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Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2F17ZM   

Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
The complete Doctor Who series to date, from An Unearthly Child to The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe. comes on 216 DVD disc's A/V Quality= 9.0 sourced from DVD releases & reformatted VHS releases. Includes all the reconstructed "missing Stories" (quality of these varies ) as well as many bonuses. set is always updated with current DVD releases. Each classic story on its own disc for best quality, not 2-3 crammed onto one like other sellers. because of size of set it may take up to a week to get together

"Doctor Who"

The Doctor is a eccentric alien scientist from the planet Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, a race of supreme beings who have discovered the secrets of time travel and they never interfere with the affairs of other planets and they only observe and gather knowledge. The Doctor decides to leave Gallifrey because he is bored and he decides to go and explore the universe on-board a space/time machine "The TARDIS" which is in the shape of a police box from the 1950's. Like all Time Lords, The Doctor can "Regenerate" (Change his appearance and personality when his body is worn out and he is mortally wounded). During the many years of The Doctor's travels through time and space, he is joined by various companions: His granddaughter Susan, School Teachers Ian and Barbara, crash survivor Vicki, space pilot Steven, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, Space Special Security agent Sara, Cockney girl Dodo, secretary Polly, Cockney sailor Ben, Scottish highlander Jamie, Girl from Victorian times Victoria, Intelligent astropyscist Zoe, Military officer Brigadeer Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, scientist Liz, U.N.I.T agent Jo, journalist Sarah, Naval medical officer Harry, tribal warrior Leela, Time Lady Romana, mathematical genius Adric, determined Nyssa, Australian flight attendant Tegan, alien exile Turlough, shape-shifting android Kamelion, American student Peri, computer programmer Mel and explosives expert Ace. The Doctor battles the galaxy's most evil beings: The Daleks, mutants into robotic bodies hell bent on exterminating all life in the galaxy, The Cybermen, robotic humanoids from the doomed planet Mondas, Davros, the Dalek's crippled creator and The Master, a time lord gone bad. The Doctor is also scientific advisor to U.N.I.T (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) commanded by Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart to combat alien menaces that threatens Earth. Travelling with The Doctor through time and space on-board "The TARDIS" and fighting alien menaces and the galaxy's most evil begins is the adventure of a lifetime you'll never forget...

(R)= copy of DVD release
(V)= reformatted from VHS release
(L/C Reconstructed) = The missing episodes were made by a group of fans using surviving clip, telesnaps (pictures taken during filming for photo story books), computer images & surviving audio track.

1st Doctor
unearthly child (R)
The Daleks(R)
edge of destruction(R)
Marco polo (lc)
keys of marinus (R)
aztecs (R)
sensorites (V)
regin of terror w/LC
planet of giants (V)
dalek invasion of earth (R)
rescue (R)
romans (R)
web planet (R)
crusade / loose cannon recons
space museum (R)
chase (R)
time meddler (R)
galaxy 4 (lc)
Mission to the Unknown (LC)
Myth Makers(LC)
Daleks Master Plan (LC)(2)
ark (R)
celestial toymaker w/Loose Cannon recons
gunfighters (R)
war machines (R)
tenth planet (V)

power of the daleks(LC)
underwater menace(LC)
moonbase w/ Loose cannon recons
Macra terror (LC)
faceless ones (LC)
Evil of the Daleks (LC
tomb of the cybermen (R)
abominable snowman (LC)
ice warriors w/ loose cannon recons
enemy of the world (LC)
web of fear LC
fury from the deep (LC)
Wheel in space (LC)
Mind Robbers (R)
dominators (R)
invasion w/ animated missing episodes(2) (R)
krotons (V)
Seeds of death (R)
space pirates (LC)
War Games ( 3) (R)

3rd Doctor
spearhead from space (R)
silurians (R) (2)
ambassadors of death (V)
inferno (R)
terror of the autons (R)
mind of evil (V)
claws of axos (R)
colony in space (R)
daemons (V)
day of the daleks (R)
curse of peladon (R)
sea-devils (R)
mutants (R)
time monster (R)
three doctors (R)
carnival of monsters (R)
frontier in space (R)
planet of the daleks (R)
green death (R)
time warrior (R)
invasion of dinosaurs (R)
death to daleks (V)
monster of peladon (R)
Planet of Spiders (R)

4th Doctor
robot (R)
ark in space (R)
sontaran experiment (R)
genisis of daleks (R)
revenge of cybermen (R)
terror of zygons (V)
planet of evil (R)
pyramids of mars (R)
andriod invasion (R)
brain of morbius (R)
seeds of doom (R)
masque of mandragforia (R)
hand of fear (R)
deadly assissin (R)
face of evil (V)
robots of death (R)
talons of weng chiang (R)
horror of fang rock (R)
invisible enemy (R)
image of fendal (R)
sunmakers (R)
underworld (R)
invasion of time (R)
ribos operation (R)
pirate planet (R)
stones of blood (R)
androids of tara (R)
power of kroll (R)
armageddon factor (R)
destiny of the daleks (R)
city of death (R)
creature from the pit (R)
nightmare of eden (V)
horns of the nimon (R)
shada (V)
lesiure hive (R)
meglos (R)
full circle (R)
state of decay (R)
warriors gate (R)
keeper of traken (R)
logopolis (R)

5th Doctor
castrovalva (R)
four to doomsday (R)
kinda (R)
visitation (R)
black orchid (R)
earthshock (R)
time flight (R)
arc of infinity (R)
snakedance (R)
mawdryn undead (R)
terminus (R)
enlightenment (R)
kings demon (R)
five doctors (R)
warriors of the deep (R)
awakening (R)
frontios (R)
ressurection of daleks (R)
planet of fire (R)
caves of androzani (R)

6th Doctor
twin delima (R)
attack of cybermen (R)
vengence on varos (R)
mark of rani (R)
two doctors (R)
timelash (R)
revelation of daleks (R)
myterious planet (R)
mindwarp (R)
terror of vervoids (R)
ultimate foe (R)

7th Doctor
time and rani (R)
paradise towers (R)
delta & bannermen (R)
dragonfire (V)
rememberance of daleks (R)
happiness patrol (V)
silver nemisis (R)
greatest show in galaxy (V)
battlefield (R)
ghost light (R)
curse of fenric (R)
survival (R)

TV movie: enemy within (R)

9th doctor
2005 Season 4 DVD set (R)
end of the world
unquiet dead
aliens of london
world war 3
long game
fathers day
empty child
doctor dances
boom town
bad wolf
parting of the ways

10th doctor
2006 SEASON 5 disc set (R)

the christmas invasion
New earth
tooth & claw
school reunion
girl in the fireplace
rise of the cybermen
age of steel
idiots lantern
impossible planet
the satan pit
love & monsters
fear her
army of ghosts

2007 Season 6 disc set (R)

runaway bride
smith & jones
shakespeare code
daleks in manhattan
evolution of the daleks
lazarus experiment
human nature
the family blood
sounds of drums
last of the timelords
the infinite quest

2008 season 5 disc set (R)

timecrash -children in need special
voyage of the damned
partners in crime
fires of pompeii
planet of the ood
sontaran stratagem
poison sky
the doctors daughter
unicorn and the wasp
silence in the library
forest of the dead
turn left
stolen earth
journeys end

2009 Specials: 6 disc set. (R)

The Next Doctor
Planet of the Dead
Waters of Mars
End of Time
Greatest Moments

11th Doctor: Matt Smith

Season 5. 6 disc set (R)

Eleventh Hour
Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
Time of Angels
Flesh & Stone
Vampires of Venice
Amys Choice
Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Vincent & the Doctor
The Lodger
Pandorica Opens
Big Bang
A Christmas Carol

Season 6 - 8 disc set.

The Impossible astronaut
Day of the moon
The curse of the black spot
The doctors wife
The rebel flesh
almost people
A good man goes to war
Let's Kill Hitler
Night Terrors
The Girl Who Waited
The God Complex
Closing Time
The Wedding of River Song
Bonus disc/ Best of specials

Peter Cushing movies

the Daleks
Dalek Invasion of earth

dalek early years
cybermen early years
the hartnell years
the troughton years
Pertwee years
tom baker years 2 disc set
colin baker years
30 years of travels
K-9 & company
dimensions in time
Curse of the fatal death


NOTICE: This items are NOT regular studio release of dvds. They are for "COLLECTORS ONLY Please be aware of what you are buying and make sure your machine can play recorded DVD's. Disc's are region 1 NTSC

NOTICE: While I try and ship items within 48 hours, please understand this is not my full time
job. If you have a larger order or depending on how busy I am it may take longer

ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Money Orders, Checks(Please allow 5 days for check to clear)

SHIPPING: Items are shipped via First Class or Priority Mail depending on size. Multiple purchase will be combined for a lower shipping rate. Overseas bidders please contact me for a shipping quote. Not responsible for loss or damage from the Post Office. Please understand we can't track overseas packages unless they are sent via express mail

FEEDBACK, is an awesome measuring tool, when used properly. I check feedback every single time I Purchase an item. I encourage using the feedback system. Once the transaction is final, please leave feedback. I Guarantee to leave you immediate feedback once you have done so. If you have any problems with your product email me, I will fix it. If you have a delay in your payment for whatever reason, email me..I'm sure we can find resolution. In other words, lets give each other ample amount of time to resolve any unforseen issues that may arise before leaving a negative feedback.

DISC ART: Due to problems that can arise for the use of disc artwotk. I do not use disc art.

REFUNDS: Due to the ease of copying, no refunds will be given. In the event of a "bad" disc turning up. Any defective disc wiil be replaced

LEGAL: By visiting this website or requesting the list. you are acknowledging the following statements. 1. You affirm that you are not working for any television or movie production studio, network or affiliated organizations. You are not employed by the government be it U.S or Canadian, affiliated agencies or any type of sub-contractor or independent agent. You are not a postal inspector. By e-mailing you understand that these transactions are collector to collector and any incidental costs that are involved are not for product or labor but transportation of said goods. No profit is made from my game trading and is done only for my enjoyment, to help out others and the chance to expand my own collection. This site is not for commercial use. 2. In regards to the legality of the Video Home recording Act settled by Congress with the Home Recording Act (P.L 102-563,106 Stat 4237, Codified at 17 U.S.C 1001-1010) in October 1992. No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on manufacture, importation or distribution of a digital or analog recording medium or based on the non-commercial use of such a device or medium. No rights are intended, expressed or implied. 3. In case there are still questions regarding copyright infringement to be raised I request that you review this Supreme Court Case: Sony Corp vs. Universal City Studios (1984) under copyright law. This is located at The exact address for this case file is 4. You understand that these trades or donations are collector to collector and any incidental costs that may be involved are not for profit, but for accumulated costs involved in the process required. All charges placed on the reproduction of any and all video footage are attached to the time, materials, machine wear & tear and return shipping & packaging. 5. If you enter this site without agreeing to any of the above terms you are violating code 341.322.12 of the INTERNET PRIVACY ACT OF 1995 which means you cannot threaten my ISP or any other company hosting these pages, and you cannot prosecute any person affiliate with this site including family, friends, or anyone entering this site.


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Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set
Doctor Who: Complete Series to Date DVD set

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