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5 BIG pounds of JUMBO chaga from the Great State of Minnesota    Items for Sale    Health & Beauty    Other    2DG3ZJ   

You are bidding on 1 BIG, wild harversted pound of bone dry chunk Jumbo chaga from the great state of Minnesota.

I'm sure you have noticed others selling chaga everyday of the month. You always see the same ads running. That is because they are not particular in what they harvest and sell. Therefore, their supply is abundant and like popcorn never runs out.

Folks, Rarely do I advertise on ebay. You hardly ever see my ad. WHY is this?? Because JUMBO chaga is very RARE and most DIFFICULT to find.

Why do I bring Jumbo to you, AND WHY YOU CARE?? Because of all chaga anywhere on the Planet, Jumbo chaga contains by FAR the most Potent, Abundant and Highest antioxident content.


If you have been patiently waiting here is your chance. So get onboard and don't miss the train.

Only ONE HUGE BOX being AUCTIONED. Better get serious. When its gone its really gone.

Just take a good look at the large photo above. This is what JUMBO chaga looks like. Where on ebay do you find anything close to this size??? Only the top 3% of Chaga are JUMBO. How many of you big strong fellows think you could carry one of these out of the forest???

Note the beauty and pure Majesty of JUMBO chaga. On a computer screen it is VERY difficult to see but try to observe the subtle coloration and compare this to other photos on ebay. You will not find one photo of such robust health. Go ahead and compare. I challenge anyone to locate a similiar creation.

Take a look at all the small, medium and large conks others want you to buy. Try to compare the beauty of coloration found in JUMBO chaga. How many of those photos are rather sick looking or practically all pitch black. Are you aware many of what you see are examples of long dead chaga?? Did you know much of what is sold is taken off long dead fallen logs??

Then read No 5. in the list I give below and see if you can spot the infamous BLACK TREE FUNGUS. Talk about having your feathers plucked like a chicken. So important is this I have pictures of this fungus above. Observe the extreme 3 right photos. This is BLACK TREE FUNGUS. And these are only SMALL.

How many of you are paying good money for pounds of tea and bottles of expensive tinctures made from / with this worthless Garbage??? And you wonder why the chaga don't work. Why your friends and family are still the same and NOT getting any better.

In fact, all chaga is not the same because soil, climate and age determine the B-A-S-E quality of the product. If your goal is product excellence you need all three. Its time to go to school.

Everyone needs education and your not getting this information from anyone else. I challenge anyone to prove what I write below is not true. I also challenge anyone to prove AGE is not a M-A-J-O-R factor in the nutrient density of Chaga.

You don't dare stand underneath these trees. A single JUMBO chaga falling on you would crush you flat like a pancake. Never, never stand under such a tree. A falling JUMBO chaga would easily KILL you.

Folks, when it comes to buying chaga there are Seven things you need to know.

1.) Where it comes from.

The largest and richest antioxident chaga in the USA comes from the ultra rich forest soils of Extreme Northern Minnesota. Rich soils produce strong tall trees of large diameter. Rich soil combined with cold climate and age produce deep rich chaga. It is true New Hampshire has chaga (mountain area) but the soils are inferior to Minnesota. The trees are smaller in both height and diameter, and the chaga is coorespondingly less in antioxident power.

If your a serious buyer who wants the best Minnesota is definitely the place to purchase. Here are where the Rare Jumbo chaga are found. It takes decades to create these Gigantic Monsters and they are a power house. Only the top 3 % of chaga are Jumbo.

2.) AGE of CHAGA.

This is A REALLY BIG deal. The older the chaga, the more concentrated ( per ounce ) are the antioxidents.

By far this is definitely the most bang for the buck. Your paying for pure antioxident horsepower. Insist on Jumbo chaga. Don't be fooled into buying anything less.

3.) Don't buy Fresh Chaga. Stick to dehydrated.

It is a SUCKERS trap. I can't believe how gullable people are. People are acually bidding on this stuff. FOLKS, let me state it clear, whether chunked, granular or chopped up, fresh chaga is approximately 50% water. Dealers love selling water. Ask yourself how many sellers soak their chaga overnight to raise the weight and sell you even more water??? Just think, you pay for a pound of chaga and at least half the weight is water. Your paying high prices for good old fashioned WATER. Forget whole unchunked chaga. You can't fit whole size chaga into a dehydrator. Whole sized is ALWAYS full of WATER.

Seriously, how are you going to store wet chaga? Wet chaga has a short shelf life. It will start to degrade within one week. That means it has started to R-O-T. And CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF refrigeration will not stop the decaying of the nutrients and disintegration of the Phyto-chemicals. By the time it is picked, sold, shipped and delivered to you it is already passed a week. It may even arrive at your home with a smell. How many of you green horns have purchased fresh chaga that stunk???

How could making tea from this stuff be considered healthy??? Honestly, you may be better off making tea out of fresh horse manure. No person of dignity would ever sell fresh chaga. Dehydration is a preservative process. Your chaga will store for years without loss. Insist on and buy only slow dehydrated chaga.
4.) Price per pound.

Can you believe your eyes. Imagine Rare JUMBO CHAGA. Even if your a lumberjack and cut trees everyday it is tough to find the ever elusive JUMBO CHAGA. Your lucky to find one or two per month. This is positively the best offer on Ebay. ( only while my supply lasts ).

5.) Don't buy runt sized chaga.

Many sellers display pictures of large chaga ( NOT JUMBO ) to mislead you into thinking that is what you will get. The opposite is likely true. Your being sold a mixed combination of, small (60%), medium (30%) and large conks (10%). To play on your emotions dealers use cheap selling tactics. Like claiming their chaga has higher antioxident activity than Russian Siberian (Chernobyl radiation infested). Where is the proof??? How about displaying photos of farms and forest they don't even own. I've even seen photos of little kids holding onto chaga. I hope they got their promised candy.

Why resort to this?? Because the great majority sell nothing special and have nothing remarkable to tell you. Only average and below average product which can only deliver low to average results. That is the reason for the dog and pony show. Plus, there is real reason to fear. You have to wonder how many of these sellers send chunks of chaga look alike BLACK TREE FUNGUS included in their orders?? Worst yet, who knows how many PEOPLE HAVE PURCHASED pounds of long DEAD chaga, taken off of long DEAD fallen trees, and shipped to long DEAD people because the chaga didn't work???


Lets talk a moment about BLACK TREE FUNGUS. You may call it the FOOLS GOLD of real chaga. This is so important I have photo's of Black Tree Fungus posted near the top of this page. Stop right now and have a close look at it please. It is the 3 photo's on the exteme right. I bet you did not know this ever existed. I have noticed a lot of ignorant sellers on ebay don't know about this either. That is because they are harvesting everything IN SIGHT. Which means you can be darn sure your getting your share of it.

I wonder how many sellers who know of this fungus are gladly packing your boxed orders with pounds of this beast. And you wonder how they can sell so reasonably. SELLERs ARE SO UNBELIEVABLY CARELESS, YOU CAN SPOT BLACK TREE FUNGUS RIGHT IN THE PHOTOS OF THEIR ADS. SOME EVEN HOLD IT RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS. Imagine PAYING BIG BUCKS AND getting fresh or chunked black tree fungus instead of 100% real chaga??? How many of you are enjoying a cup of this worthless tea now???

7.) Sun dried chaga.

What a huge fraud. Do you realize the temperatures in Minnesota and New Hampshire now average in the low to mid 30 degree range??? Anyone telling you chaga can be solar dried at freezing temperatures needs a tight orange jumpsuit and hard labor.

The chaga market has become heavily flooded with sellers. Prices have dropped through the floor. Don't be fooled by fancy sales talk, the best (JUMBO) chaga has to cost more than 30 bucks a pound bulk. It is not ALWAYS true. Use a meat grinder or blender and grind your own to save money. Stay away from purchasing in fancy packaging. You pay dearly for frills and it don't make the product any better.

Here is a guideline for fair pricing: Fresh chaga is definitely a SUCKERS market for Green Horns. How do you place a fair price on something ROTTING. Why pay for WATER. Never, never pay more than 50 cents per pound. Small chaga (dry cow pies ) are worth a buck and a half. Medium dry chaga is worth no more than 4 bucks and large dry chaga is definitely not worth more than 6 bucks per pound. Remember, the older the Chaga, the more concentrate ( per ounce ) are the antioxidents.

It is absolutely a buyers market. Your in charge of the market. So beware what you are purchasing. In many cases, the stuff you will receive will make your local Burger King hamburger seem larger. In other cases the product received may look and smell strange. Because they are easiest to find, a ton of dealers specialize in cow pie size. They also strip the forest dry of chaga babies. All for the love of booze, guns and money.

These chaga are the lowest in antioxident power and probably won't cure a pimple on a dog. I can assure you, those Rare Giant Jumbo chaga stay at home and you get all the runts. Insist on Jumbo Chaga. Jumbo is the richest. If the ad does not say JUMBO, it is because the chaga is sized smaller

This chaga offering is positively the greatest happening since the building of the great pyramds.

This listing has been disabled, and is no longer available.


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