Jerry Rice passes Steve Largent's WR record with 101 TD's (C quality)
Oct. 31st, 1993 Cowboys vs. Eagles Emmitt Smith career-high 237 yards rushing (RARE - C quality)
Nov. 28th, 1993 49ers vs. Rams Steve Young 462 yards (C quality)
Jan. 2nd, 1994 Cowboys vs. Giants "The Shoulder Game" Emmitt rushes for 168 yards and has 10 catches for 61 yards in OT win for NFC East title despite seperated shoulder in 2nd quarter (replay - B quality)
Jan. 3rd, 1994 Oilers vs. Jets Def. Coordinator Buddy Ryan punches Off. Coordinator Kevin Gilbride on the sideline during the game (C quality)
Aug. 26th, 1994 Preseason Vikings vs. Chiefs (C quality)
San Francisco 49ers' complete 1994 season
Sept. 5th, 1994 49ers vs. Raiders Jerry Rice passes Jim Brown as NFL leader in touchdowns, scoring his 127th TD (C quality)
Sept. 11th, 1994 49ers vs. Chiefs Ex-teammates now rivals Steve Young vs. Joe Montana (C quality)
Sept. 18th, 1994 49ers vs. Rams (C quality)
Sept. 25th, 1994 49ers vs. Saints Deion Sanders has 74-yard INT return (C quality)
Oct 2nd, 1994 49ers vs. Eagles (C quality)
Oct 9th, 1994 49ers vs. Lions (C quality)
Oct 16th, 1994 49ers vs. Falcons Deion Sanders returns to Atlanta, has 93-yard INT return; 49ers romp 42-3 (C quality)
Oct 23rd, 1994 49ers vs. Buccs (C quality)
Nov. 6th, 1994 49ers vs. Redskins (C quality)
Nov. 13th, 1994 49ers vs. Cowboys (C quality)
Nov. 20th, 1994 49ers vs. Rams (C quality)
Nov. 28th, 1994 49ers vs. Saints (C quality)
Dec. 4th, 1994 49ers vs. Falcons(C quality)
Dec. 11th, 1994 49ers vs. Chargers Deion Sanders has 90-yard INT return; Rice (12c-144y); Tony Martin (9c-172y) (C quality)
Dec. 17th, 1994 49ers vs. Broncos (C quality)
Dec. 26th, 1994 49ers vs. Vikings (C quality)
Sept. 19th, 1994 Cowboys vs. Lions Emmitt Smith vs. Barry Sanders (C quality)
Dec. 1st. 1994 Vikings vs. Bears Moon to Carter 65-yard GW TD pass in OT (replay - B quality)
July 29th, 1995 Preseason Jaguars vs. Panthers NFL debut for both teams in "Hall-of-Fame" game (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 3rd, 1995 Broncos vs. Bills Terrell Davis regular season debut; Also Mike Shannahan's Broncos debut (C quality)
Sept. 4th, 1995 MNF Cowboys vs. Giants 'Boys shutout their rivals 35-0 (C quality)
Sept. 17th, 1995 Broncos vs. Redskins Rod Smith's first NFL catch; also a Hail Mary win for the Brocnos (C quality)
Oct. 1st, 1995 Chiefs vs. Cardinals Steve Bono sets NFL record for longest run by a QB with 76-yard TD scramble (C quality)
Nov. 5th, 1995 Bears vs. Steelers Steelers win in OT; Neil O'Donnell (34-52 345 yards, 2TDs) (replay - B quality)
Dec. 17th, 1995 Browns vs. Bengals Browns' final home game ever at Cleveland Municipal Stadium (B quality)
Dec. 23rd, 1995 Chargers vs. Giants Infamous "Snowball Riot" game - Fans throw barrage of snowballs onto field knocking SD's equipment manager unconscious; Includes 175 fan ejections & 15 fans arrested (C quality)
Dec. 24th, 1995 Browns vs. Jaguars Final Browns game until 1999 as Art Modell relocates franchise to Baltimore (C quality)
Dec. 28th, 1995 49ers vs. Vikings Jerry Rice 289 yards receiving (C quality)
Nov. 17th, 1996 Broncos vs. Patriots Shannon Sharpe's "Call in the National Guard!!" sideline taunt (C quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1996 Redskins vs. Cowboys Last NFL game played at RFK Stadium (C quality)
Dec. 22nd, 1996 Buccs vs. Bears Buccs' last game in creamsicle unis (D quality)
July 26th, 1997 Preseason Hall of Fame Game Vikings vs. Seahawks (C quality)
Sept. 21st, 1997 Broncos vs. Bengals Terrell Davis 215 yards rushing (C quality)
Sept. 6th, 1998 49ers vs. Jets Garrison Hearst (20-187 yards rushing incl. 96-yard rushing TD in OT), Young (363 yards, 3 TDs) (repay - C quality)
Sept. 6th, 1998 Vikings vs. Buccs Randy Moss' regular season debut (RARE - C quality)
Sept. 13th, 1998 Broncos vs. Cowboys Terrell Davis slices through Dallas' defense for 177 rushing yards (including TD runs of 63 & 59 yards) - all by halftime; finishes with 191 total yards (C quality)
Oct. 11th, 1998 Broncos vs. Seahawks Terrell Davis 208 yards rushing (C quality)
Nov. 26th, 1998 Steelers vs. Lions The infamous "coin toss game" involving Jerome Bettis and referee Phil Luckett (C quality)
Nov. 26th, 1998 Vikings vs. Cowboys Nicknamed "Thanksgiving Day MOSSacre" - Randy Moss has 163 yards & 3TD's with only 3 receptions; Vikes win 46-36 (C quality)
Dec. 6th, 1998 Vikings vs. Bears Vikings win 48-22 including 3 TDs for Moss (C quality)
Dec. 20th, 1998 Vikings vs. Jaguars Vikings destroy Jags 50-10 (C quality)
Dec. 27th, 1998 Broncos vs. Seahawks Terrell Davis reaches 2000 rushing yards mark for the season (C quality)
Aug. 9th, 1999 Preseason Hall of Fame Game Brows vs. Cowboys Browns debut in their first game since 1995 (C quality)
Sept 12th, 1999 Rams vs. Ravens Kurt Warner wins regular season debut after Trent Green tears up knee in preseason game (C quality)
Oct. 10th, 1999 Rams vs. 49ers Warner throws 5 TD's (C quality)
Oct. 31st, 1999 Browns vs. Saints The new Cleveland Browns finally get their 1st win in 4 years after hiatus (C quality)
Dec. 12th, 1999 Rams vs. Saints Marshall Faulk 200+ total yards & 2TDs (C quality)
Dec. 19th, 1999 Browns vs. Jaguars The infamous 'Orlando Brown hit in the eye with a penalty flag' incident (C quality)
2000's Regular Season
Sept. 24th, 2000 49ers vs. Cowboys Terrell Owens' infamous celebration pose on the Cowboys' star (C quality)
Oct. 23rd, 2000 MNF Jets vs. Dolphins "The Monday Night Miracle" (C quality)
Dec. 3rd, 2000 Broncos vs. Saints Broncos' Mike Anderson sets NFL rookie rushing record (at the time) with 251 yards (C quality)
Dec. 17th, 2000 49ers vs. Bears Terrell Owens 20 catches for 283 yards; breaks 50-year-old NFL record for most catches in a game (C quality)
Dec. 23rd, 2000 49ers vs. Broncos Jerry Rice's last game as a 49er (C quality)
Dec. 24th, 2000 Rams vs. Falcons Torry Holt - 3 catches for 189 yards including 80 and 85-yard TD catches (C quality)
Nov. 4th, 2001 Chiefs vs. Chargers Drew Brees' NFL debut as he subs in for an injured Doug Flutie (C quality)
Dec. 23rd, 2001 Rams vs. Panthers Marshall Faulk 202 yards rushing (C quality)
Jan. 6th, 2002 Giants vs. Packers Michael Strahan sets NFL single-season sacks record w/ 22 on a "questionable" record-setting sack of Brett Favre (C quality)
Jan. 6th, 2002 Cardinals vs. Redskins Pat Tillman's last NFL game (C quality)
Aug. 5th, 2002 Preseason Hall of Fame Game Texans vs. Giants Houston Texans' franchise debut (C quality)
Sept. 8th, 2002 Browns vs. Chiefs Dwayne Rudd's infamous bonehead "helmet toss celebration" game; Recap: (C quality)
Sept. 8th, 2002 Dolphins vs. Lions* Ricky Williams (100+ yards rushing) regular season Dolphins' debut; Dolphins explode for 49 pts (C quality)
Sept. 9th, 2002 Texans vs. Cowboys Houston Texans' first ever regular season game & first win (C quality)
Oct 20th, 2002 Broncos vs. Chiefs Shannon Sharpe sets NFL record for tight ends w/ 214 yards receiving on 12 catches (C quality)
Oct. 27th, 2002 Cowboys vs. Seahawks Emmitt Smith passes Walter Payton for all-time rushing (C quality)
Dec. 1st, 2002 Chargers vs. Broncos Ladainian Tomlinson career-high 220 yards rushing (NFL replay - B quality)
Dec. 9th, 2002 Dolphins vs. Bears Ricky Williams rushes for 216 yards (C quality)
Dec. 21st, 2002 Cowboys vs. Eagles Emmitt's final game in Dallas as a Cowboy (B quality)
Sept. 14th, 2003 Ravens vs. Browns Jamal Lewis' NFL record 295 yards rushing (C quality)
Sept. 21st, 2003 Dolphins vs. Bills Dolphins "D" holds Bledsoe to 98 yards (C quality)
Oct. 27th, 2003 MNF Dolphins vs. Chargers Moved to Tempe, AZ due to So. Cal. fires (C quality)
Nov. 27th, 2003 Thanksgiving Dolphins vs. Cowboys Dolphins in their throwback unis, Chris Chambers catches 3TD's (C quality)
Dec. 28th, 2003 Raiders vs. Chargers Ladainian Tomlinson 243 rushing yards (C quality)
Dec. 28th, 2003 Ravens vs. Steelers Jamal Lewis hits the 2,000 yard rushing mark for the season (C quality)
Sept. 12th, 2004 Giants vs. Eagles Eli Manning's regular season debut (C quality)
Sept. 12th, 2004 Bengals vs. Jets Carson Palmer's regular season debut; Curtis Martin 196 yards rushing (C quality)
Sept. 19th, 2004 Steelers vs. Ravens Ben Roethlisberger era begins in his regular season debut as he steps in for injured Tommy Maddox - his two 4th-quarter TD passes in attempted comeback win not enough as Ravens hang on (C quality)
Sept 26th, 2004 Steelers vs. Dolphins Roethlisberger's first NFL start & first win on sloppy field/bad weather as Hurricane Jeanne closes in on Miami (C quality)
Oct. 24th, 2004 Chiefs vs. Falcons Chiefs set NFL record with 8 rushing TD's (4TDs each by Priest Holmes & Derrick Blaylock) in a 56-10 rout (C quality)
Nov. 28th, 2004 Bengals vs. Browns Bengals win 58-48; teams combine for 106 pts - second most in NFL history; Holcomb 413 yards, 5TD's; Rudi Johnson 202 rushing yards, 2TD's (C quality)
Dec. 18th, 2004 Steelers vs. Giants Roethlisberger 316 yards & TD; Manning 316 yards, 2 TDs (replay - B quality)
2006 Regular Season
Aug. 12th, 2006 Saints vs. Titans Reggie Bush's pro debut (6 carries/59 rushing yards) (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)
Sept. 10th, 2006 Saints vs. Browns Reggie Bush's regular season debut (14 carries/61 rushing yards, 8 rec./58 yards & three punts returned for 22 yrds) (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)
Sept. 10th, 2006 Titans vs. Jets Vince Young's regular season debut (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)
Sept. 10th, 2006 Jaguars vs. Cowboys Maurice Jones-Drew regular season debut (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - C quality)
Oct. 1st, 2006 Titans vs. Cowboys Vince Young's first regular season NFL start (B quality)
Oct. 8th, 2006 Cowboys vs. Eagles Terrell Owens returns to Philly (C quality)
Oct. 8th, 2006 Cardinals vs. Chiefs Matt Leinart's first regular season NFL start (B quality)
Oct. 16th, 2006 Bears vs. Cardinals Chicago scores no offensive points in epic 23-3 comeback; They win on an 83-yard punt return (C quality)
Nov 12th, 2006 Chargers vs. Bengals Chad Johnson career-high 260 rec. yards; Carson Palmer career-high 440 yards passing; Chargers overcome 21-pt deficit to win; Teams combine for 90 pts (B quality)
Nov. 19th, 2006 Saints vs. Bengals Drew Brees 510 yards passing - sixth highest in league history (B quality)
Nov. 26th, 2006 Cardinals vs. Vikings Matt Leinart sets NFL rookie record with 405 passing yards (B quality)
Nov. 26th, 2006 Falcons vs. Saints Michael Vick 166 yards rushing - 8 yards shy of breaking his NFL record (B quality)
Dec. 10th, 2006 Chargers vs. Broncos LaDainian Tomlinson sets single-season rushing TD record (B quality)
Dec. 17th, 2006 Broncos vs. Cardinals Jay Cutler (261 yards, 2TD's) & first NFL win (B quality)
Dec. 17th, 2006 Chargers vs. Chiefs Tomlinson 199 yards & 2TD's incl. 85 yards run - breaks 46-year-old NFL record for points in a season (B quality)
Dec. 24th, 2006 Redskins vs. Texans Mark Brunell sets NFL record with 22 straight pass completions (B quality)
Dec. 24th, 2006 Chargers vs. Seahawks LaDainian Tomlinson (123 yards) vs. Shawn Alexander (140 yards) (B quality)
Dec. 24th, 2006 Saints vs. Giants Tiki Barber's last home game; Reggie Bush career-high 126 yards rushing (B quality)
Dec. 30th, 2006 Giants vs. Redskins Tiki Barber's last regular season game, rushes for 234 yards (B quality)
Dec. 31st, 2006 Steelers vs. Bengals Bill Cowher's last game coaching (B quality)
Miami Dolphins' complete 2006 season
8/12/06 Preseason Dolphins vs. Jaguars Daunte Culpepper's pre-season Dolphins' debut (NFL Network Re-broadcast - B quality)
8/19/06 Preseason Dolphins vs. Buccaneers Culpepper 7-9, 86 yrds (NFL Network Re-broadcast - B quality)
8/31/06 Preseason Dolphins vs. Rams Culpepper DNP, Marcus Vick 5 yard TD rec. (NFL Network Re-broadcast - B quality)
9/7/06 Dolphins @ Steelers Culpepper's regular season Dolphins debut (B quality)
9/17/06 Bills @ Dolphins Culpepper 250y passing (B quality)
9/24/06 Titans @ Dolphins Brown 90y rushing(B quality)
10/1/06 Dolphins @ Texans Culpepper 249y passing (B quality)
10/8/06 Dolphins @ Patriots Harrington's first Dolphins game; 232y passing (B quality)
10/15/06 Dolphins @ Jets Brown 127y rushing (B quality)
10/22/06 Packers @ Dolphins Harrington 414y passing (B quality)
11/5/06 Dolphins @ Bears Dolphins huge upset over undefeated Bears; Brown 157y rushing (Missing first minute of game - B quality)
11/12/06 Chiefs @ Dolphins Brown 89y rushing (B quality)
11/19/06 Vikings @ Dolphins Harrington 254y passing (B quality)
11/23/06 Dolphins @ Lions Harrington's homecoming, passes for 213y & 3TD's (B quality)
12/3/06 Jaguars @ Dolphins Chambers 121y rec. (B quality)
12/10/06 Patriots @ Dolphins Shocker for Miami as the Dolphins shutout the Patriots; Marty Booker 8 rec, 108 yards, TD (B quality)
12/17/06 Dolphins @ Bills Dolphins are shutout in a dismal loss (B quality)
12/25/06 Jets @ Dolphins Brown 110y rushing (B quality)
12/31/06 Dolphins @ Colts Cleo Lemon (210 yards, TD/INT) & first NFL start (B quality)
2007 Regular Season
Aug. 5th, 2007 Preseason Hall of Fame Game Steelers vs. Saints (B quality)
Aug. 9th, 2007 Preseason Bengals vs. Lions (B quality)
Aug. 10th, 2007 Preseason Falcons vs. Jets (B quality)
Aug. 10th, 2007 Preseason Rams vs. Vikings Adrian Peterson's pro debut, has 11 carries for 33 yards (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)
Aug. 10th, 2007 Preseason Bills vs. Saints (B quality)
Aug. 11th, 2007 Preseason Dolphins vs. Jaquars (B quality)
Aug. 11th, 2007 Preseason Chiefs vs. Browns Quinn DNP (B quality)
Aug. 11th, 2007 Preseason Bears vs. Texans (B quality)
Aug. 11th, 2007 Preseason Redskins vs. Titans (B quality)
Aug. 11th, 2007 Preseason Panthers vs. Giants (B quality)
Aug. 12th, 2007 Preseason Seahawks vs. Chargers (B quality)
Aug. 13th, 2007 Preseason Ravens vs. Eagles 2006 Heisman winner Troy Smith's pro debut (B quality)
Aug. 13th, 2007 Preseason Broncos vs. 49ers (B quality)
Aug. 16th, 2007 Preseason Dolphins vs. Chiefs (B quality)
Aug. 17th, 2007 Preseason Falcons vs. Bills (B quality)
Aug. 17th, 2007 Preseason Vikings vs. Jets (B quality)
Aug. 17th, 2007 Preseason Panthers vs. Eagles (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Cowboys vs. Broncos (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Steelers vs. Redskins (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Saints vs. Bengals (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Buccs vs. Jaguars (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Raiders vs. 49ers (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Cardinals vs. Texans (B quality)
Aug. 18th, 2007 Preseason Browns vs. Lions Brady Quinn's pro debut, throws for 155 yards, 2TDs, all in the 4th quarter (RARE & NOT FOR COMMON TRADE - B quality)
Aug. 19th, 2007 Preseason Giants vs. Ravens (B quality)
Aug. 25th, 2007 Preseason Browns vs. Broncos (B quality)
Aug. 30th, 2007 Preseason Dolphins vs. Saints (B quality)
Aug. 31st, 2007 Preseason Ravens vs. Falcons (B quality)
Sept. 9th, 2007 Chargers vs. Bears LT held to 25 yards on 17 carries, 2nd lowest total of his career, but throws TD pass in a win (B quality)
Sept. 9th, 2007 Cowboys vs. Giants Teams combine for 80 pts; Romo career-high 345 yards (B quality)
Sept. 9th, 2007 Broncos vs. Bills Bills play nice defense but fall to Broncos in the final seconds as Elam and FG unit scramble on the field and kicks GW FG as seconds expire (B quality)
Sept. 9th, 2007 Redskins vs. Dolphins Cambell, Redskins edge Dolphins with OT victory (NFL TV Replay - B quality)
Sept. 10th, 2007 Bengals vs. Ravens Bengals survive injury, turnover-laden romp with Ravens (B quality)
Sept. 10th, 2007 49ers vs. Cardinals Final march lifts 49ers over Cards in Whisenhunt debut (B quality)
Sept. 16th, 2007 Browns vs. Bengals Teams combine for 96 pts; Both QBs throw 5+ TDs (Carson Palmer career-high 6 TDs, Derek Anderson 5 TDs); Also Jamal Lewis 216 yards rushing; Browns had a 300-yard passer, a 200-yard rusher and two 100-yard receivers (B quality)
Sept. 17th, 2007 Redskins vs. Eagles McNabb drops sixth of last seven starts as Eagles fall to 'Skins (B quality)
Sept. 23rd, 2007 Ravens vs. Cardinals Stover rescues Ravens from furious Cardinals comeback; Boldin career-high 14 catches, 181 yards (B quality)
Sept. 23rd, 2007 Eagles vs. Lions Wearing powder blue & yellow throwbacks, Eagles win 56-21, including 42 first-half pts; McNabb 381 yards, 4TDs; Kitna franchise-record 446 yards passing; Roy Williams 9 catches, 204 yards (B quality)
Sept. 23rd, 2007 Giants vs. Redskins Giants rally as defense holds 'Skins to 83 yards in the second half (B quality)
Sept. 23rd, 2007 Cowboys vs. Bears Cowboys smother Bears as Romo, offense roll (B quality)
Sept. 23rd, 2007 Seahawks vs. Bengals Hasselbeck, Burrelson elude Bengals with last-minute score (NFL TV Replay - B quality)
Sept. 24th, 2007 Titans vs. Saints Brees suffers with 4 INT's as the Saints fall to 0-3 (B quality)
Sept. 30th, 2007 Raiders vs. Dolphins Culpepper rushes for 3TD's as Raiders sink Dolphins (Missing last 2 min. due to network switching to diff. game - B quality)
Sept. 30th, 2007 Cardinals vs. Steelers Cards shut down Steelers' high-scoring offense (B quality)
Sept. 30th, 2007 Giants vs. Eagles Giants 'D' drops McNabb, Eagles in record-setting fashion; NY ties league-record w/ 12 sacks; Umenyiora team-record 6 sacks (B quality)
Sept. 30th, 2007 Lions vs. Bears Lions score 34 pts in the 4th quarter & both teams combine for 48 pts in the 4th quarter - both NFL records (B quality)
Sept. 30th, 2007 Chiefs vs. Chargers Chargers lose 3rd straight as Chiefs rally for 24 unanswered pts (NFL TV Replay - B quality)
Oct 14th, 2007 Buccs vs Titans Buccs beat Titans with late FG (B quality)
Oct 14th, 2007 Chiefs vs. Bengals Tony Gonzalez sets NFL career TD record for tight ends with 63 (B quality)
Oct 14th, 2007 Saints vs. Seahawks Saints win first game of season behind big games from Bush & Brees (B quality)
Oct 15th, 2007 Giants vs. Falcons Eli outplays Harrington as Giants put down confused Falcons (B quality)
Oct 21st, 2007 Cowboys vs. Vikings Watkins' TD off blocked kick delivers boost for Cowboys (B quality)
Oct 21st, 2007 Broncos vs. Steelers Elam's last second 49-yard FG dumps Steelers (B quality)
Oct 21st, 2007 Titans vs. Texans Rob Bironas NFL record 8 Field Goals incl. GW (B quality)
Oct 28th, 2007 Giants vs. Dolphins First regular season game played outside North America, Jacobs helps Giants win sloppy game in London, England (B quality)
Oct 28th, 2007 Bears vs. Lions Lions improve record to 5-2 for first time since 2000 (B quality)
Nov. 4th, 2007 Buccs vs. Cardinals Buccs ride defense in win over Cards (B quality)
Nov. 4th, 2007 Vikings vs. Chargers Vikings' rookie Adrian Peterson sets NFL record with 296 rushing yards (including 253 rushing yards in the 2nd half!); Also, Chargers' CB Antonio Cromartie plucks missed field goal out of the air for a 109-yard TD return - the longest play in NFL history (B quality)
Nov. 5th, 2007 Steelers vs. Ravens Roethlisberger career-high 5 TDs (B quality)
Nov. 11th, 2007 Broncos vs. Chiefs Broncos knock around Huard; Holmes rushes for 65 yards in 1st start of season (B quality)
Nov. 11th, 2007 Cardinals vs. Lions Dansby turns up defense as Cards drop Lions (B quality)
Nov. 12th, 2007 49ers vs. Seahawks Seahawks beat down grieving Nolan, 49ers (B quality)
Nov. 18th, 2007 Cardinals vs. Bengals Cards' Rolle collects 3INTs & 2TDs as Cards continue surging (B quality)
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